Prayer to Change the Nation

Nita Johnson

At the Seattle Prayer Meeting

May 10, 2012

People want to know how to get close to God so that their prayers can be more effective. Do you feel that way? I am always feeling that way. As long as I have walked with Him, I have craved to get closer to Him. My yearning desire is to walk as closely with Him as a person can on this side of heaven. Now, I have made a few mistakes and had a few failures. I have done a few things I wish I would not have. I have learned that in our activities or in our behavior, what we do from the inside to the outside all plays a part in what is going to happen in terms of our walk with God. 

One of the major things that the Church needs today is more authority. It is not like going into your prayer closet and praying for a little more anointing. You have to live amenable to His ways and demands. There are requirements for those who are given authority. To the degree that you meet those requirements, authority is given to you. So there is more than just prayer if you want to be used of God in a powerful way. That is why I feel I want to teach. I hope you feel that you are being enlarged in your capacity to walk with God as you read this. Maybe for some of the things that I will teach, you will say, “Oh, I didn’t understand that.” Or, “I didn’t know I needed to do that,” and applying the instruction will help you to walk closer with God and help lift you into higher prayer. 

America needs prayer right now like we have never needed it before, even though God has wrested us out of the hands of the Illuminati and the New World Order. We will see the fruit of that very soon, when the Elite least expect it. They already know something very dramatic is going to happen this year, and they are trying to beat the Church to the punch. The problem is that God already did it. So when they really feel like they can take that giant leap to capture, there is not going to be anything to capture. I am so excited about that. Are you excited? Do you believe it? Good. Keep it in your heart because you need to pray over it. You need to nurture what God is doing. 

When we first began to pray for America, we began holding the Gathering of the Eagles. According to instruction given in a three hour visitation, we called people from all over the country to join us in prayer for this nation. I was amazed when He began calling us to repent of the spilling of innocent blood. He methodically took us from sins against the Native Americans, to sins against the African-Americans, then to abortion, then human trafficking, and then our sins against the nations as we have dismantled over 120 nations. He took us, step by step, from the beginning of our sin to what it has caused us to evolve to as a nation. We had to do all of that before He would even let us touch the Illuminati. Had we started praying over the Illuminati without having covered  the spilling of innocent blood issues, our prayers would have been totally ineffective. That is why when people in the Church pray against these major powers, they get discouraged because they feel like their prayers are powerless. Foundational issues had to be taken care of before God could legally bless us, according to His laws. Before He could do that for us, we had to deal with our sin. I am telling you that because you need to know how God works.

So, we were led on a journey of seeing some of the most horrific things any human being should have to see. Then there was the reality that it was us that did them. That too is part of America — part of our history and heritage. It is the ugly side. It is the side we do not want to have to deal with, and we would love to blame anyone else for it.  But the truth is, we sinned. We sinned against people, and in doing so, we sinned against God. We did all of that, and we did it for years. We have been doing these repentance Gatherings for thirteen years, and people have grown dissatisfied. At times, they get discouraged because, after repenting for six years, they wonder why God has not done something magnanimous by now. When you consider that it took us about four hundred years to spill all of that innocent blood, I think six or thirteen years is not too much.

We had to repent in the order or sequence that He gave the revelation to us. “Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.¨ (Mt 6:10b) He directed and guided the prayer. He told us through the Spirit of revelation what to pray over. Then, when we would begin to pray, His Spirit would come down and help us. As one pastor told me, when I go to the Gatherings, I feel the heart of God. It causes me to shake and to quake inside. It causes a brokenness inside of me that I have never known before, but I also experience His love.

When we are repenting and drawing close to the Lord, He opens a path. Have you ever thought about what Queen Esther did the three days before she went to see the king?  Do you think she was just lounging around in her beautiful palace? I think she was doing what the Scripture tells the Jewish people to do. When you are in captivity, repent. Repent for the sins of the forefathers. (Leviticus 26:40-42) I think she spent three days repenting for the sins of Israel. Then, when she went into the king’s throne room, she would have the favor and grace of the Lord. His favor would enable her to present her petitions and have them embraced and accepted. She had prepared the ground through repentance. She spent the time preparing the way for her petition. She was broken with the sorrow of God’s heart so His grace would give her favor when she spoke to the heart of the king.

In the same respect, that is what we must do. If we want God’s favor in our prayers, we must repent for the nation that He is holding right now. If we want Him to deliver us, there must be a clean, pure heart and clean hands in the nation. You might say, “Well, the nation sins every day. So how do we do that?¨ We do it through repentance.  Yes, the nation sins. But just as Queen Esther was one person who interceded for an entire nation, there is an Esther generation today. They are people who are called to intercede for the nation. Few in number though they be, they accomplish great things in God because their hearts are pure and their hands are clean.

Diagram: “The Pyramid of Manipulation¨ by David Icke 

The Pyramid of Manipulation

This is like the heartbeat of the Illuminati. Illegal drugs, organized crime, medicine/drug companies or pharmaceuticals, intelligence agencies, religion (the overlord of which is the Catholic Church), media, education, politics, military, business, and banking. These are the things that we need to pray over every day. I asked the Lord, and said, “Now that You have wrested America from the Illuminati, how do You want us to pray?¨ He gave me a vision, and in the vision I saw a carpeted floor. I said, “Lord, I don’t know what that means. I don’t know what You’re trying to say to me. How do You want us to pray?¨ Then I saw a ceiling –just a plain old ceiling. I said, “Are You trying to tell me from floor to ceiling we need to cover it all?¨ He immediately affirmed me. There it is.  In all these areas, God is going to intervene. That is why it is important to pray over these issues. Pray that He will dismantle what is and put His will in its place.

For instance, with pharmaceuticals, if I could tell you what I have learned through experiences what the Elite / Illuminati (those putting together the New World Order) are doing with pharmaceuticals, I think it would scare you enough to get off of them. I do want to highly recommend that, as your faith can help you do that. Listen to this:  they are getting information about pharmaceuticals from the other side. It is not just a scientist and his degrees, but from the other side, and it is going to get worse as the days go on. So you do not want to take medication that a demon has taught a scientist how to create. Their goal through pharmaceuticals is to control you completely. They want to control your mind, your chemistry, and everything about you. When you pray over medicines and drug companies, pray God’s will — that this evil work be stopped.

Regarding organized crime, Guiseppi Mazzini, the man who created the Mafia, was with the Illuminati. He had lost his place in society when he created the Mafia, but the Illuminati received him and put him in a very, very high ranking place in the Illuminati.  If you ever go to Italy, and you talk to people or the Church there, you will learn that the Mafia is under the auspices of the Catholic Church. When Mafia members sin, they just go to the Church, and the sin is expunged. Then they keep moving forward in their crimes. They work for the Pope under the covering of the Catholic Church. That is why you do not get rid of the Mafia because the Church protects them. One of the men I met while in Italy was in a high Mafia family. He was highly respected throughout Italy and Sicily for his position in the Mafia when he got saved. He is the one that told me all I am sharing. This man would travel and talk to the Church. He tried to help them know how to pray and what to do about the Mafia. They finally threatened him, telling him that if he did not stop, they would kill his son — which they did about three years ago.  But he is still talking. 

Intelligence agencies include organizations such as the CIA. The Knights of Malta is another huge intelligence agency. The CIA works hand in hand with the New World Order. They also work hand in hand with the Catholic Church. Israel has its brand of the CIA called the Mossad. Even the Catholic Church has its brand of the CIA. There are also the Catholic Jesuits. They dress and act like priests, but behind closed doors they are an intelligence agency, and their work is for the Pope. They swear their life to protect the Pope. In fact, the captain of the Titanic who sent it to the bottom of the sea was a Jesuit, and he was behind the wheel of that ship on assignment. If they are told to go and give their life in a mission, like a Japanese Kamikaze, they do it. They do not even ask why; they just go and do what they are told. These are some of the agencies, and there are many, many more that you need to pray over. Pray that God will dismantle them. Pray that He will bring about such a disunity in these agencies that they cannot work with one another. 

Religion, as referred to in the pyramid diagram, really refers to the Catholic Church who is quickly becoming the covering over all the rest. We are not going to go into a lot of doctrinal teaching here, but out of the Catholic Church will come the false prophet and that will be the Pope. Today, they are working with every religion in the world, bringing it into fellowship under the auspices of the Catholic Church with the goal of creating the One World Religion. They have meetings, sometimes once a year, and other meetings every couple of years, where they call leaders in from every cult and religion and talk to them about the New World Order or the One World Church. The Catholic Church is something very important to pray over. Pray that God will rip it of its power and its authority across the earth. Pray that He will send such an outpouring of His Spirit that He can dismantle the Catholic Church. If you are Catholic, I am sorry if I am offending.  There is so much information out there about this, and you can find out for yourself if I am telling the truth. 

We all know the liberal media is all over the world, right? We all know how important it is to pray about the media because they not only do not tell truth, but they obscure truth. They try to stand in front of truth so that truth cannot be revealed to the masses.  So you know how to pray about that. 

Education is a downright scary subject. In one of our Gatherings in Fremont, Janel, one of our team, shared with us what she had learned through hours and hours of research about education and what is being taught to our children. If you think that it is not something that you need to protect your children from, you need to get the information and find out for yourself. They work to dumb down our children from a very young age and stealthily teach them doctrines that have no basis of truth. They steal their ability to think their own thoughts. Children are trained like puppets, and they are trained in unrighteousness. What meant one thing to us in our generation means something different in my daughter’s generation. Those same words mean something different again in the third generation. What they are telling them today is frightening in its import. They have rewritten the history books. Every ten to twenty years, they redo them. When they rewrite the history books, they rewrite our history. This needs to be prayed over. The family most responsible for that is the Rockefeller family. 

I do not think I need to say much about politics. God is going to bring forth a whole new government. We are going to see a whole new politician. People are very concerned about our Constitution, and what they are doing with it, but I promise you that God is going to dismantle what they have done. He is going to give back to us what was done originally. Most copies of the Constitution are not even complete. It is not the Constitution that was written in the beginning; they have already changed it.  However, God is going to turn it around, and we are going right back to the beginning.  For a season, it is going to be a terrible and very difficult time when He removes the corrupt government and puts His government in its place. So that you are comforted and encouraged, know that we have already prayed through that transition. Now you need to seek the face of God to know how to pray in particular regarding certain issues or things that might need prayer covering during that transition. The politics that will come out of it will be the politics that was originally set up for this nation. I am sure most of you know that this was not a nation established as a Democracy. It is a nation that was created as a Republic. God is going to take us back to the Republic.

However, God is going to turn it around, and we are going right back to the beginning.  For a season, it is going to be a terrible and very difficult time when He removes the corrupt government and puts His government in its place. So that you are comforted and encouraged, know that we have already prayed through that transition. Now you need to seek the face of God to know how to pray in particular regarding certain issues or things that might need prayer covering during that transition. The politics that will come out of it will be the politics that was originally set up for this nation. I am sure most of you know that this was not a nation established as a Democracy. It is a nation that was created as a Republic. God is going to take us back to the Republic.

Then we have the military, which has become so corrupt. I feel so sorry for our young men that go into the military. Some of these special ops groups are deeply involved in the occult. You send your Christian son into the military, thinking that he can get a good education; what he is really learning is the occult. They learn traditional fighting, but added to it is how to fight with occultic means. So you need to pray for the soldiers.  Pray that God will deal with the sick military of this nation. Our military got into the occult, incidentally, because we became so concerned over Russia and the occultic means by which they were running their military. We felt like we needed to have the ability to compete with them. Hence we started introducing the occult into the military.  In addition, the Rand Corporation and other think-tanks like them have a huge say over what transpires in our military. This is not good.

Business has to change. One of the main reasons President Reagan was shot was because the Elite needed him to do many things for them. They shot him as a threat that they would kill him if he did not cooperate with them. What came out of it is that our wonderful President Reagan was responsible for working with Congress to set in place laws the likes of which this nation has never seen. In and by those laws, business was more corrupted. In fact, in 2008, our economic failure actually took place as a result of Reagan’s changes. Had he not changed so many laws, 2008 could never have happened. He removed every safeguards that we had on the books, and what we ended up with was a corrupt commerce, corrupt business, and ultimately, a failed economy. Please pray over that. Pray that God will put the right people in the right places to bring the laws back to something that is pleasing to Him and which will protect America. Then, of course, there is banking. I think we all are fairly familiar with that.

I would like to ask you a question. Everyone wants to see Jesus, right? When we see Him, we want Him to be happy. We want to see His bubbling up love, His joy, and His comfort. But what would you do if you were walking along the path, and there you saw Him, on the side of the road, sitting on a large rock. He was weeping uncontrollably.  You got close to Him, and you began to hear His cries. As you got a little bit closer, you began to feel the pain that is in His heart. You realized that He was weeping over America. What would you do?

He took me high on a mountain. He just came to get me, and He said, “Come with Me.¨ He took me high upon a mountain, and He began to weep over America profusely.  What He spoke over America is what He spoke over Israel when He cried over Israel about their sins. This was the day of their visitation, and they had forsaken it. He proclaimed what was going to happen to Israel because they had rejected the Lord.  (Luke 19: 41-44) Now, standing beside me, He was crying that same cry and utterance over America. I wept, and wept, and wept. After He finished crying out the words that He spoke, He did nothing but weep. He wept because such sorrow was coming to this nation because of its sin and because it rejected the Lord in the day of visitation.

Do you believe that? If you believe it, you must weep. Jesus is not having a party. He is trying to pull this nation into a place of stability under the covering of the Father. For the time being, He has wrested us from the hands of the New World Order — the Illuminati. But we have to do something about that. We cannot just sit, smile, and think how wonderful our God is that He has done that. We must pray. We must pray over these things because these are the areas that are about to consume America unless God gets the continued tears of the intercessors. If we will weep with Jesus now, we will laugh with Him in no time at all. He has set aside the judgment that allowed the  Illuminati to come into America. Thirteen years of intercession and weeping. He has set the judgment aside; it is on a shelf. The time came when He said, “Enough. I have forgiven.¨ But once the baby comes to birth, someone has to take care of that baby. Someone has to feed it, clean it, nurture it, and teach it. That is what we have to do as intercessors. We have to be the nanny of God’s will for America.

Matthew 6:9 Amp. Pray, therefore, like this: Our Father, Who is in heaven, hallowed (kept holy) be Your name.  Hallowed be Your name over America. Let Your name be seen and treated as holy. Let America come to a place where Your name will be considered holy above all things in this nation. Hallowed be Your name over America. Why was Israel cut off? Why was the land laid bare? Why did my people end up moving to Babylon? It was because they forgot to hallow the name of God. They forgot to live holy, making His name holy in the earth. Because of their lack of holiness, and because they did not hallow His name as a people, He lifted His presence, and He allowed their enemy to take over. If He did that with Israel, will He do that with America? It will break His heart. It is not what He wants, but He will do it. He will go so far as to let our enemy consume us, in order to teach us to walk and make His name holy. But right now, He has extended Himself. He  is saying, “If I can just get your intercessions to work with Me, to help Me, so that I can bless this nation, that is what I will give you.¨ That is not to say we will not experience discipline; we will. But we will not come in under the wicked hand of the Illuminati.

Matthew 6:10 Amp. Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 

That is our key. How do we pray His kingdom come, His will be done for America? It is right here in this picture: 

Diagram: “Basic Illuminati Structure¨ by Fritz Springmeier 

Basic Illuminati Structure

Whatever happened to America? In addition to the pyramid of manipulation, there is a pyramid of reality the Elite has aligned itself under. Outside of the fact that we left God, this pyramid is why we are in trouble; it is a pyramid of evil. These are the things we need to pray over every day. Pray over this picture. Pray that God will dismantle the evil and put righteousness in its place. Lord, dismantle the wickedness of these organizations. Dismantle the net of evil. Dismantle the pyramid of evil over this nation.  Dismantle the two pyramids of evil in respect to the Illuminati.

Ask God to dismantle the link between America and the Crown of Great Britain. The highest place of authority in the Illuminati is the Crown of the Illuminati, and I am not talking about a king, queen, prince, or any of the Windsor family. I am talking about a business organization that is headed by Rothschild. It is called the Crown, and you would be amazed at how much power they have over America. Pray that God will break that link. God has wrested us from the hand of the Illuminati. This means that He has given us favor, and He has given us authority as a Church and as a nation to seek Him for certain things. God’s conclusion with America as far as what He desires is that America will not be under the thumb of the Crown, but ruling over it. He wants actually to make this nation so strong that we can withstand the will of the Illuminati. It is not only on our own behalf, but on behalf of other nations. That is His desire for America. 

Get excited. This is true and real. Before our DC Gathering, I did not know if we were going to fulfill God’s will with that Gathering or not. The call of it was very, very heavy.  It was really intense because it was the final moment. We had to win the victory in DC earlier this year. If we had not won the victory in DC, I would be telling you something different today. We had come to the very end of the issue, and either America had to be redeemed, or it was going to fall to the Illuminati. That was earlier this year. So when we wrested America from the hands of the Illuminati, that was such an amazing feeling.  It was so wonderful and exhilarating. I felt that someone had taken tons off my shoulders. It was a huge commission for anyone to have to absorb. I also felt the pleasure of the heart of God. He was so full of joy and good pleasure.

He kept giving me a song that our worship leader plays for us. I love it when he leads us in this song because it is a song that the Lord gave me when He told me that the beautiful victory was now secure. The song is called “With Everything¨ by Hillsong. You can go online and listen to it. The Lord actually sang that song to me. “With everything, with everything, we will shout for Your glory. With everything, with everything, we will shout forth Your praise.¨ Praise for what? For stealing us out of the hands of the Illuminati and helping us to fulfill His will as a nation. He sang that song to me three times in two days. “With everything, we will shout for Your glory.¨ Those who know this moment what has been accomplished, and those who will never know or understand why America has changed so much, will shout for His glory. I am telling you that this is such an exhilarating thing in the heart of God. Every time He sang that song to me, He would fill my soul with His joy.

We have fought so hard, and it has been an arduous battle. We have been fighting the lion about ready to devour in secret places. Because God was pleased, we won. We will, therefore, shout for His glory. Pray that God will dismantle the occultic things over America. Pray that He will dismantle all the evil things in the pyramid picture, and that He will raise up each thing in its place that is righteous and will bring glory to His name.  Your prayers in the secret place are bringing glory to Him.

In the story of Esther, the Jewish people were praying throughout Babylon that they would be spared of the king’s edict. In the final analysis, however, the miracle story is not based upon the Jewish people. It is based around the woman who spent three days preparing herself to go before the king in order to save two nations alive. Her valiant purpose was first, to spare Israel and, secondly, to spare Babylon. If Babylon had accomplished what they had wanted to accomplish, God would have destroyed them.  Instead, mercy was given toward the innocent. We do not know how many converted to Judaism because of God’s miracle in Babylon. The same thing is going to happen again. God is not only going to do this for His people, but He is going to do this for those who at this point in time hate His name. He is going to do it for nations all over the earth. Whereas we have been dismantling nations –120 or more –for many years all over the earth, we are going to be putting them back together, healing them, and fighting for them. We are going to have the favor of God to do it. 

In His Beloved Name 

Nita Johnson