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“The Roar of the Lion” by Ricci Johnson-Wilson

“The Roar of the Lion!” April 5, 2021 Ricci Wilson   Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! He is mighty, powerful, and forever worthy of our praise! As I considered the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior this past week, my deep gratitude for what He has done on our behalf remained the lens

“2021 The Year of Revelation”

“2021 The Year of Revelation” Ricci Wilson March 11, 2021   I know many are dealing with fear or discouragement in this hour. Perhaps we feel the weariness brought about by the ups and downs of this season we are in today. We have watched and waited for months now for man to bring justice

Hold the Line!

“Hold the Line” Ricci Wilson February 8, 2021   Friends, I want to encourage you to continue to “HOLD THE LINE” 2018 the Lord told me the Refining would bring forth the “New Breed of Believers.” 2019 the Lord told me He was going to “Redefine the Church.” 2020 the Lord told me it was

“The Vortex”

“The Vortex” Nita Johnson 7-9-2020   “An Unprecedented Time. An Unprecedented Year. Unprecedented Opportunities, Peppered With Unprecedented Risks And Threats.” This statement probably summarizes what we have seen and personally experienced up to this point in 2020. Yet great uncertainties remain for the second half of this year. It was in this context that Nita

Word of the Lord for the Nation “The Ache within the Soul of the Nation; Hear their Cry”

  Word of the Lord for the Nation “The Ache within the Soul of the Nation; Hear their Cry” September 25, 2020 Ricci Wilson   I was reflecting this morning (Friday 9/25/20) on the vision I had during our prayer call Thursday night September 24, 2020—our focus was the Supreme Court and the Justice System.

Critical Word for the Fall of 2020

Critical Word for the Fall of 2020 9.18.20 Nita LaFond Johnson     Dear Friends:   Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus!   As some of you know, we are in the midst of our fall Phone Gathering of the Eagles during which time the Lord is revealing amazing things to us for the

“Two Presidents-the 2020 Election” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

RICCI WILSON’S VISION 7/23/20 Lord, help us to embark upon this venture with fire in our spirits that we might commit to aggressively pray for this nation faithfully. THIS IS CRITICAL! This was a solemn warning, no embellishments. I did not have much opportunity for questions when the Lord came to me, nor did I

“What is The Lord Saying About What’s Going On?”

“What is The Lord Saying About What’s Going On?” Nita LaFond Johnson September 8, 2020   Today, it seems as though we have many voices both, prophetically and in media saying different things about what is coming this Fall.   Who is right and who is wrong?   In considering this, I went to prayer.

요엘의 목요 특별 메시지 (8-6-20)

요엘의 목요 특별 메시지 (8-6-20) by 니타 좐슨, 샤이요 아지보예, 뤼키 윌슨   니타 좐슨 샤요 목사님 하나님께서 보여주신 것을 우리와 기꺼이 나눠 주시려 하심을 감사 드립니다. 중보자들과, 저, 특별히 주님께 큰 의미가 될 것입니다. 1) 샤이요 (Sayo Ajiboye) 우리는 보좌에 홀로 계신 그분을 경배합니다. 악한 적이 아닌 그분의 책임 안에 우리가 있고, 그분이 통치

요엘의 목요 가르침 (7-23-2020) “2020년 미국 가을 선거의 결과의 심각한 중요성”

요엘의 목요 가르침 (7-23-2020) “2020년 미국 가을 선거의 결과의 심각한 중요성” 뤼키 윌슨   기도: 하나님 아버지, 지금 오시옵소서. 당신의 영이 오셔서 우리들에게 오늘 저녁 가르쳐 주시고, 우리들에게 열정과 불을 부어 주시고, 가을 선거까지104일 남은 동안 저희들에게 힘과 불을 붙여 주셔서 우리들 안에 당신의 불이 활활 타오르게 하시고, 집안과 주변의 일들을 안정시켜 주셔서 지금 너무나