May 15, 2023

Pentecost, Gathering of the Eagles begins next week!!!

Dear Friends and Intercessors,

We are very excited to announce that our “IN PERSON” Pentecost Gathering of the Eagles begins one week from today! May 23-26, 2023!

There is a saying: “as California goes, so goes America. And, as America goes, so goes the world.” For decades, the Elite have systematically chipped away at the Biblical, Constitutional, Governmental, and moral fibers of our nation to bring forth destruction so they can have the world.

The battle we are in right now is two-fold: extract the corruption and return our government to its Biblical and Constitutional roots. Secondly, bring down the plans of the elite.

This takes prayer and intensive intercession.

Why is America such a key?

America, with our many faults, still stands as a barrier against the Elite’s complete world dominion! The intercessors who are willing to hold the line, ensure she does not fall victim to their plans and purposes. 

What are we praying about?

We, as a ministry, have spent 23 years repenting over the sins of America to pave the way for God to heal our land and send forth His revival! Revival is here, and the Elite will do everything they can to unleash their plans before Revival has the opportunity to expand the globe. As such, the need to pray to overcome the Elite is greater now than ever before.

The end-time Revival, as prophesied, will reap a billion-soul harvest. The enemy’s primary objective is to thwart that revival and capture the harvest for himself. If he can succeed in his efforts and destroy this country, the ramifications world-wide are beyond anything we can imagine. Mom (Nita) and I have both seen many nations of the world—entire continents—as desolate wastelands without God’s mighty hand of intervention. These experiences were so horrific, the truth is, they are indescribable images burned into our minds…

We cannot unsee them…

This is why we fight so hard for America. We are the last line of defense.  

Who should come?

Anyone who has a heart to see God’s will done in the earth. Our prayer focus will impact all the nations. It is an epic battle of good versus evil.

I recall a vision I had several years ago:

I saw a very tall, very thick wall.

The elite were on one side of the wall and friends, they were pure evil. Communism, bloodletting, wars, leading up to world domination were in their sights. Nothing else mattered.  

On the other side of the wall the faithful intercessors stood firm, praying to push back the plans of the elite.

The wall was leaning over, pressing down upon the intercessors, it was about to crush them.

Suddenly, the Spirit of the Lord welled up in and around the intercessors, and they began to push and push. They were in such unity, it was remarkable. “Determined” is the one word I would use to describe their stance. They increased in anointing, and the wall that was so close to crushing them, was lifted higher and higher until it was upright. Evil, for the first time, was afraid. You could see it in their eyes, and the intercessors now filled with faith and a knowing in their hearts that they were created for this, pressed, and pressed until at last, with the power of the Spirit of God, they thrust that huge wall forward and it fell over and crushed evil.

The battle was fierce, but God gave us the victory!

At times it seems evil is growing rapidly, but God is allowing this season so we might see the fullness of our enemy. At that appointed moment, God will bring the victory! I’ve heard it said, God’s delay is often for His display. Friends, we are about to see the greatest display of God’s power unleashed in the earth as He uproots the plans of the enemy and brings forth His plans and purposes in the earth! Oh, what a mighty victory that will be!  

We need you—the intercessors—to stand with us as we push back the plans of the Elite and begin to restore our country and bring freedom to those in other nations of the world as well!

We will meet Tuesday- Friday, May 23-26 at Bethel Chapel in Mountlake Terrace!

Tuesday 6-10

Wednesday-Friday 10-2 & 6-10

Join us as we stand in the gap for the nation!

See you there!

Blessings & love,

Ricci Johnson-Wilson


PS – the ministry is growing quite rapidly. Please pray that God will meet our need in terms of help.

The areas are:

Revival Services – Sunday. We have tech set up on the day of, and as it expands, will need ushers and additional support people.

Administrative assistant


This week’s services: 


We will resume services Sunday, June 4th.


Blessings & love,

Ricci Johnson-Wilson


English Line


Access Code: 182152#

Chinese Translation Line (Mandarin):


Access Code: 188979#


Blessings & love to each of you! 

Ricci Johnson-Wilson 

I will send reminders each day. If you are on telegram, I will send out a push notification 30-45 minutes prior to the call. Telegram Messenger


Helps Ministry

Often people ask us how they can help. Perhaps they don’t have finances but have skills and/or time available that they want to use to serve the ministry.

Right now, our CedarWood department needs volunteers on Monday and Thursday. Monday is our CedarWood Pantry, Thursday we prepare for Monday’s Pantry. If you live in the Mountlake Terrace/Seattle region and would like to serve in this area, please contact Adam at for more information.

Thank you for your involvement in the work we are doing!

We love and bless each one of you!


Joel’s Army and CedarWood Int’l 

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Joel’s Army – standing in the gap for the Nations!

I invite you to check out our Joel’s Army section. The Lord spoke to me about our Joel’s Army intercessor’s while in DC in March and I invite you to listen to that message as delivered during our Joel’s Army Day!

What is Joel’s Army? – an elite group of intercessors committed to praying for the Nation. We have a variety of opportunities for you to participate including regional prayer conferences, corporate prayer calls, and in a more personal level, applying to join a JA Prayer Cell. We added a new section dedicated to our International JA growth. Joel’s Army is a prayer school in and of itself providing extensive training depending on your time and investment. For those who join, they often consider this the most intensive, yet rewarding, education they’ve ever encountered! Our Joel’s Army Page is designed for our Joel’s Army (JA) Intercessors. Check out the Joel’s Army section for more information.  

CedarWood International – Our very own backyard mission!

CedarWood internation is our ministry outreach to those in need.  This arm of our ministry is designed to help build stronger families together. We offer BackPack Kids program, CedarWood Pantry, Ministry Outreach to the Homeless, Coats & Clothes Closet and more! Check out our CedarWood International Page for more information! 

Our goal here at World for Jesus Ministries is to help the body of Christ to develop an intimate relationship with the Lord which, in turn, will enable them to stand strong in the days ahead. These are exciting times in which we live, the better prepared we are, the more the Lord can use us to bring others into His Kingdom. 

May the Lord bless you as you grow in Him!

Ricci Wilson