What Bringing Down the Babylonian System has to do with our Upcoming Gathering of the Eagles July 9-12, 2024!

Ricci Johnson-Wilson

7/1/2024 (transcript accompanying 6/28/24 message)

In this message, I will include the following:

  • Vision – The Eagle, the Flag & the Weights
  • Vision-The Hammer of Justice
  • The key
  • The invasion of America by Communism
  • How we can bring down this system in America
  • Our prayer focus


I’d like to begin by reviewing the vision the Lord gave regarding our fight for the nation and the issues weighing it down.


The Eagle, the Flag & the Weights

September 21, 2020


As I was praying for the nation, I had the following vision:


I saw an Eagle flying across the country. He had a flag clenched in his talons. He was strong and his flight was intense, but he was weighted down.


I saw a spirit of deception swirling visibly around the flag as it flew.


I looked past the flag and saw 5 weights attached on the end of flag, they were round and appeared to be cast iron. They were attached to the flag weighing it down, but they were also connected to one another.


The Five Weights:

  • Media (news/social media/entertainment industry/music industry)
  • Academia
  • Bloodletting (abortion/human trafficking/gang violence)
  • Religion/spirit of compromise (Islamic infiltration and radicalism/this deeply impacts the Church)
  • Communism (Tyranny/lawlessness)


“Media-is the First Ball to Fall” Once this weight fell, the others quickly followed

When President Trump filed a lawsuit against the media for defamation, the Lord said the first weight is about to fall…

Then, let’s remember that the Lord said:

The Hammer of Justice is about to Fall!

June 21, 2023, I had a vision of a huge hammer coming down on the nations. When I asked the Lord what this was, He said, “The Hammer of Justice is Falling.”

When the Hammer of Justice falls, we will all feel its force.

It will fall in several realms:

  • The Media/Entertainment
  • Government/Political
  • The Educational
  • The Financial
  • The Church
  • Bloodletting (this involves human trafficking and abortion)


For years I’ve wondered when we would see the media truly fall, when the Hammer of Justice will finish its work, and what exactly that would look like for us. In addition, I’ve asked the Lord time and time again, how can we bring the media down?

We’ve seen bits and pieces; a victory here, a victory there as Jon and now Darrell shares those praise reports each week, and for that, we are so grateful to the Lord.

What is the key? What is THE key that will bring the whole system down?

The Key – the Media. Isn’t that what the Lord said would happen? The Media would come down and then the entire system weighing that Eagle down, would fall and the eagle would be free. Not only that, but he will also help set other nations free from the bondage of Communism.

The following is what we will cover in our upcoming July 9-12 Gathering of the Eagles. I’m going to share a lot of information tonight, some you’ve heard, some you haven’t (at least not from us) but the pieces I’ll share come together like a huge puzzle revealing the root of our fight.

Mark Benz, speech writer for President Trump on technology and foreign affairs, and former State Department Official, recently did an interview with Marissa Streit released by PragerU. In this interview, he discusses what he refers to as “The Blob” and their impact, through the State Department, on our nation.

Today, Mark is doing what our Founding Fathers intended by the First Amendment of our Constitution: working to be a watchdog FOR the people.

The things he reveals hold the key to our fight against the Cabal. I’m going to address some of those connections, they are deeply interwoven and strung together, they show us the big picture helping us to understand the roots of the who, the what, the when, the where and the how of our state run media.

The Invasion

  • How did the Cabal infiltrate America?

1948 – at the end of WWII we set up a “Department of Dirty Tricks Doctrine” which empowered the foreign policy establishment of the state department to engage in “dirty tricks” on the world stage that would be purely for the benefit of American interests. The intent of this “Dirty Tricks Doctrine”, was to “protect the homeland” by monitoring and influencing other nations and intervening where needed should their actions possibly impact American interests negatively.

From 1948 to until 2013, this Dirty Tricks Department was not allowed to be used on American citizens.

I did some research to learn more about this Dirty Tricks Department and discovered this article from June of 2013.

Foreignpolicy.com put out an article 6/28/2013 article: Department of Dirty Tricks

Why the United States needs to sabotage, undermine, and expose its enemies in the Middle East.

“Clearly, the president needs options between military intervention and complete nonintervention — ways to influence developments in the Middle East without deploying Reaper drones or sending U.S. ground forces. To give Obama the tools he needs, the U.S. government should reinvigorate its capacity to wage “political warfare,” defined in 1948 by George Kennan, then the State Department’s director of policy planning, as “the employment of all the means at a nation’s command, short of war, to achieve its national objectives.” Such measures, Kennan noted, were “both overt and covert” and ranged from “political alliances, economic measures (as ERP — the Marshall Plan), and ‘white’ propaganda to such covert operations as clandestine support of ‘friendly’ foreign elements, ‘black’ psychological warfare and even encouragement of underground resistance in hostile states.”

During the Cold War, the United States waged political warfare through a variety of mechanisms. It covertly funded noncommunist political parties in Europe and Japan; backed intellectual magazines like Encounter, an Anglo-American journal of opinion that flourished in the 1950s, as well as groups such as the Congress of Cultural Freedom, which organized artists and intellectuals against communism; and provided financial and logistical support to anti-Soviet dissidents like Lech Walesa and Alexander Solzhenitsyn. At their worst, such policies propped up strongmen with scant legitimacy — think Cuban president Fulgencio Batista and the shah of Iran — and invited anti-American “blowback.” But at their best, they enabled the United States to aid freedom fighters behind the Iron Curtain and beyond. They were policies that helped to outflank communism in Europe and Asia, where free societies stood up to help the United States win the Cold War.

What distinguished political warfare from the amorphous and open-ended development and assistance programs that the United States currently runs was its emphasis on winning a global competition against the Soviet Union. In the era of the Marshall plan, for example, the United States did not simply develop, in a general sense, the economy of Europe. It did so with an eye to strengthening specific groups that were dedicated to weakening the enemy of the United States. More often than not, political warfare involves the application of “soft power.” But it requires organizing ourselves so as to apply it against specific targets in order to achieve clearly defined goals. Influencing the flow of information was, therefore, a key component of Cold War political warfare.”


The HQ for the Department of Dirty Tricks is at the State Department. This should cause us all great concern. Those working under the orders of the State Department are known to have a certain “moral flexibility.” This enables them to perform questionable assignments/missions remembering that while it might violate the Rule of Law in America, when it’s done in another country and for the benefit of “The Homeland” they must remember, it is for the greater good.

  • The State Department turns on U.S. Citizens:

When did this change? Up until this point, this Dirty Tricks Department was not allowed to be used on American citizens. In fact, for years there was a ban on the use of this “propaganda arm” of our government which prevented its use on, or in, America.

What opened the door to this, however, was President Obama.

Ironically, it was at the end of a long 4th of July weekend in 2013. It was a quiet Sunday evening in the Oval Office. Millions of Americans were winding down from the celebrations of the incredible freedoms we possess. Obama sat behind his Presidential desk and discreetly signed an Executive Order repealing the ban that once prevented the Dirty Tricks Doctrine from being used on Americans. This Executive Order would open the door for our own State Department to utilize the media to influence the nation. Whether it was our elections, the economy, the climate narratives, the border issues, nothing was off limits and since it was being run by progressives—aka communists—the narratives would reflect those we read about in the 45 Communist Goals. By the stroke of a pen, Obama’s desire was to do more than strip us of our right to Free and Fair Elections, his goal was to strip us of our right to free and independent thought.

For the first time in our nation’s history, in 2016, the State Department used this power granted to them by Obama, to target an opposing non-establishment candidate, one Donald J. Trump.

  • The official and unofficial role of the State Department. Why was Donald J Trump such a thread?

We’ve heard for years the dangers of the State Department and prayed about many those dangers, but their official role is as follows:

“To protect and promote U.S. security, prosperity, and democratic values and shape an international environment in which all Americans can thrive.” (taken directly from their website)

In other words, to “protect the homeland.” This is the foreign policy establishment arm of our country.

The unofficial role of the State Department is “to pry open and make other governments reasonable to the US Commercial interests.” (The Defense department does this on the security side.)

Intelligence services work on all the little dirty operations that were formerly denied by the DOD. 

  1. Who are the players? Mark Benz refers to the following collective government and non-government agencies as “The Blob”
  • Defense Department
  • NATO
  • The Intelligence Community:
    • State Department – CIA, NSA (and the 13 other intelligence agencies handle foreign affairs)
  • Graphica – this was created as a military contractor to help “the military and intelligence communities deal with the potential free speech threats to the homeland.” How? They monitor social media narratives for potential opposition and then take and develop a political networking heat map observing natural communication in conflict zones such as ISIS. (In 2016, this was turned on Americans.)
  • Newsguard- another private company set up to do the government’s dirty work—after President Trump had taken office in 2017, spent over eight months developing a plan to either remove him, or prevent his re-election.
  • SISA which was developed in 2020 by DHS. DHS is not attached to the DOJ, it’s their own independent equity so you don’t need suspected law-breaking to operate there. They created a new center in DHS that essentially combined foreign-facing powers of the CIA in the media space within the domestic jurisdiction of the FBI, and it—SISA—became the fusion center for operations within DHS. This is what authorized their implementation in the U.S. against American citizens. What was their stated goal? “To censor anyone who would oppose or try to delegitimize an upcoming Joe Biden election victory.”


In short, SISA became the main architect of “dealing with Trump Voices in the 2020 Election”. Starting in April 2020, they developed an “election integrity partnership” using outside government entities so they could maintain “plausible deniability” should they be questioned. Graphica and Newsguard were both among the 4 entities. These entities set up a for profit industry FOR CENSORSHIP! They set up this outside entity to evade the First Amendment.


  1. Why would they turn on Americans?

Bottom line, to regain control. They argued that free speech on the internet was the greatest threat to the international order because it was responsible for the 2016 Trump Victory!


Trump ran as a Republican but he was not part of the establishment. He would really be considered a National Populist.  Our Founding Fathers were as well.  Trump was making waves in nation after nation and since this movement was spreading across the earth, the Globalists were panicking! We were looking at Brexit, Spexit (VOX party was rising in Spain), Frexit (LaPen), and the potential of the National Populist Movement to destabilize and bring down the entire plan that the globalists had worked for to achieve a one-world government was actually becoming a very real possibility at this rate. They could not allow this to occur. So, they all came together to work toward stopping President Trump so they could regain control.


  1. How is this possible? That seems like a huge operation, right? Two things, significant things, were in their favor.
  • The Cabal runs the State Department—the internet is filtered through the State Department and these other non-government agencies manipulate the algorithms to control the narrative.
  • AI – Couple this with the tremendous advancements made in terms of AI, it’s easier than ever to control narratives, influence thought, and to suppress ideas in the open forum. Utilizing AI in the defense department enabled our government to up their game immensely. Through AI, they were able to drive people to believe the Covid narratives, that January 6 was an insurrection, and the Portland protests in 2020 were peaceful.

It’s kind of like a beautiful ballet. We watch the dancers with amazement as they seem to just float across the stage. At times we laugh, we cry, we become so engaged and captivated with the characters, even those who don’t care for ballet can find themselves enamored by the whole thing.

Now, imagine that same ballet without music. While we know they are very skilled, eventually the emotional impact diminishes, and this top-rated ballet loses our attention.  It looks and sounds like people in tights thumping across the stage.

You see, while our eyes were on the dancers and captivated by their movement above, we forgot there was an entire orchestra beneath them sitting in the pit. That orchestra, carefully flowing from one measure to the other, with its highs and lows, solos and those incredible climaxes where every instrument is fully engaged, is what is truly captivating our thoughts and emotions as we watch the dancers above.

This is how they operate. They’ve got their dancers on stage distracting our eyes from what the Cabal is doing below to control the thoughts and emotions in the room. All in an effort to create a cohesive globalist movement across the earth.

  1. Let’s look at how this 75 year-old Dirty Tricks Doctrine operates against us today:

The intent, again, was to make the world run smoothly and “our” favor. However, we know that today, the Globalists are the ones utilizing our nation for their efforts.

With the advent of the Internet and social media, for the first time, people were able to share ideas and opinions and begin to pull away from MSM. The unfortunate thing here is that that same internet system that allows us to share our thoughts and ideas freely on the internet, is run through the state department and monitored closely by AI.

Why? How? Aren’t our texts and email private? Well, we gladly signed away that privacy we once prized under the Patriot Act after the 9/11 attacks. This allows the government, via the state department, to track our conversations looking for key words that might threaten the nation. Of course, at the time, it was granted to track al-Qaeda. But the damage was done, today, it suppresses positive President Trump posts, and elevates pro-Biden posts. It elevates globalist narratives and suppresses narratives that encourage free-thinking or promotes pro-America content. If you remember, I shared weeks ago, that a former DOD operative stated that “we needed to be seeking God for strategy because much of what we see on social media, even up to 90% of what we consume is either misinformation or dis-information.”  Pretty scary when you think about it.

Why did they target Americans? There was no greater threat in their eyes, to the nation they were hoping to have fully submitted to the control of the Cabal by 2016, than Donald J. Trump. He created a movement based on an idea, an idea that represented freedom, one that mimics the ideology of our Founding Fathers, Abraham Lincoln, and others like them who truly valued America and what it stands for. It’s a Populist Nationalist idea, which breaks free from political parties and puts the government back into the hands of the people. A Trump victory really means that the IMF, the WEF, the Blackrocks and Vanguards of the world cannot proceed with their globalist plans.

That’s why they unleashed all that they unleashed upon him in 2016 and continue to do even today.

President Trump inspired people to restore the original intent of our Founding Documents, that we would have a government run by the people, for the people.   And this cry for freedom was sweeping across the globe!

  1. How have they (the Cabal) gained such support on the ground?

As I pondered all this information, I could not help but remember the Communist Manifesto aka the 45 Communist Goals.

What does this have to do with the 45 Communist Goals which were read into our library of Congress in 1963?


This Communist manifesto details a slow takeover of a nation through communism. It’s a slow transitioning of those operating in our government and on the private sector, to individuals who align with the communist ideology. (You can read it on our website)

So much of this manifesto involves getting ahold of media outlets and academic institutions to control the narrative and ultimately the driving force behind the narrative. Remember, the Lord said, Media is the first ball to fall? This system they have set up today, using media, AI, and technology, has created a “collective” from which the parts feed into the whole. There is no “we the people” or a “government run by the people, for the people” in their mind, it’s only the New World Order. The machine that feeds upon the people. If you have seen the Matrix, or remember the Borg from Star Trek, you know exactly what I mean.

Today, we are facing an educational environment that is preparing the next generation to run the machine. Entire degrees are funneled through the school system with express intent to take people into maintaining censorship. Education, media literacy, technology, and so on.

Now what? Seems a bit overwhelming right? The Lord said the Hammer of Justice is about to fall! He exposed it and now, He is going to deal with it!

The Lord showed me He has a plan for this next generation, they are the Samuel Generation and God called us to fight for them. Not only fight for them but gain the victory for them!

Every generation seems to be tasked with fighting the Cabal, this is a Babylonian system, a system that seeks to destroy the plans and purposes of God. Yet, God brings the information and the intercession to the forefront just in time!

That is where we come in! The intercessors, the warriors, those who will gain the victory!

How can we bring it down?

We are going to tackle the 45 Communist Goals in light of all the information I’ve presented.

Their key points can be grouped into categories that we will pray against to take America back! We are going to be covering them in our upcoming Gathering of the Eagles July 9-12

  • We will begin by Worshiping our Wonderful God, He is worthy of it all and as the King of kings, and Lord of lords, He is worthy of all praise, glory and honor!
  • Church – weaken and water down the Gospel message. Infiltrate the Churches and present a social Gospel, discredit the Bible and emphasis the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a religious crutch. We can add to this the infiltration by the Jesuits in the 30-50s, every denomination was infiltrated to weaken the Church. They all knew—to take down America, you had to weaken the Church.
  • Bloodletting – Breakdown cultural standards of morality. This leads to abortion and human trafficking, even the horrific border issues. Many of those coming are being violently raped enroute and then have to endure abortions when they arrive.
  • Academia – get control of the schools and use them as a transmission belt for Socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften curriculum, get control of teachers’ unions, put the party line in textbooks, get control of student newspapers, use student riots to foment public protests. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the grounds that it violates the principle of “Separation of Church and State.” Belittle American Culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the big picture. Support socialist movement to give centralized control to government agencies.
  • Media – and this is truly our key. As I shared earlier, the Cabal’s efforts spread across the earth like a giant spiderweb with puppet strings manipulating and controlling the masses. The goal is to infiltrate the press, radio, TV, movies and use these to not only weaken the morality by the content of these outlets, but also control the narrative through the networks. And remember, the Cabal runs all of it via the CIA through our very own State Department.
  • Hammer of Justice – the intent was to get ahold of key judicial positions and weaken them so they make rulings that are contrary to our constitutional rights so that they can alter the Constitution from within. They also plan to get ahold of both political parties so they can control them both. We also have a vast number of corrupt political judges sitting on the Federal Courts. We need to return to the Rule of Law.
  • We will cover “the Blob”/state department/NATO/the EU/UN/CIA/the War Machines and their efforts.
  • We will end by praying for the Awakening on various levels and then Mom will pray impromptu.

I’m sharing all of this now at Mom’s request so you can begin praying and preparing to join us in our July 9-12 GOE!

The new key that we have today, is what they’ve done in the formation of the Blob and it’s impact in every narrative, from elementary school classrooms to international media, magazines to social media, all to control what we think, how we think, when we think… this is the Matrix, it’s the Borg from Star Trek, and iRobot, all modern or futuristic representations of 1984 my friends. Now we understand the system being used, how it’s used against America and Americans, and now, we are ready to bring it down!

When the Lord said back in 2020, that the media is the first ball to fall, I had no idea how extensive and deeply rooted this was, nor did I know and understand all the players at the time. Now, just in time for our GOE, the Lord brought the information forth! Now we can target them! We, the lil ole intercessors, the grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles, sons, the daughters, we are here to stop them and save the nation for our posterity!

Join us July 9-12, 2024 as we stand in the gap for the nation!

Blessings & love,

Ricci Johnson-Wilson