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Joel’s Army

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Joel’s Army

We have been calling intercessors together to pray and fight for America for over almost two decades. During this time we have seen countless answers to prayer, causing us to rejoice in the goodness of God day after day! Each gracious response on His part has encouraged us to believe ever more firmly that Jesus delights in His mission to save America. While we recognize that there are many streams of intercessors, each doing their individual parts to help bring stability to a nation in peril, we also realize that God has called us to come along side and add another stream, to do a great and much-needed work.

After our first Prayer Gathering in 1999, Jesus came to me and let me know that we had engaged in a prototype of what would ultimately become “The Gathering of the Eagles” (GOE). We were commissioned at that time to begin the work of calling intercessors together to intercede for America. It has been an amazing journey. People have often said along the way that it cannot be done, “America cannot be saved!” Nevertheless, because God is true to His promises, we have faithfully and successfully stood on these promises year after year with tremendous fruit for having done so.

We now are on the verge of witnessing a plethora of promises released upon our nation. So it is time to pray like never before! The Lord expressly stated in our March 2012 GOE in DC that we had averted judgment through the prayers of the saints. The Global Elite had planned numerous scenarios that would work toward the dismantling of America. Yet because of our prayers, their plans were divested of the power to accomplish their immediate goals! And although America will still go through a difficult time in the near future, we Christians will continue to stand and battle by the strong hand of Christ our Lord and in doing so prevail!

Up to this time our main focus at World For Jesus Ministries has been the GOEs. At the beginning of 2012 we added training meetings in which we teach intercessors how to pray for our nation and be a part of the army that God is using to save America. This army will have the anointing that is described in the book of Joel. In our Portland GOE, we will include training to prepare you for the days ahead. If the soldiers remain humble, turning with all their hearts toward the Lord with fasting and weeping, then the “broken fellowship” will be restored and “Joel’s Army” will march forth in victory, wresting America from the hands of those who seek to destroy her. (I encourage you to read the book of Joel.) 

Recently, the Lord spoke to me in a marvelous vision that we must raise up the shields of the earth (Ps 47:9). These shields looked like standards, established by God, and they were peppering the landscape and bringing stability to the earth. By way of interpretation, these standards or shields represent core prayer groups of various sizes that are trained to “stand in the gap” for the Church and the nation. By way of application, we are looking for mature Christians who believe in the power of prayer and want to start and facilitate these groups, as well as Churches that want to sponsor and watch over one of these special prayer ministries within their Church. Essentially, we are looking for those who want to join Joel’s Army.

This is a time-sensitive issue; indeed time is of the essence. America is about to travel through some difficult waters, and so we need intercessors standing together to preserve our country through this transitionary time. Prayerfully consider joining the ranks of others who are ably standing in the gap, as recorded in Ezekiel 22:30 so long ago, “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it.” My prayer is that each of you will answer this call positively, and not as Ezekiel prophesied in 13:5, “Ye have not gone up into the gaps, neither made up the hedge for the house of Israel to stand in the battle in the day of the LORD.”

Friends, we must not be found wanting in this area. As the Church of the Living God, we must take our stand for His honor and our safety; in His name we shall prevail!

The pebble of prayer is about to be thrown, and the ripple of the power of God is about to follow, which will start in America and expand out across the globe. Are you ready to see a move of God unlike anything you have ever witnessed? Dear friends, do you want to be among those who cause the ripple? If so, it is high time to have a heart-to-heart talk with God. Then ask yourself, “Do I want to be a part of this Army? Is it my desire to affect pivotal changes in this nation? Am I ready to be among the pebbles that start the ripple?

If the answer is “Yes!”, then we would invite you to please click and read through the Joel’s Army Orientation Booklet to help you learn more about who we are, why, how and even what we pray for over America. Then, click here to print and fill out your application and send it to the directors of our prayer groups at Ricci@worldforjesus.org. They will contact you shortly!

Click here to print and fill out an English JA Application.

Click here to print and fill out a Korean JA Application.

Click here to print and fill out a Chinese JA Application.

Or click here to fill out and submit our JA Application Online.

Whether you are a mature intercessor desiring to be a cell group leader or new to intercession, you are still a vital part of this move of God.

Your application can be mailed to:

World for Jesus Ministries, Inc.
5730 N First St. #105-307
Fresno, CA 93710

OR scanned and emailed to our Joel’s Army Team 

When you send your application send it to Ricci@worldforjesus.org. In the subject of your email, please indicate “Cell Group Leader” or “Intercessor”. This will help speed up our coordination efforts.

In Christ,

Nita Johnson


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