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Burundi/Kenya JA Trip Update August/September 2017



The meeting in Burundi was very interesting. We had over 150 teenagers and young people for a 4 day retreat in Kiremba  commune of Ngozi district. About 35 of them got converted on the 1st day of the meeting also about 18 local children also got converted. The 35 young people also committed to being part of JA for their nation!!

The Lord also gave us intercessors who volunteered to start 22 JA cells!

Many of those who attended testified of a transformational encounter.

It was interesting to visit an orphanage and pray with the children there. Most of them were abandoned but taken in by the missionary who runs the orphanage.



Here we started off with an intercessors meeting followed by a training on discipleship with church leaders . We had a meeting with some young high school guys and also had a meeting teaching with the leadership team of a church. I also had an opportunity to meet with some Intercessors in a very rural setting.. With about 16 new JA cells started on this trip, we had about 8 of the hotel and restaurant staff come to faith in Christ too. In fact one of them got born again on Friday and he was able to lead another person to Christ on Saturday.

‘Seek first The kingdom of God’

The first image is of Pastor Odeh Akatu, our International JA Coordinator, and his lovely wife Debra. The remaining images are from the Kenya/Zambia/Zimbabwe JA Trip. They not only seek to raise up JA Prayer Cells but they deliver the Gospel message and provide opportunity for baptism.

A brief summary of the Nigerian trip from Ray and a few pics!

Nigeria July 2017

On July 6,  2017 we had a Mini-GOE in Abuja at the Assembly of God Church, Gidan Daya Nigeria.

Pastor Odeh share the word and gave us the focus for prayers and I led in the intercession with other men of God that came into the meeting from different churches and ministries.

We prayed repenting over blood shed and activities of the Islamic jihadist and the corruption within our government and the churches in Nigeria 

After the meeting eight Joel’s Army Prayer Cells were created. Praise God!

Kenya/Zambia and Zimbabwe Feb 2017

The meeting in Kenya was really encouraging to see the intercessors from different churches praying together. We had 22 new JA cells for Kenya. Also we met with a pastor from Somalia who is willing to

JA for Somalia .

Arriving at a airport and trying to get a phone sim card, ministered to a young lady in the phone office, she accepted Christ as her Savior . She also has worn 2 souls to Christ in less than a week. Praise the Lord. On Sunday in Zambia we had a meeting with the youths of the district  where over 70 people got born again and about 90 also indicated to join JA for Zambia. The discipleship training with the pastors/ church leaders went very well. The attendees testified of the transformation by the teachings that by the following day they won 11 souls to Christ, with additional 11JA cells for Zambia.

In Zimbabwe we had meetings with several church leaders from different churches. It was so life transforming they want us to come back again. Some of the leaders went out and won some souls to Christ. One of the ladies actually used the What’s App to minister to someone and led her to Christ . We also baptized 4 people…one of the new converts came out of the water and started speaking in tongues. We also had the opportunity of speaking with the leadership team of a major denomination and about 4 hours later one of them won 5 souls to Christ. Praise the Lord. We also had over 100 new JA cells started for Zimbabwe.

For those who carry a burden for International JA – we’ve listed prayer points to use as you keep them covered in prayer. 

Prayer Points for International JA Team

  1. Pray His Psalm 91 protection over Odeh, Ray and the facilitators 24/7 as they walk together with the intercessors.
  2. Pray that the Lord will raise up intercessors who will get on their knees and who can perceive and pray the mind of God for their nations.
  3. Pray against the infiltration of Islamic jihadists against the Christians and the JA intercessors in these nations.
  4. Pray for at least “one light bulb” in those nations that still need a facilitator and will stand in the gap for their nation.
  5. Pray for the Lord to wake up pastors from their slumber.