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“The House of Cards” Ricci Johnson-Wilson

The House of Cards – Ricci Wilson Vision 8.4.22 (shared in this message) I had a vision of the Lord. Before Him was a table. On top of the table

“The Ever-Faithful Intercessor”

Ricci Wilson 7-18-22 This week, we will have corporate prayer on Wednesday but will take Thursday and Friday off to allow Mom and I, our staff, and you, the diligent

“Russia, Ukraine, and the Military Industrial Complex” Ricci Johnson-Wilson

Ricci Johnson-Wilson Dream 2/14/2022 In the dream, I saw Zelensky meet with certain military personnel to make way for Ukraine to be filled along certain border areas with NATO forces.

UPDATE! 6/8/22 Dream regarding Supreme Court Justices

Supreme Court Justices Ricci Johnson-Wilson 3-25-2022 Dream I saw a news alert: “Supreme Court Justices Attacked”    I walked outside, I heard a loud bang or gunshot and saw people

The Eagle, the Flag, the Weights, and the Path to Freedom

“The Eagle, the Flag, and the Path to Freedom” Ricci Wilson Vision given 9-21-2020. As I was praying for the nation, I had the following vision: I saw an Eagle

The Gavel of Justice and the Fear of God

JUSTICE IS COMING… May 15, 2022 I was awakened at 3 AM to pray. I cried out to God on behalf of our nation. I sought Him for the safety

5-2-22 The Battle to Flip Roe v Wade

5-2-22 The Battle to Flip Roe v Wade The Lord says: “Did I not tell you this was coming? The skies are full of warriors. My people must arise- they

Return to God

4/6/22 Vision I saw two forces over our nation. One dark. One Light. The battle was fierce between the two. The dark side was empowered by bloodletting and the demonic

Prophetic Word – Judgment on Democrat Ideology-Ricci Johnson-Wilson

4/8/22 Revelation Judgment is upon the ideology of the democrats. We know they are CCP Progressives, and their goal is to destroy this nation. The Lord told me in 2020

Prophesy regarding the Democrat Party – Nita Johnson

Prophesy regarding the Democrat Party: the stolen waters (powers in the Nation) will be sweet for a season, but bitter in the end!!   Can a man betray his own

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