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January 24, 2022 – checking in…!

Dear Friends and Intercessors,

We have such exciting news for you today. Nita’s “Overcoming Life Through Prayer” has been translated into Spanish! It will be available as an eBook within the next week or so, and then we will work to get it printed. Her book has been translated from English into Chinese Korean and now Spanish! What an honor and a privilege it is for this timeless book to spread across the language barriers to raise up intercessors like never before! We are deeply thankful to each of our translators for their extraordinary work translating our materials that others might have the opportunity to grow into a prayer warrior, fully equipped for the days ahead.

I was speaking to Pastor Sayo this weekend and he shared with me that one of our precious brothers in Nigeria, (I had the privilege to speak at one of his crusades) was using Mom’s book “Overcoming Life Through Prayer” to teach the people in his village how to read English when both he and his 2-year-old son were martyred last year.  I was deeply impacted by this information, to see a minister so believe in the power of prayer that it would become part of the foundation of his people’s understanding of the English language was…humbling, overwhelming even. I remembered him as a man who had the fire of God burning within him as he diligently sought to fulfill His destiny.

When we hung up, I remembered how I helped Mom with her book nearly 30 years ago, obviously needing to read through it many times, but when I heard this, I wanted to pick her book up immediately and read it again.

Friends, a Prayer and Word life must be the foundation on which we stand. We are never too young or too old to grab hold of the power of prayer and make this open communication with our Creator part of our everyday life. Life is precious and often seems too short…

My daughter shared a quote from a parent’s group with me recently that seems fitting: “the days seem long, but the years are short.” Profound.  

So, friends, as parents we look at the long days of changing diapers, washing dishes, the never-ending clean-up of bedrooms and such and think it will never end. However, when we attend our child’s wedding or high-school graduation, we look back and realize how quickly the years passed us by. We often reflect on our parenting in those moments, don’t we? Personally, there are things I wish I’d set aside and others I wish I’d focused more on in the raising of my children.

“Hindsight is 2020” isn’t just a statement we use to comfort ourselves; it can become something that motivates us to change our future.

How? I challenge you to ask yourself the same question I asked myself: how are you using your lengthy days to ensure that you accomplish much within the Kingdom of God in the short years you have been granted here on earth?

Honestly ask yourself this question my friends. Submit it before the Lord and see how He answers. We are His children, He is aware of every moment we spend diligently working to raise our children, serve one another, work, and so on. He is also aware of every moment we spend with Him.

If the last two years taught us nothing, it taught us the importance of drawing close to Him in the midst of the shaking. What if the shaking suddenly stopped? Would we continue to press in? The whole “hindsight is 2020” thing won’t be able to slip through our lips as smoothly if we suddenly stopped.   

As we look to the future, it is crucial we understand the importance of our personal growth with the Lord. Our Father in heaven watches His children grow just as we watched ours grow.  His greatest desire is to see us fulfill the destiny He set before us. Our destiny was knit within us as we were formed in our mother’s womb. His great joy comes forth when His children seek Him to discover that destiny and then work to fulfill everything we’ve been created to do in this life.

We here at WFJM are here to help you do just that! If you are drawn to prayer but feel insecure or unsure about how to grow in this area, we can help you. “Overcoming Life Through Prayer” is a wonderful beginning and advanced prayer book. It can help you mature in God as you pursue a life of prayer.

Joining our corporate calls can help build your prayer life as well. Praying alongside Nita, myself and our leadership will help develop you as an intercessor. Every Thursday and Friday we have teaching to help you Grow in God and through Prophetic Advancement, pray effectively. Last week Nita shared a powerful message on the Cupbearer Anointing, I encourage you to listen to it to understand the significance of prayer in this hour.

Joel’s Army is another step in this effort, where you can grow with other likeminded intercessors and become part of stabilizing nations in the earth. 

If you’d like more information, you can reply to this email, or check out the Joel’s Army Page of our website, and challenge yourself, “Am I using the time I’ve been given to the fullest for the Kingdom of God?” If the answer is “no” or “I’m not sure” perhaps now is the time for you to take hold of the destiny placed within you and become a person of prayer.

Much love,

Ricci Johnson-Wilson

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Right now, our CedarWood department needs volunteers on Monday and Thursday. Monday is our CedarWood Pantry, Thursday we prepare for Monday’s Pantry. If you live in the Mountlake Terrace/Seattle region and would like to serve in this area, please contact Adam at cedarwoodpantry@gmail.com for more information.

Thank you for your involvement in the work we are doing!

We love and bless each one of you!


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Joel’s Army – standing in the gap for the Nations!

I invite you to check out our Joel’s Army section. The Lord spoke to me about our Joel’s Army intercessor’s while in DC in March and I invite you to listen to that message as delivered during our Joel’s Army Day!

What is Joel’s Army? – an elite group of intercessors committed to praying for the Nation. We have a variety of opportunities for you to participate including regional prayer conferences, corporate prayer calls, and in a more personal level, applying to join a JA Prayer Cell. We added a new section dedicated to our International JA growth. Joel’s Army is a prayer school in and of itself providing extensive training depending on your time and investment. For those who join, they often consider this the most intensive, yet rewarding, education they’ve ever encountered! Our Joel’s Army Page is designed for our Joel’s Army (JA) Intercessors. Check out the Joel’s Army section for more information.  

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Our goal here at World for Jesus Ministries is to help the body of Christ to develop an intimate relationship with the Lord which, in turn, will enable them to stand strong in the days ahead. These are exciting times in which we live, the better prepared we are, the more the Lord can use us to bring others into His Kingdom. 

May the Lord bless you as you grow in Him!

Ricci Wilson