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Dear friends, last week I presented a series of dreams and visions I’ve had since March 26, 2022.

I ask you, can you imagine spending a night, twice in two weeks, where all you see is devastation, poverty, and oppression? I’m going to share these dreams with you again below, but I tell you this my friends, there is hope in these dreams, hope for those who call upon His name, and hope for those willing to stand in the gap for the nations in this hour!

March 26, 2022


The Lord took me up over the nation. I saw the entire United States overcast in a grey/blue tint. It reminded me of the great depression. I asked the Lord what was going on, He said “the economy, it is collapsing.”

I searched across the cities, I saw people in long lines, lines that spanned from food distribution centers, around city blocks, down the full length of each street, and into the darkness. There seemed to be no end. The Lord took me to the front of the line, I saw that each person was handed a small bag of grains, that was all. There were lines stretching for miles, for a handful of grain…?

I cried out to the Lord. He said, “if only they’d called upon My name.” 

He took me to the nations of the world, they were in the same, or worse crisis.

I cried out again. And, again, He said, “If only they’d called upon My name.”

The economic collapse has been planned by the Elite for many years. In 2008, the crash that hit the nation, orchestrated by the Elite, left countless people homeless, but My children who called upon My name, found protection and provision under the Shadow of the Almighty (Psalms 91).

This particular one is meant to devalue the dollar and collapse the economies the world over. They are resetting… the goal is a one-world system.

I sought the Lord on this issue…He responded, “If only they had called upon My name.”

The second dream was similar:

April 7, 2022

There is a song titled “REVIVE” that was playing in the background throughout the duration of my dream. Please keep that in mind as you read through the dream.

I saw economic devastation, it was everywhere. Families were walking around with empty baskets searching desperately to see even a morsel of provision.

Then I saw the Ecclesia come forth. They were in a place of unity and so anchored in Christ, with one prayer, provision came supernaturally and then it was distributed into the baskets. (Acts 2:42-47) The baskets, once empty, were not only filled with food and supplies, but they were also covered with LIGHT! As they walked into darkness, they carried the LIGHT, it became a guide for them!

The Lord took me over the Nation, and I could see this occurring all over the country! Each time the Ecclesia placed the last bit of our supply into someone’s basket, another family appeared, we would pray, and a large cargo crate filled with supplies appeared next to us with exactly what they needed.

These miraculous events were dependent upon both elements: prayer for the provision and obedience to distribute. 

Everything was so dark at first, but as we filled the baskets, the soft LIGHT appeared and remained in our midst. As the distribution levels increased, the LIGHT also increased. The Lord picked me up to take me over the land, I could see the nation, there were many of these distribution centers. They began to burn so brightly; they even became a light-source in their regions.

The Lord said to me “this is My Ecclesia, they will burn with My fire yet not be consumed.” Remember in Exodus 3 Moses saw the burning bush, but in Exodus 34, the fire shone from him.  The Lord says “I AM bringing forth the Light of the Kingdom… through My people! Press in, press in, and do not let up!”

When I woke up, the song REVIVE continued to play in my spirit.

A few of the lines:

Revive, Revive, Revive Your people

You, You, long for passion in Your land

Reveal Your power by Your hand

Breathe on Your people

We need revival, Lord

Revive us now, I’m ready, ready to go Lord

I’m desperate, desperate for more


Friends, both dreams carry the same theme, PRAYER, OBEDIENCE, REVIVAL!

These are His instructions to us! The Lord is calling upon the intercessors to pray into this with great fervency. We are headed into Passover, this is the season to come under the blood, that the judgment of the wicked will not fall upon the children of God.

I remind you: The Lord came face to face with Mom (Nita) and entered into Covenanted with her. If she would obey and do the work of the Gatherings, He would stay the hand of judgment on this nation! We will not see war on American soil, extreme famine, and His people would not experience economic collapse! That was His Covenant promise if we would do the Gathering of the Eagles and we have faithfully done them for 22 years!

The enemy’s plan may be bleak, things may get a rough, yes, but it’s also an opportunity for us to stand and see the salvation of our God come forth on our behalf! 

My dear friends, God is about to release miracles into the earth! Miracles that will refute the plans of the enemy and open the eyes of those in deception, to the miraculous thereby breaking the chains that bind them!

It’s time for the children of God to cast down fear and step out in faith! God wants to provide for us, multiply our grain, our oil, and our resources. Just like He did for the widow in 1 Kings 17. That precious widow’s act of faith to prepare the last of her grain and oil to provide a morsel of food for Elijah, became a CATALYST for Jehovah Jireh to provide and ensure she and her posterity survived that horrible economic collapse!

God is calling upon His children to take that step of faith and EXPECT miracles! I spoke on faith for weeks at the beginning of 2022, now is the time to walk in it!

Nita has ministered on going deeper in God for months, it’s time to walk in this commissioning!

Let us exercise our faith and EXPECT God to respond! 

I encourage you to be frugal, ask God for wisdom in every penny you spend, pick up a few extra supplies to see you through, but when you’ve done all that you can do to stand, STAND and see the salvation of our God!

God will see us through this season, but we must pray, we must stand in the gap for our nation!

We are setting the stage to thwart the plan of the enemy, will you set aside March 13-15 to join us?

We are coming together at the earlier time, 4-7 PM PST so we can bring in as many across the nation as possible to fight for the nation in prayer!

Nita and I love you all so much, we bless you for your faithfulness, and we invite you to be a part of the Passover Gathering of the Eagles, 2022!

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Blessings & love,

Ricci Johnson-Wilson on behalf of Nita Johnson


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