God has commissioned WFJM to hold Gathering of the Eagles!

How can they effect change in our Nation? 

America’s answer is not in politics! We need the glory of the Lord – and we need revival!

The Lord strongly impressed upon me after many months of prayer to establish Gatherings in America. He spoke to me saying: “Bring the leadership of the Church together in one heart to humble themselves before Me, seek My face, and cleanse the land through repentance, and I will make America a dwelling place for My glory.” That is what we are now doing.

What it is!

  • It is a five fold ministry. We will also be including intercessors.
  • It will be a time set aside to seek the face of the Lord together in worship, prayer, repentance and sharing to ascertain the mind of the Lord. I base this on Joel 2:12 & 13; II Chron. 5:13-14 & Acts 13:2; 15:28.
  • We desire to see the glory of God rest upon America. Therefore we are coming together as a corporate leadership body to discover from Him what He requires from the Church in America in exchange for allowing us to be a dwelling place for His glory.

What it is not!

  • It is not a traditional conference.
  • There will be no guest speakers.
  • We will have no agenda.
  • This is not a denominational gathering. We desire that ministries from all Christian denominations join together as one man.

What we will see accomplished through obedience!

  • Healing of the American Church!
    We have all desired to see a healthy body of believers in America, and have undertaken in many ways to bring this about. While the greatest health that will come to the Church will come in the midst of major national revival, we can bring a new level of health in repentance and the true spirit of worship such as Daniel engaged in.
  • Healing of America!
    The Lord has a problem with America. We are guilty of the shedding of innocent blood including persecution of race, abortion and many other ways. We as a Church can repent for these atrocities and once again see the favor of the Lord in our nation.
  • Hearing the Lord’s voice corporately.
    The Lord wants to bring the body into a new level of relationship by teaching us how to come together and learn how to hear His voice as a body of leaders.
  • Worship
    Higher worship is always an earmark of true revival. He will prepare us for this in these Gatherings. Further, I learned from Elisha’s example many years ago, that true worship opens the way for the Word of the Lord! II Kings 3:15.  We will see that established on a corporate level in these Gatherings.
  • Unity
    America will never see revival in the magnitude in which we desire it until we allow the Lord to knit us together in humility and unity. He will begin to do this by His own Spirit in these Gatherings.
  • Fathers
    Paul said you have many teachers, but you have not many Fathers. Malachi promised that the day would come when an anointing would be poured out to turn the hearts of the Fathers to the sons, and the sons to the Fathers. The Lord told me that as we are obedient in these Gatherings He will make known the Fathers of the body, Fathers with hearts like Paul of old. He will reveal the Fathers over the cities, states, regions and the nation, as we seek His face with a pure heart.
  • Revival
    After three hours of intense intercession the night that the Lord commissioned me to establish the Gatherings in America, He told me that if we would be obedient to all that He tells us in these Gatherings and thereby cleanse the land of the guilt of innocent blood, He would give us the revival for which we hunger.
  • A resting place for His glory!
    When the glory of the Lord rested upon the Ark, Israel prospered. The Lord’s glory has not rested upon America in that way in many generations. The reason for His conspicuous absence is that the Nation and the Church has brought shame upon His name.
    Nevertheless, He longs to return to us. He spoke to me very clearly that if we would obey Him in this He would use these Gatherings to prepare us to once again be a dwelling place for His glory.

As we search the Scriptures we learn that where ever we see the glory of God visit seeking men, we see men coming together in one heart to seek His face and prepare for His glory. (II Chron. 5:12-14; Acts chapter 2) We believe that the days are quickly fading in which we will continue to see the sort of ‘one-man shows’, with everyone doing what is right in his own eyes. It is time for the corporate body to rise up as the ‘one man’ to gain the inheritance of God’s glory in righteousness, holiness, unity and preferring one another in the bond of love.

We are longing for a great outpouring of God’s glory from coast to coast and through Islands of Hawaii and Alaska, not on one Church or denomination, but on the corporate body. Please join with us to seek God’s face and prepare for His coming presence.

We will begin by meeting with Christian leaders from various regions around the country to formulate and establish some guidelines and dates for the Regional Gatherings.

We will then begin the Gatherings with Regional Gatherings. We will hold Gatherings around the country beginning in Jacksonville, Florida with intercessors. Each Regional Gathering will incorporate approximately 10 states. Then some time early next year we will have a National Gathering wherein all those who attended the Regional Gatherings and those who desire to participate but could not attend a Regional Gathering will attend. By the end of the first year of Gatherings we hope to have affirmative plans as a body of Christ in America on what we can do to remove any remaining hindrances that may be offending the Lord and keeping us from experiencing national revival and the ark of His glory being instated to the American Church.

**One last thing, Jesus spoke to me in a vision that if we would gather 2000 key leaders in America to fill this land with tears of repentance and intercession, it would be enough to change the very constitution of this country. In a more recent vision He told me If He could have from us what He is asking He will send His glory, if not He will destroy this nation for its wickedness. May we receive His admonition and bear His glory!

In His Love,
Nita Johnson


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