11.16.2020 Media Intercession and Declarations


  • Avi, we come before You in humility to repent for losing the love for the truth, leaving an open door for the enemy to bring in his deceptions into our nation.
  • We repent for not seeking Your wisdom and Your understanding, Your insights and Your discernments leaving us vulnerable to the enemy.
  • We repent for not guarding our borders spiritually.
  • We repent for the propaganda and manipulation that the unrighteous media has let loose in our nation.
  • We repent for allowing them to sewing a culture of death into this nation.
  • We repent for not heeding the warning in 1963 when the 45 Declared Communist Goals for the Takedown of America were read and entered into our Congressional Record as a warning.
  • Avi, we did not pay attention. And now, here we are 57 years later with these goals almost completely fulfilled – bringing our nation right to the brink of falling into the hands of a communistic takeover – except for Your infinite mercy and grace.
  • We repent for our lackadaisical complacency as a church and as a citizen of this nation that You founded and called into existence for such a time as this.
  • Oh, Father, have mercy on us. We repent for our arrogance and haughty pride. One more time, we bow before You and cry out for Your help to save this nation.
  • Lord, Send forth Your Light and Your Truth to reveal the deception loosed against the people of this nation and the nations of the earth.
  • We cry out for Luke 8:17,18 exposure – everything hidden be revealed and everything covered up be uncovered.



Declarations on Media

America IS being formed into a great nation.  The Lord has been bringing us through a tremendous incubation time, but the time has come.  The Land is ours – it is our inheritance.  It is a new day – the day of Breakthrough!  His Truth is Marching on!!!


  • In Congressional authority we take dominion in love today against the plans of the enemy.
  • As the Church of the Living God, we take our stand for the Lord’s Honor and for our safety.
  • The enemy’s plans will not We cover this nation in the love and in the shalom of the one true Lord and God. This nation is our heritage.  We stand by the righteousness of God to protect it. It will not fall nor be destroyed.
  • As His creation – created in His likeness by His very Word, breathed into us by His very breath, we decree and declare from our mouth, the Word of Truth into and over this nation.
  • We decree and declare a shift over this nation – a shifting away from the reality created by the elite back to the reality of The Creator.
  • Revealor of Secrets, Most High God and King, shine Your light over the media corporations – reveal what has been hidden in darkness. Uncover the works of the enemy. 
  • Let ALL be exposed – even with the new revelations regarding the voting machines’ software and owners.
  • In Yeshua’s Name we reverse and turn what the enemy has meant for evil through the use of all kinds of media back to life and for our good.
  • Today we pull the plug on the media.
  • We reverse the targeted effect of turn speak and double speak.
  • We reverse the effect of the hypnotic state that switches the brain from alpha to beta switching the brain from the left hemisphere to the right hemisphere to shut down critical thinking so people receive what the media wants them to receive.
  • We take the sword of the Lord and sever from us, especially our youth and children the evil effects and plans the enemy has hatched for our destruction.
  • We bind the tongues of the lying media. We command your lies to fall to the ground.
  • We renounce and denounce the 45 declared communist goals to takedown America.
  • With the authority of the word of God from Jeremiah 1:10 and 31:28


10 See, I have this day appointed you to the oversight of the nations and of the kingdoms to root out and pull down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant.


28 And it will be that as I have watched over them to pluck up and to break down, and to overthrow, destroy, and afflict [with evil], so will I watch over them to build and to plant [with good], says the Lord.


As citizens of the United States we legally pull them up from this land of America, which is given to us by the Lord Jesus – each one of the declared 45 goals – we uproot you from America now in the Name of Yeshua ha Mashiach, the Son of the Living God, and by the power of His shed blood.


  • We decree and declare these goals are inoperable from this moment on because they are uprooted and no longer growing in our ground.
  • We decree and declare the false narrative of lies sewn by the media into this nation will fall to the ground and die and we take away from you the ability to re-grow and produce death into this nation any more.
  • We decree and declare there will no longer be ground for your lies to fall upon and take root in. We remove the receptivity from you.
  • We will not live in confusion and chaos with our mind and emotions controlled by anything or anyone other than the Lord who formed and made us.
  • To those who seek to destroy, we declare NO! This nation does not belong to you. It is given to us from our Father and we receive it with gladness and joy!
  • Unrighteous media, you have invalidated and disqualified yourself as a spokesperson for the American people. We remove your voice, sealing the door of your lips – you no longer are a spokesperson for and to the people of America. No longer will treacherous lies spew forth from your lips into our atmosphere and into our homes.
  • Justice, we call you forth: Let every secret come under the scrutiny of Your Light for exposure of the diabolical plan to the peoples of the earth. 
  • Justice, we call you forth, let every unrighteous word loosed by the media be held accountable by the Father of Truth, the Revealor of Secrets.
  • We call forth the re-structuring of all the media systems to operate in perfect harmony with the creative flow the Father designed for this nation.
  • We call forth the truth in the life-bearing seed the Father gave to re-create, flourish and produce life and health into our minds, wills, and emotions – spirit, soul, and body.
  • We decree and declare that in Yeshua is life and that Life is the Light of men by which He is drawing People, especially our youth and children to
  • Your Light lights up the way for truth to be seen and understood. Let lights of understanding break forth all across this nation and the nations of the earth freeing people from the prison of lies.
  • Eyes are popping open, ears are hearing, hearts are hearing truth for the first time. Light and life are streaming into the Beings You created Father. Your Light dispels the darkness and it has to flee. The power of Your Light is so alive that the darkness does not even want to stay.
  • Come alive, People of America, People of the earth! Behold!  Look and see Your Redeemer, the Lover of your soul.  Hear His Words of Love and Truth releasing you into Life more abundantly.
  • The voice of truth is increasing and amplifying drowning out the lies.
  • Media, you have been weighed and found wanting. Your platform is gone, removed.     
  • Unrighteous Media, we speak to you. You who have spoken words sewn by the father of lies into this nation.  With the Congressional Authority given to this ministry.  Be eradicated. Be removed! We take away your platform of speaking, of communicating in Turn Speak and Double Speak. You will no longer twist words to deceive and to manipulate.
  • We pull the plug on you – the loudness of truth drowns out your lies.
  • We call forth a media walk away movement. People of America, walk away from fake news media.
  • People in media, we call forth those with a right heart – walk away from fake news media. Lord, strengthen these to walk away from the lying machine into the light of truth. 
  • Unrighteous Media, you will no longer produce fruit; instead the fruit of righteousness will be sewn and harvested.
  • Unrighteous Media, you will no longer work to divide this nation. Instead, we release the ministry of reconciliation, the ministry of reclamation to burst forth in the Light of Yeshua to be seen and hungered after by all.
  • Unrighteous Media, we cancel your job description and release you into a new job description. You will be telling the Good News!  You will be witnesses to the going forth of the sons of God. You will become His witnesses that tell of the Glory of God. You will tell of the miracles, the signs, the wonders, but most of all you will tell of the Love of our Father because you will be changed yourselves.
  • We run through the streets of the nation with the flag of victory! We run through the streets of the nation with the flag of victory!!
  • America will have new eyes to see, new ears to hear, new heart to receive


We Declare the Righteousness of God to rain down upon this nation!


Isaiah 45:8 AMPC

Let fall in showers, you heavens, from above, and let the skies rain down righteousness [the pure, spiritual, heaven-born possibilities that have their foundation in the holy being of God]; let the earth open, and let them [skies and earth] sprout forth salvation, and let righteousness germinate and spring up [as plants do] together; I the Lord have created it.