The Reigning Ones Part 4

By Nita Johnson 

January 2009

 Following is a transcirption of the teachings in New Orleans.


I will share with you again the experience I had that ultimately led up to this message, and catapulted my walk with the Lord into a whole new dimension. What we are talking about, really, is the Reigning Ones – those who are coming to help the Church. A change is coming to the Church where our own lives will be exchanged for the very life of Christ within us, and the Reining Ones are going to have a lot to do with this change. We live so far below where we need to be in order to have the victories in the world that God wants us to have before He takes the Church home. He needs to help us, and He knows that. We can do some of it, and so we must, but we can’t do it all. He knows where we need to go in this hour, but to get there, we cannot take baby steps; we need quantum leaps!

Do you remember David’s Mighty Men? He had a group of men that were just incredible. They were gifted with supernatural strength and power. God just laid His mantle  upon David’s Mighty men and enabled them to work mighty victories on behalf of Israel. (It’s amazing that even today God is still doing this in Israel. Whenever Israel is faced by war, God shows His mighty handin incredible ways.) .( Israel is the land of revelation.) David’s Mighty Men were able to do what no man could do without God’s anointing and equipping, enabling them to move with a supernatural and superhuman strength. In the same way that David’s mighty men overtook strongholds and claimed victory for Israel, God has His mighty men of valor that He is getting ready to bring onto the scene and do the same in our day. They will overcome strongholds of the enemy and bring valor to the Church.

Picture this for a moment: young David standing beside the battlefield, Israel cowering on the sidelines, not knowing what to do because of Goliath.  David approached, seemingly with great youthful arrogance, but, which was really godly indignation.  But if you had been his mother at the time, you probably wouldn’t have smiled too much. You would have told him, “Shh, quiet! That’s enough! Someone will hear you and the king will kill you!” While she wasn’t there, the brothers were, and they tried to do the Mom’s job. At any rate, David’s words did reach the king. Through a series of events David , took his arrogance right onto the field; what did he do to Goliath? This story paints such a wonderful picture, especially if you’ve been to Israel. It’s really easy to imagine what it must have been like that day to see this marvelous young man come out of obscurity and destroy the chief enemy of all of Israel.


When David took care of Goliath, Israel immediately gained a new valor, and went out and won the war. That is what will happen when these mighty men come on the scene. Their very appearance is going to bring valor to the Church, and the Church will rise and do what it was called to do. The Bible says of David that he knew God had exalted him for the sake of his people Israel, and as long as he remembered that, he did great. When he forgot it, he didn’t do so well. Nevertheless, God forgave him and etched his name in glory. Even so, these men and women – the “Reigning Ones” – have deeply learned that this call is not about them; it’s about God and Jesus. At the deepest level of their being they understand that God has exalted them not so they can make a name for themselves, because they are nameless, not to give them a face, because they are faceless. He has exalted them for the sake of His people and the love He has for His Church, as well as for the sake of Israel. He will exalt them so greatly that the Church will marvel and want to be like them, but He is doing it because of His Son and because the Church needs Him.


God has never been in the market for finding people to put on pedestals, but He does look for men that He can lift up in His glory to lead His people out to victory. He doesn’t want them placed on pedestals, either self-made or man-made. Nevertheless, God does have His appointed government; you cannot get away from that reality. And while He hasn’t brought them forth to stand on self-made or man-made pedestals, He does have a purpose for lifting these men and women up. He wants to give His Church leaders that can lead His people out to victory. He wants to see His Church, His Bride overcoming and beautified. When these Reigning Ones come on the scene, those who love truth will look at them and love them. Those who do not love truth will resent them – even hate and despise them. They will be sent forth to deliver the Church from the world and the love of money, pride and covetousness. They will reprove and charge the Church, and bring Divine judgment upon those  that do not want to turn from the love of the world. Those who love truth will adore them, because they will realize these people are here to bring the Church into the fullness of Christ, and because they realize if they follow them, they will be led deep into God. It will be a tumultuous, but also a fantastic and glorious hour.


Now, let me go back to my personal experience which first sparked this message. During a period of my life, every day for two years I would open my Bible to Isaiah 11 and pray:

Isaiah 11: 1And there shall come forth a Shoot out of the stock of Jesse [David’s father], and a Branch out of his roots shall grow and bear fruit. 2And the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him–the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and of the reverential and obedient fear of the Lord– 3And shall make Him of quick understanding, and His delight shall be in the reverential and obedient fear of the Lord. And He shall not judge by the sight of His eyes, neither decide by the hearing of His ears; 4But with righteousness and justice shall He judge the poor and decide with fairness for the meek, the poor, and the downtrodden of the earth; and He shall smite the earth and the oppressor with the rod of His mouth, and with the breath of His lips He shall slay the wicked. 5And righteousness shall be the girdle of His waist and faithfulness the girdle of His loins.


I would read it and pray to the Lord and say, “I know that this was about our coming Messiah. It was a word to our people. It is about the ministry of Jesus Christ. I know that, Lord, but something in me wants this so bad I’d pay the price for it. I feel like I cannot even live if you don’t give this to me, but if I am praying amiss and I am wrong, then please correct and forgive me. But if I am right in praying for it, then please give it to me.” I would pray this every single day. During one of those prayer times, the Lord appeared to me and He said, “Nita, come and stand next to Me.” As I rose up and stood next to Him, a yoke that you would see on two heads of oxen appeared around His neck and extended until it fit upon my shoulders and we became double yoked. The minute the yoke bar fit upon my shoulders all of my lower nature and human passions went down and out my feet. 

Now some people say to me, “That’s silly, why would they go out your feet?” Well, because God was trying to tell me there is a self-emptying that will have to occur before the fullness of this can come. The fact that these passions left through my feet was an indication of a needed self-emptying, a diminishing of self like liquid being emptied from a bottle from the bottom.  When I was completely emptied of self, everything going on inside the Lord began to fill me until everything that was going on inside of Him began to go on inside of me. I no longer had my mind or heart; I had His mind and heart. He was living in my soul. Many Christians will say that He is living in their soul right now, but Jesus lives in our spirit, and the seal of His Holy Spirit is stamped on the forehead of our soul. He is dwelling in our hearts, but He cannot live where sin abides or where darkness reigns. So the minute He comes in to dwell in the believer, His work is to help convince them that they don’t want to live in darkness and in the ways of the flesh and soul anymore, but, rather, that they want to change. He will continue to work with them until one of two things happen: either revelation strikes their mind and they become agreeable and they begin to change, or time runs out and He pulls back and leaves them as they are for the rest of their life.  


I’ll never forget the traumatic spiritual experience I’m about to describe concerning a certain pastor whom I deeply loved. I I had been praying for him steadily, fervently and passionately for several years.  I besought God to bring Him out of his ways and make him the kind of man of God that He wanted him to be. Once, in the middle of the night, as I lay sleeping, an angel of the Lord came to me. He put his hand under me and told me not to be afraid because he was going to take me on a journey. He picked me up and carried me the way Superman would fly with Louis Lane to this pastor’s church and said, “I’ve brought you here to show you what is happening behind closed doors in this church and the deception this man has been allowed to enter into because he was not correctable.” So he took me down into the basement where this pastor was teaching untrue doctrines. He had fallen into a great deception because he would not accept correction. He was convinced that what he believed in was right.

The angel told me how many sins this man had committed, though angels are so holy that they will not even utter the word “sin,” so he referred to sins as "S"s. He told me the exact amount of "S"s this man had committed and said, “He only has so many “S”s left to commit in his whole life at which point he would be lost to the Kingdom. In other words, if he reached the number of sins allotted to him for his lifetime, he would be lost to the Kingdom. This is true for everybody.

When God comes again and again with correction, but you will not change and you continue on in sin, you can eventually lose your soul, because these sins continue to add up. You have to understand that with every sin you commit, you are actually committing two, three or five or six, etc. You are never committing just a single sin. If all you do is tell a little white lie, there are always other sins involved, like pride, perhaps covetousness, backbiting, and so on. There are so many sins involved with each sin. When you have reached your allotted number because you continue in sin without repenting, you are lost.

The angel led me on and showed me the terrible things going on behind closed doors. When the journey was over, my heart was terribly grieved; I was terribly broken. I had been praying for this pastor faithfully.  I asked, “What is to become of him? He’s committed so many sins already, and, at this rate, he will soon reach his allotted quota of sins!” The angel of the Lord spoke to me and said, “The judgment of God is coming upon him, and it’s going to be a very hard judgment and an incredibly difficult time for him. He will survive it. The judgment is going to cleanse some of the sins so that he will not be lost.”

God has ways that the Church does not understand. People have become very arrogant, self-righteous, and not teachable, just as the Bible said would occur  in the last days. It said that  people would want what would tickle their ears, but they would not want good sound doctrine that would correct their errors. That is the curse of the last days. For those in the Church who will not receive correction, it is going to be a very difficult time.  For those who will keep their hearts open to the correction of the Lord, God will lift them up into very high levels of glory.

No matter how painful or humiliating, it’s better to go through the correction and to experience change , even if it means a thrashing. God will try to correct you through man, and if that fails, He will try to correct you through circumstances. If that, too, fails, He will correct you through sickness and continue to correct you, always trying to reach you until He accomplishes His goal. However,  if you continue to refuse to listen, He will depart, and the worst imaginable judgments will come upon you. It is a very serious thing to fall into the hands of the living God.  

God knows that there are those in His Church that love Him and want to  change, though they don’t necessarily know where to go, or how to go about it. For their sake, God has prepared for Himself people who will help those who want  the help – — the Reigning Ones.

Continuing on with my experience: I am standing next to the Lord, no longer myself; I am filled with Him, I don’t think my own thoughts – He thinks His own thoughts through me. I don’t feel my own passions –His passions dominate mine. His passions are: love, humility, meekness, tenderness, gentleness, kindness, joy. The Bible says that against such things there is no law, but it gives us a whole list of things that we will be convicted of if we are not filled with the fruits of the Spirit.

So here I am, enveloped and completely animated by Him. I am basically a vessel that He has filled with Himself. Imagine filling a vessel or container with liquid, and moving that vessel from one place to another. When the vessel has fulfilled its purpose in one place, you move it to another, and then to another, but the vessel does not move itself. In the same way, I had come to a place where I was not moved on my own volition, but I was moved by the Spirit of God in all that I thought and did. He looked at me and said, “You have been praying for two years out of Isaiah 11:2, and you’ve been asking Me for the seven Spirits of God, the Kingdom government. What you are now experiencing is the answer to your prayers. This is the Kingdom government and you are experiencing the infilling of the seven Spirits of God. The government is the Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, the Spirit of Counsel and Might, the Spirit of Knowledge and of the Reverential and Obedient Fear of the Lord.”

You would think that much more would be involved in being so utterly transformed, and, indeed, there is. The Spirit of Wisdom isn’t just wise human thinking; it comes upon you and overshadows you, as you maintain utter humility. It is the source of humility; you cannot have divine wisdom without having divine humility. The more you walk in the wisdom of God, the more humble you are going to be; the more humble you are, the more you will walk in the wisdom of God. They are inextricably bound together; they cannot be separated. Equally bound together are the Spirit of Wisdom and the Spirit of Understanding.

Proverbs 8:

12I, Wisdom [from God], make prudence my dwelling, and I find out knowledge and discretion.13The reverent fear and worshipful awe of the Lord [includes] the hatred of evil; pride, arrogance, the evil way, and perverted and twisted speech I hate.14I have counsel and sound knowledge, I have understanding, I have might and power.

We see here that the Spirit of Understanding and the Spirit of Wisdom come hand in hand: one nourishes while one provokes the other. Working together, they fashion the recipient’s heart into a vessel that God can use in ways that He cannot use the Church today. You must have the wisdom of God to survive the days we are fast approaching, and to do so fulfilling His will and moving in the power of His Kingdom. As the writer of Hebrews said when speaking of this power, it is the “power of the age to come.” To move in Heaven’s power and authority you must have the wisdom of God. The churches and ministers that stand today cannot move in Heaven””s authority, God will not give it to them. Some ministries today are moving in great power, healings and miracles. You may think that is Heaven’s power; however it is just the gift of healing and the gift of miracles, a gift given by God to man and to the Church. Heaven’s authority and power is quite different. It is all-encompassing. Yes, those who flow in Heaven’s power will flow in healings and miracles, but they will also flow in great authority that will have tremendous effect on the nations of the world, let alone on the Church.  

The only one we see in the New Testament moving in the way that God intended is the Lord Himself, and He said that the day will come when you and I will do even greater things. The day will come when He will give Heaven’s authority and power to the Church, enabling them to do things even greater than He Himself did, but we’re not there yet.


The Spirit of Understanding

Proverbs 8:12I, Wisdom [from God], make prudence my dwelling, and I find out knowledge and discretion.14I have counsel and sound knowledge, I have understanding, I have might and power.

Our goal as men and women of God is to have an understanding heart.

Job 12:13But [only] with [God] are [perfect] wisdom and might; He [alone] has [true] counsel and understanding.14Behold, He tears down, and it cannot be built again; He shuts a man in, and none can open.

He uses men that have come into a place of divine wisdom, of might and understanding, of counsel and authority to tear down and build up. Remember, He gave the same call to Jeremiah (Jer 1:10). The Church thinks that it has that capacity and authority today. While, in some cases, it is true, it simply isn’t true for the whole Church at large. To some degree, the believer can do some tearing down and building up, but of long standing and ancient strongholds—not so. That level of authority is given to but a few in the body of Christ, and it is like being a member of a special task force from the Lord for the benefit of the Church. Very few are given that sort of authority and power, but He gives it to those prepared for it and those accompanied by wisdom and understanding. To have the benefit of wisdom working in you, you must have an understanding heart. Without this, you won’t recognize wisdom when it knocks on your door, or know how to operate with it. Both wisdom and an understanding heart are gifts from God.

1 Kings 3:

8Your servant is in the midst of Your people whom You have chosen, a great people who cannot be counted for multitude. 9So give Your servant an understanding mind and a hearing heart to judge Your people, that I may discern between good and bad. For who is able to judge and rule this Your great people?

Why does He want us to have an understanding mind and a hearing heart? So that we can discern between good and evil, which is what the Spirit of understanding enables us to do. It enables you to discern true wisdom, to discern between good and evil, and to discern between the will of God and the will of your own heart or the will of man. An understanding heart also allows you to discern the hearts of men. We saw this working in Solomon on many occasions. He operated in wisdom and with an understanding heart, and was therefore able to judge the very hearts of men, and know what to do in any situation to bring forth justice.   

So God gives an understanding heart for the purpose of bringing forth justice for God’s people and justice in the world. Now, Solomon took these incredible gifts and made a serious mistake. Those to whom the Lord will give the gift of the seven Spirits of God will be men and women who have been so refined that they are not going to make the same mistake as Solomon. They will be used of God to bring forth justice in the earth on behalf of Gods people.

Not so long ago, the Lord spoke to me and said, “When you do not allow Me to have My way in your life, this is an injustice; when you do not allow My will to  dominate your will, it is an injustice.” When God has put His will before us in His Word, and revealed it to us by His Spirit, and we deliberately disobey it by not walking in the light of His Word, we are committing an injustice against God. This is not a light thing; it should be enough to make you cry, and everyone of us is guilty of it. How many times in a day do we not allow God to have His way? We sing it, “Show us Your way Lord, help me to submit and humble myself to walk in Your way,” but we do not live it. We say it, but do not do it, and every time we do not do it, we are committing an injustice against the Lord. This is why He gives this gift of an understanding heart, so that the bearer will be able to discern between good and evil and will not commit injustice against God in their own life. They are to know and understand good and evil for their own life first, then for the life of others.

You may ask, what is evil and what are we to discern in our own life? The Bible is full of understanding of what is evil; if we lie, cheat, steal, hate authority, disregard the needs of another, all of these things are evil. If we love the ways of the world more than the ways of God, this is evil in God’s sight. One with a discerning heart understands what is evil and what is good, what is dark and what is light, and they yearn for the light. So the gift of understanding will lead the believer once again to the light and therefore, into the bosom of God. This is the beautiful thing about the seven Spirits of God. Every one of them played their part in (1) leading you into God and out of the world, (2) leading you into the understanding of the Kingdom of God and an understanding of the kingdom of the world, (3) teaching you how to rule and reign over the kingdom of the world and in the Kingdom of God, (4) taking you ever deeper into the understanding of the eternal, so that you can be used to bring eternity into the world and into the lives of those who need it, and (5) when you are filled with these marvelous gifts, you are given to understand the depths of the Word of God and live therein. I can’t think of a greater gift than that. 

God’s plan in this hour is to bring forth the revelation of Jesus Christ and He is going to do it through the Reigning Ones. We are going to see this revelation through the way they walk, live, and talk, and there will be those in the Church who will desire that revelation so much, that they will do anything to make it their own.

The Spirit of Wisdom, the Spirit of Counsel and the Spirit of Knowledge work in conjunction with the Spirit of Understanding. The Spirit of Counsel helps you to know what to do with the promptings of the Spirit of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. The Spirit of Counsel helps you to know what to do, and the Spirit of Understanding teaches you how to work with the counsel you are given. So, again they work together.  

I can remember a recent situation when one of our Gatherings had come up against a very difficult problem. The Lord had released a very strategic word, but it was so difficult for the Gathering to hear and receive what the Lord had spoken. I really needed some instruction from God to know what to do and how to pick the people up and move them back into faith and out of hopelessness and fear. I didn’t know what to do, so after the Gathering was over that day, I went back to my hotel room and spent almost the entire night in prayer for Him to help us to know what to do to set the Gathering back on track, and bring the people back into faith, so that we could move on and accomplish His will.  

The next day when we entered into the Gathering, and before worship was over, the Lord Jesus Christ came and stood on the platform, adorned in the Spirit of Counsel and He began to speak beautiful, incredible things. As He spoke, I saw the Spirit of Counsel that was in Him begin to move out across the whole Gathering until it was covering the entire Gathering and you could feel the faith arise. Did anyone hear what He was saying with their natural ear? No! In fact, only those who could see in the spirit even knew He was there. I could see, and there were several others that saw Him, but only those to whom He had given the right to know He had come knew He was there. The words He was speaking through the Spirit were changing the hearts of the people at the Gathering. He was giving counsel. I could hear Him so I knew what to do. But the people had received that counsel before I ever stood up and said verbally what He had already spoken into their hearts. It was the most marvelous thing I had ever seen. He changed the whole focus and atmosphere of the Gathering by coming to us and operating in the Spirit of Counsel.

I cannot explain how awesome it is to see the seven Spirits of God moving and affecting people. They all have different colors, these seven torches before the throne. The Spirit of Might: light blue, the Spirit of Wisdom: amber, the Spirit of the Lord: red, the Spirit of Counsel: a turquoise/green shade, the Spirit of Knowledge: indigo, the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord: violet, and the Spirit of Understanding: yellow. If the Lord Jesus Christ comes and is clothed or is illuminated by one of these seven Spirits, it lays on Him like a garment, but if they come on their own, they will always appear as a torch when active in a service.

When I came into this building some time before the service was to start, as I was speaking with Dr. Hong, I turned around to venture towards the pulpit and right in front of me stood the Spirit of Wisdom appearing as a torch. So I knew that night in the service everything I would say would be coming directly from the Spirit of Wisdom. And He was going to give me a deep wisdom to give to whoever came that night. My message did change somewhat. It needed to change because He had something higher to give; it was more revelation released then what I was expecting and the message was stronger, if you could imagine, then what I had been expecting. Every time I would think that I want to soften the message because it felt like it was too strong, He would flash a vision in front of me about the days we will soon be living in and provoke me to even stronger preaching for the sake of the hearers to lift them up out of the apathy that would hurt them so badly when the darkness comes. So, when even one of the Spirits of the Lord is present in a service, a whole new dimension and atmosphere is created by His presence.  

Jesus came clothed in the Spirit of Counsel, and it changed the whole environment of the meeting. Furthermore, it altered the whole productivity of the Gathering. That day was the pinnacle of our Gathering, which enabled us to accomplish what God wanted us to accomplish.

During His time on earth, being all God and all man, Jesus was clothed and filled with the seven Spirits of God because He had come with a high and holy purpose, and only had a limited amount of time to accomplish what God wanted to do through Him. His words were filled with the power of Heaven; His actions were filled with the authority of Heaven. Everything He said and did was filled with Heaven’s purpose and authority. Heaven’s will and the seven Spirits of God enabled Him to fulfill this high end holy calling.

Just for a moment, I would like to speak to you from my heart. Some of you may hear what I am trying to share with you, and think that you could never be able to get to a place like this. However, Jesus told me before He left me in this particular visitation that anyone who wills to do so can have this place in Him. Anyone who wills fits into that category. So does that mean that there are those who cannot? Yes, those who won’t.

If the ministry we saw in Jesus Christ was a result of being possessed by the seven Spirits of God, you can imagine what would happen to the world if He had 10,000 Christians possessed by the seven Spirits of God. Some people say the Church’s problems are the fault of the pastors; others say that they are the fault of the Christians, who don’t want to hear. But really, it is a little of both. The pastors have not pressed in for the revelation, and the Church does not want to hear it even if it was given to them, because the requirement for this life is that you have to leave the world behind. You cannot have all of God and all of the world; you cannot even have all of God and a little bit of the world. He won’t allow it because He is very jealous of those that want to enter into the deeper places in Him.

While we cannot make this transition in our own strength, His grace is more than sufficient. He will move Heaven and Earth to help someone who, with all their heart, wants to die to the world and go deep into God. Why does He want to give this kind of ministry to the Church? Because strongholds in the earth are like concrete pillars filled with evil life, and evil powers can work through these concrete pillars. Such strongholds can also be associated with buildings like some of those in Washington D.C. We aren’t talking about idols here, but buildings built to exact specifications through which evil powers can work. But if a devil can work more efficiently by having a building built to a certain specification, then how much more if the property has been laden with innocent blood and rituals, and satanic worship has taken place round about a particular area. So satanic strongholds are set up within cities, areas and nations and they become like concrete foundations buried in the earth that cannot be moved. Christians can fast and pray, but if they do not have the authority to deal with these higher strongholds, then they will not be removed. Christians can get together, fast and pray and take care of lower-level strongholds, but when you’re dealing with dominions across the earth, it is not that simple. You have to carry a special anointing for this work. If you’re not anointed for dealing with these high-level strongholds and yet you try to tackle them, you’re not protected, and will reap the fruits of your folly. These strongholds in the earth can be so powerful that they rule for hundreds, or even thousands of years, if not torn down. That’s why the Lord told Israel, “When you go into the land, destroy the pillars and obelisks.” He gave them a whole list of things that needed to be destroyed because He knew the strongholds that were connected to those things.

Israel did not have the authority that the Church has today. All they had to their advantage was that they were moving in obedience in conducting their natural warfare. Had they obeyed fully, and worked their way through all the nations they were sent to overtake, God would have wrought a mighty victory that would have affected the whole earth. There are strongholds all over the world that God wants to break down. However, it takes a power and authority to deal with these higher dominions that can only come to a believer when they have extracted the world out of their heart and soul, which is why there are so few that can deal with them. If you have not overcome the world, the spirit of the world will overcome you when you go into battle and it will destroy you. If you are going against Goliath, you have got to have the world out of you, if you’re going to confront and rule. If you are ruled by the spirit of the world because you won’t give it up, how are you going to bring down one of these ancient strongholds? Satan can’t cast out Satan; in fact, he won’t. If you are a slave to the world system, you’re not going to rule the world. So you must be willing to leave the world behind. These Reigning Ones have been willing to have the world removed from their soul to gain the seven Spirits of God so that they can rule and reign throughout the earth. God needs them to break the strongholds that are crippling the earth.  

Now can anyone empower another to become a mighty man of valor if they have not even paid the price to go there themselves? No. That’s why the Church is so ineffective, because God’s ministers have not paid the price to be separated from the world and they can’t produce what they do not live in themselves. If God is going to create a reigning Church, He has to find an army of people who are willing to pay the price, so that He can anoint them with the authority and power they need to fulfill His will for the Church.

So all that is given through the marvelous gift of the seven Spirits of God is designed to bring the Bride into a place where she is without spot or wrinkle. It is a generous and wonderful gift from the Lord. But these Reigning Ones have been sifted again and again to get all the impurities out, so that they can walk in the high level of power and authority they need to fulfill God’s purpose for these end times.

Ask yourself, if there is a life to be had that is far greater than your own, what price would you pay to have it? Do you love what you are so much that you will not be changed? Through divine wisdom, have you learned to hate what you are, so you can be changed? When God moves His hand across the Church, where will you be? Where will your decisions leave you when He is picking out those whom He is going to anoint? Do you love your life so much that you aren’t willing to be marred or scarred to carry the glory of the cross of your Lord Jesus Christ? If you will not carry His cross, you will not carry His glory. To the degree you are willing to carry His cross, the glory will fill your soul and pour out onto His Church. Where are your decisions taking you? Think about it because the time is short, He’s already begun waving His hand across the Church to bring out those that have been paying the price. He will wave it across a number of times, but you don’t want Him to wave it across for the last time and leave you behind. Therefore, prepare yourself to allow Him to sift you.


The time of darkness is growing very close, so close we’re on the threshold of it. The days are going to be so dark, much darker than you can imagine. In light of what is coming, is it really worth not changing to walk close to God in the days of the dragon? I am not trying to make you afraid, I am trying to make you sober and give you a reality check. The call is high, and so is the price. He is God, and He knows what it is going to take to get the world out of us. If you don’t want to pay the price, you will suffer in the end. My encouragement to you is that you don’t put yourself in that position. 

Jesus said a remarkable thing to the women who were crying over Him when He was on the Via De La Rosa: “Do not weep for Me, but weep for yourselves and for your children… For if they do this to Me in a green tree, what will they do to you when the tree is no longer green?” So if the enemy of your soul is going to fight for your soul the way he will in a green tree, what will he do when the tree is no longer green? It’s wisdom and understanding, and it is the wise response to divine counsel to get out of the world.

In Him,

Nita Johnson