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“Word of Warning: Retaining the Shield and the Nation” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

A Warning for the Nation and the Intercessors: The Lord spoke to me two weeks ago that the enemy was going to attempt to divide the conservative base. Then, November 8, 2022, I had a vision of a giant shield spread across the nation. This shield had great strength forged through the difficulties of the

“Words from the Lord for the body” with Nita Johnson

11.10.22 Teaching: List of Prophetic Words By Nita Johnson   I feel like I was supposed to give you a prophetic message and encourage you. God is on the move. Moreover, He is doing it incognito. Isn’t that fun? He has given me many dreams, mostly visions, because it is how He talks to me.

“Blood and Ballots” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

“Blood and Ballots” Ricci Johnson-Wilson Wednesday, November 2, 2022, I was in an extended time of intercession over the elections. The Lord brought back a dream He’d given me two years ago regarding the elections. I saw an individual in a voting booth begin to fill out their ballot. I watched as they weighed the

“The Call of the Intercessor” with Ricci

The Call of the Intercessor Ricci Johnson-Wilson October 17, 2022   Dear Friends,  Thank you for your faithfulness to support, pray for, and pray with our ministry on behalf of the nations throughout the year!   This morning in prayer, the Lord impressed on me the importance of reaching out specifically to our intercessors. He washed

“Whirlwind of Righteousness” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

   “The Whirlwind of Righteousness” Ricci Johnson-Wilson I sat before the Lord the morning of October 4, 2022, praying in the Spirit. My prayer moved from crying out to Him to warring intercession. My prayer language became intense, forceful, targeted, like a lion hunting prey. The Lord came and took me up in a whirlwind.

The Revolution Begins; A Word Regarding the Crown

The Revolution Begins A Word Regarding the Crown Ricci Johnson-Wilson 9-12-2022   The past two-and-a-half years have been some of the most difficult the world has seen in decades. As intercessors, we press into God to keep nations stable during times of great shaking. Very few can carry the call of an intercessor for an

“2023 The Year of Revolution” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

“The Revolution that Births a Nation” Ricci Johnson-Wilson August 12, 2022  The following is a series of events the Lord has given me for the Ecclesia, the intercessor and the Nation. These are profound times we are living in, and God is speaking to prepare us for the days ahead. Exciting, transformative events are about

“The House of Cards” Ricci Johnson-Wilson

The House of Cards – Ricci Wilson Vision 8.4.22 (shared in this message) I had a vision of the Lord. Before Him was a table. On top of the table was a mound of dirt where a house of cards had been constructed. It was not stable, but the Elite were quite proud of it.

“The Ever-Faithful Intercessor”

Ricci Wilson 7-18-22 This week, we will have corporate prayer on Wednesday but will take Thursday and Friday off to allow Mom and I, our staff, and you, the diligent intercessor some much needed rest. We will be back next week for both teaching and prayer! I’d like to share a vision to encourage you

“Russia, Ukraine, and the Military Industrial Complex” Ricci Johnson-Wilson

Ricci Johnson-Wilson Dream 2/14/2022 In the dream, I saw Zelensky meet with certain military personnel to make way for Ukraine to be filled along certain border areas with NATO forces. The forces came in, were completely set up, and in military formation. Zelensky was present throughout this process. Darkness fell and Zelensky turned and went