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“America’s Red Sea Moment Approaches” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

America’s Red Sea Moment Approaches Ricci Johnson-Wilson August 4, 2023   November of 2020, after the election was stalled and then called—fraudulently—for Biden, the Left cheered and the rest of

“21st Century Holocaust of Our Children” By Ricci Johnson-Wilson

21st Century Holocaust of Our Children Ricci Johnson-Wilson 7-17-2023  (Transcribed from our 7-14-2023 message)   Last week in my message on Marxism, the Church and our Children I addressed the

“The Hammer of Justice” Ricci Johnson-Wilson

“When the Hammer of Justice Falls…” Ricci Johnson-Wilson June 26, 2023 (From our June 23rd teaching)   The Last two weeks I’ve shared dreams and visions the Lord gave to

“The Rebirth of a Nation” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

“The Rebirth of a Nation” Ricci Johnson-Wilson 6-12-2023 (from our 6-8-2023 teaching)   Dear Friends and Intercessors, Thursday, June 8, 2023, I shared a vision (Dry bones and the Rebirth

The Certainty in Times of Uncertainty

The Certainty in Times of Uncertainty Ricci Johnson-Wilson March 30, 2023   Dear Friends and Intercessors, Thank you for continuing to stand with us for the destiny of our nation,

“Remaining in His Light while Turning the World Upside Down” by Ricci Johnson-Wilson

Remaining in His Light while Turning the World Upside Down Ricci Johnson-Wilson January 16, 2023   Dear Friends and Intercessors, “2023, the year of revolution.” It is only January 16th,

“The Call of the Intercessor” with Ricci

The Call of the Intercessor Ricci Johnson-Wilson October 17, 2022   Dear Friends,  Thank you for your faithfulness to support, pray for, and pray with our ministry on behalf of

“The Ever-Faithful Intercessor”

Ricci Wilson 7-18-22 This week, we will have corporate prayer on Wednesday but will take Thursday and Friday off to allow Mom and I, our staff, and you, the diligent

A Deception in our Midst with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

Dear Precious Intercessors, There are times we here at World for Jesus Ministries provide encouragement. Other times wherein we release prophetic utterances that unlock—in an even greater way—the glorious promises

45 Communist Goals

45 Communist Goals On Jan. 10, 1963, Congressman Albert S. Herlong Jr. of Florida read a list of 45 Communist goals into the Congressional Record. The list was derived from

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