Preparing the Samuel Generation to receive their Baton

Ricci Johnson-Wilson



The last year or so, the Lord placed a burden on my heart for the youth and their place in our nation. This burden was a gift, one that would enable me to see things through their eyes and then help guide them back to truth and the pursuit of righteousness. It has been undeniable and at times, nearly unbearable, and all I can do is cry out for them. I must add, what a gift and a privilege it is to prepare the way for them to run their race!

On June 13, I was crying out to Him and He said several things to me that I feel are key for us to pray them through to their victory.

The Baton


As I prayed over our youth, my heart was deeply grieved. I see such apathy, fear, depression and outright rebellion in our midst. I started reading the Psalms, declaring them over our children and a warrior anointing welled up within to fight for them. I was reading through Psalms 113-118 – these are the Hallel Psalms, the ones the Israelites read at Passover. Our Lord would’ve sung these with His disciples at the last supper.  They speak of victory over the enemy, how God miraculously moved mountains and parted the seas for them as they traversed into the Promise Land.

This is what I saw over our youth: they are in their wilderness season, but God is about to part the seas, and move the mountains so that they too can enter the promises of God for their lives and their generation.

I had a vision of the older generation running ahead as in a relay race, the younger generation—the Samuel Generation—was following behind. Way behind.

As I prayed, I saw the young people suddenly step forward; they rose up out of their fear, anxiety, apathy, and rebellion, and with great determination they stepped forward.

They stood upright, eyes bright, chin set firmly ahead then reached forward to accept their baton and run their portion of this race!

These young people represent the Samuel Generation rising.

The older generation’s baton had their callings written on the baton, prophet, pastor, intercessor, teacher, evangelist, worshiper, and so on. They’d carried their batons and for years desired to prepare the next generation for their particular calling, but to no avail.

Now that the Samuel Generation were activated, they stepped forward, grabbed hold of the baton that held their destiny and began to run! When they did, they stepped into a maturity I have not seen in our youth before.

Then, I noticed these cracks in the land that represented wounding and fracturing of the nation. As the youth ran across them, these cracks started to fill up.

They approached mountains, and those mountains began to move to the side. They raced through them picking up even more speed. They approached rivers and the rivers began to part to make way for this new thing to take place in the land. The youth were taking the land for the Kingdom of God! They released the wonder of God’s Will, and His Ways permeated their being! They ran faster, harder, like never before as they pursued life and liberty for the nation, their generation and their posterity.

Families came forth, they passed down the lessons they learned to their children. The song of deliverance went forth into and over the youth and it rippled across the land. I could hear the Psalms sung in the heavenlies, there was healing in them that served as an antiseptic to the wounds produced from the fracturing of the last several years. Stability and strength replaced chaos and cowardice.

It was remarkable to see their eyes burn with the fire and passion that had been hidden within them just waiting for this moment of activation. They were lost, yes, but my friends, soon they will be found!

The Barrier


As I said, I’ve spent a great deal of time praying for our youth as of late. The burden to prepare this next generation for the “weeping and sweeping” the “retaining and maintaining” of the work we’ve accomplished through intercession over the last 25 years is on my heart every day. (That vision is on our website.)

Wednesday morning, again I spent time praying over the youth and then went to the Word to read through some Psalms and Proverbs.

As I was reading through Proverbs, I felt the Lord telling me to declare them over our youth. To call them into this place of wisdom and understanding in Him.

In Proverbs, “son” is referred to some 57 times with nearly 30 of them being a personal reference as in “my son”. Some of these Proverbs are believed to be passed down from David to Solomon who then taught them to his sons, as well as those employed in the work of his house. Solomon, like his father, became a not just a King, but a father to his nation imparting wisdom from heaven above into his people, as well as those who were employed in the work of the Temple. In fact, the Bible tells us that even rulers came from both near and far to hear the wisdom of Solomon.

This is our call you know, to impart wisdom, knowledge and understanding of Heavenly things to the next generation. In fact, America is called to be a father to the nations, but as of late, it’s failed in this calling. The Lord, however, is weeping and sweeping across the nation to prepare it to fulfill this calling once again.

Meanwhile, there’s work to be done.

The Barrier Between the Generations:

As I read through Proverbs, I had a vision of the two generations. The ones over 40 and the ones under 40. They were on a staircase, like the ones you see in two story schools back east. The ones where there’s the 10-12 steps leading up to a landing, and then there’s a landing, and going the opposite direction, you have 10-12 steps leading up to the second floor.

The younger generation was looking up to the older generation, the older generation was glancing down at them but not really paying much attention to them. There was a barrier that went across the stairwell, it was clear, but distorted, like looking through very thick ice. The younger generation looked up toward the older generation with an eagerness in their eyes, but that barrier between them prevented communication from getting through. This “communication” included wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and revelation—all necessary impartations from one generation to the next—from passing down to them.

I asked the Lord what this barrier was and as He spoke, I really began to weep. My heart was broken.

I’m going to say somethings here that might upset some people, but I am asking for grace to convey that which the Lord shared with me so that we can pray through this barrier and gain the victory necessary to bring healing and pave the way for reconciliation and restoration of our commission to sow into our posterity.

Our posterity needs what we have to give them, and we are part of that barrier.

The barrier I saw occurred between Gen X (my generation) and Gen Y or as they are more frequently referred to—Millennials—this is my children’s generation. So…the barrier was between Gen X and before and  Gen Y and beyond. Gen X were born between 1979 and Gen Y or Millennials are 1980-1994ish.

Based on what the Lord shared with me, I did some research into the events that occurred during this period. Apart from the tremendous educational gap, Gen X being the highest educated thus far, and Millennials being among the least educated generation thus far, there were several social economic issues occurring, and there was the tremendous decline in moral values. In fact, during this period, we experienced one of the greatest moral declines since the 60s. I believe this gap between the generations is a by-product of removing God from our schools, the introduction and implementation of seeker friendly churches across the nation, and the legalizing of abortion.  

Why? Because it takes years for the true consequences of our actions to take effect in the land. The Bible talks about God visiting the iniquity of the fathers to the 3rd and 4th generations (Exodus 34:7, Deuteronomy 5:9). What the Lord is saying here is that your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will experience the effect of your sins. Remember this and respond accordingly.

We legalized abortion in 1973 but this was after a decade of the removal of God from our schools and the hippie movement. Adults removed God from the schools and participated in the hippie movement, not the children. Adults pushed to legalize abortion, not the children. The product of an anti-God society reigning for a decade or two brings about a generation that will fight to legalize the slaughter of our pre-born citizens. The Baby Boomers and Gen X are completely responsible for the disconnect between them and Gen Y aka Millennials.

This climaxed in the 90s with an immoral White House under Bill Clinton signed away untold millions of jobs under NAFTA (jobs the millennials who were entering the workforce were to start preparing for), and a Congress that reflected a more divisive nation than we’d ever seen before. Meanwhile, his wife, Hillary, embarked on a mission to make women’s rights, with a laser focus on reproductive rights – aka abortion – as her platform as First Lady. Her mission in life was to expand abortion not just across America, but across Africa and every other 3rd World Country she could gain access to. Why did she expand outside of America? Because American abortion rates were beginning to decline by this point. Abortion peaked as Reagan took office, and he was extremely pro-life, and we saw the fruit of that in the Clinton Era. Again, more proof that what happens in this generation impacts the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation.

So, with the collapse of American jobs, the explosion of the Apathetic Churches, and the morality rate tanking, the barrier between these two time periods was sealed over by the blood of the greatest slaughter of the innocent in our nation’s history, that of our pre-born citizens.

Of course, this was all by design, the Cabal’s effort to destroy the nation from within.

So, if the abortion rates reached a peak in 1981, the year Gen Y aka “Millennials” entered the world, that would indicate that there was a large portion of this generation aborted. As I researched this, I found that in many states, nearly 50% of pregnancies ended in abortion. Instead of embracing our call to raise up our posterity in the love and admonition of the Lord, we were aborting them. Gen X was literally destroying their own posterity. Gen Y is still grieving the loss of their generation, not even realizing the apathy they are so often accused of, which I believe, is coming from a deep grief resulting from the tremendous wounding that occurred because of the loss of so many members of their generation.

No wonder there’s a rift between these two generations. No one on the surface may see this, but as intercessors, we look deeper, to the spiritual ramifications of the sin in the land, and that’s where we humble ourselves before God and repent.

When these young people needed Gen X to anchor and center them in God, Gen X was in rebellion to God and aborting their children.

Again, this is why Reagan’s platform was so pro-life. He saw the statistics and his life’s mission was to reverse this for our nation. Reagan, Bush Jr. and President Trump have been the most pro-life presidents since Roe. However, the impact of the 70s and 80s was deep, it created deep cracks in the nation, and we are still reeling from them today.

Okay, so what do we do now?

  • Repentance and Intercession– for two decades we’ve been repenting for abortion, and God is changing the heart of the people to turn from this wickedness, and He moved mountains to have the stronghold of the devastating Roe decision lifted from the nation. Legislation was already in place in many states in preparation for the moment Roe was overturned. That victory was announced on my daughter’s birthday in 2022—incidentally, she is a Millennial. Our intercession needs to continue at the state levels until we have a nation that is actively surrounding pregnant mothers with support.
  • Vote – God impacted the leadership of our land and moved the heart of President Trump to bring in Supreme Court Justices who would overturn Roe. This broke the stronghold of abortion at the national level, now it needs to be reversed on the state levels. It’s now our responsibility as citizens of the individual states, to elect people and vote for bills that are pro-life. Intercession does impact legislation and in this upcoming election, we need to pay attention to the candidates and propositions on our ballots. Do your research to ensure what you are voting for is actually pro-life. And ensure you are electing pro-life candidates.
  • Wake up to the reality of our actions on the nation. Friends, we are reaping what we sowed. We need to extend grace to—and pray for—our Millennials. They were born to survivors and thrivers. Gen X are the stay outside from morning til dusk, drink out of the garden hose, tree-climbing, trail blazing, explorers who unfortunately, pursued education and career over family. Even then, we were all too often apathetic or ignorant in the voting booth. Meanwhile, the Communist Manifesto was wreaking havoc in the nation, and we were too busy to really recognize the infiltration. All that education and we missed the takeover. They weakened our Church, watered down the Gospel, introduced drug use, tempted through pornography and countless pastors and religious leaders gave into the temptations of this infiltration. Why? How? Because, the Gospel had been so watered down and compromised in the hearts of the men who were supposed to be the heart of the Nation. The Church is called to influence every aspect of our nation, we are to be the plumbline and the fruit that comes forth from the land is a result of the Church. Good or bad, we must take responsibility. I was introduced by the cabal to weaken and destroy the nation but if the people of God had been anchored in the truth of His Word, it would have presented a different outcome. They knew the only way to destroy America was to destroy the integrity of the Church.
  • Understand and deal with the spiritual ramifications of abortion: We, Gen X, as a “thriving generation” participated in more abortions than we care to admit, and this has had a tremendous spiritual impact on Gen Y—the Millennials. Why? They lost a significant portion of their generation to the bloodletting of abortion. In some states, nearly half of pregnancies ended in abortion. HALF. Half of Millennials did not make it out of the womb alive. That is a devastating statistic and surely helps us see why the barrier of the thick ice was on that stairwell between the generations.
  • Extend grace to this destabilized generation. Friends, we must recognize that there’s been a carefully crafted destabilization of an entire generation. On top of the things list I just mentioned, as these young people prepared to enter the work force, Clinton was signing away a significant number of jobs to Asian nations through NAFTA, housing prices nearly doubled, and with the advent of internet and increase in tech jobs, academic institutions were not prepared for the shift in the workforce and instead, were preparing and participating in the communist takedown of our nation. All of this… presented a breeding ground for the proverbial “basement-dwelling millennials” we look down upon. They were met with judgment and condemnation rather than an outstretched hand to help them heal and prepare them to carry the baton.

The reality is my friends, we need to pray for them and speak into their lives instead of judging them so harshly. I have wept many tears over this issue…

  • Pray against the infiltration and intentional takedown of our nation under the Communist Manifesto. This speaks to the vision the Lord gave me of the Eagle, the Flag and the 5 Weights. The Communist Manifesto details the weakening and ultimate destabilization of our nation by the infiltration into Media, Academia, Bloodletting (abortion/human trafficking) Government, and of course, Communism itself. In the coming weeks, I’ll break down the Communist Manifesto and expound upon this because I believe this is critical for us in prayer as we approach not only the election, but the fight for the next generation.
  • Swallow our pride and extend the love of the Lord. That’s what it’s gonna take to break the barrier between the generations—considering what I listed in the earlier points, this may be the most difficult part of this process. We must walk back our mistakes and start training them up to carry the baton in the first vision I shared. We need to speak into their lives wherever possible. We need to really repent and intercede for THEM over the loss of so much of their generation. The spiritual ramification of this loss is like that of a twin who lost their sibling in childbirth but were never told that they were a twin. They don’t have to know that sibling is missing to feel the gravity of the loss. We need to walk them through this healing process, and I believe more of this will be done in prayer than anything else.
  • Strengthen the moral fiber of the Church. The intent of the Communist Manifesto was to weaken the morality of the Church and they’ve been quite successful. Still, the moral responsibility of this nation really lies at the feet of the Church. We are supposed to be the plumb line, the moral fiber of the nation, and we honestly, need to get it together! By strengthening the integrity of the Church and working to influence the nation it will help break the barrier and aid the next generation in picking up the baton.

The Bible teaches us how to pass this baton. I’m going to take you through the fastest rundown of a book in the Bible that perhaps you’ve seen in years!

2 Timothy was written by Paul to Timothy not long before he was martyred for the Gospel.

If you knew you were going to graduate and were preparing your son in the faith to receive the baton that he might run the race and complete his call and commission for the Kingdom of Heaven, what would you say?

Let’s look at what Paul wrote to encourage Timothy to finish his own race and apply these precepts to our own lives:

  1. 2 Tim 1:6- Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands.
  2. 2 Tim 1:13 Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus.
  3. 2 Tim 2:2 And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also. AMPC says “transmit and entrust [as a deposit] to reliable and faithful men who will be competent and qualified to teach others also.” The things that though hast heard from me.
  4. 2 Tim 2:3 AMPC Take [with me] your share of the hardships and suffering [which you are called to endure] as a good (first-class) soldier of Christ Jesus.
  5. 2 Tim 2:15 KJV Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, (AMPC says rightly dividing the word of truth correctly analyzing and accurately dividing [rightly handling and skillfully teaching] the Word of Truth.)
  6. 2 Tim 3:1b & 14 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come and add 14 continue to hold to the things that you have learned and of which you are convinced, knowing from whom you learned [them], AMPC) In other words, “hold fast to sound doctrine! That’s what Timothy learned from Paul.”
  7. 2 Tim 4:12 I charge [you] in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, Who is to judge the living and the dead, and by (in the light of) His coming and His kingdom. Herald and preach the Word! Keep your sense of urgency [stand by, be at hand and ready], whether the opportunity seems to be favorable or unfavorable. [Whether it is convenient or inconvenient, whether it is welcome or unwelcome, you as preacher of the Word are to show people in what way their lives are wrong.] And convince them, rebuking and correcting, warning and urging and encouraging them, being unflagging and inexhaustible in patience and teaching.

What do we have to look forward to if we will take these steps?

Revolution through the Word

Wednesday 11/30/22 I awoke from a dream – Revolution through the Word

I dreamt I was staying in a community arena. At first it appeared to be a hotel, but then as time progressed, I saw a community coming together. It became quite large but remained a tightly-knit community complex.

I was in a small apartment in the center of this community which gave me the opportunity to oversee the whole complex from my window.

I shared this before and you can read it on our website. But for the sake of time, I am going to just address the portion relating to our youth:

The were coming to my apartment throughout the day with Bible in hand to ask questions about the Word.

When I saw them, I could see chains that had once been on their minds keeping them bound in deception. They were filling those places where chains once occupied with His Word. They would read and then come to me and ask if this was true and then ask for greater detail, for revelation, for understanding. They were devouring the Word, night and day, allowing it to fill their hearts and minds with truth.  They were absorbing the Word, and it was transforming their souls.

The Youth:

The youth came in great numbers, they were so exciting to watch as they developed and grew in God tremendously each day. Their ages ranged from about 4 to 11. (these will represent the children of Gen Y) they were so excited about the Word. They all had Bibles and devoured them. As they opened their Bible, I could see the passages they’d devoured. When they looked up at me, I saw light coming from their eyes. Each day, that light grew brighter and brighter as the Word of God burst within them.


I spoke to Mom about this, and she told me that many years ago the Lord told her that the Revival that’s coming will be a Revival that encompasses revelation of the Word unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

This season is going to be tumultuous, but we are uprooting the corruption, healing the nation, and preparing the Samuel Generation to partner with us in the weeping and Sweeping of our Lord across the land. The fruit of this effort will be that our children’s children will hunger and thirst for the Word of God like nothing we’ve ever seen before! We must be willing to prepare the Samual Generation and do whatever the Lord is asking of us to ensure they are ready to receive their baton and run their race!

Blessings & love,

Ricci Johnson-Wilson