Acts Book II (Part 3)
Prepare for the Beauty of the King
by Nita LaFond Johnson

We are entering into a time foretold by the prophets, a time that we have been anticipating for many years. We are coming into a time of prophetic reformation. God is going to pour out such light upon the hearts of man that it will change the way we see things. In its current state, even though the Church is the body and extension of our Lord on earth, she is in a dark place with principalities and powers floating all around her. Consequently, we really do not have a grasp on the way God sees things. We think He sees it the way we do. However, though eternity is in our hearts, it is not yet in our eyes. The thrust of this prophetic reformation is to help the Church see things the way God does. He is going to open the eyes of the blind. The Body of Christ is far blinder than she thinks she is; and who is blinder than those who think they are not?

God is going to transform His Church starting with her brain, next her vision, and then work His way down to her heart and into the soul.

Can you imagine what it was like to be Jesus, walking the earth in the midst of your own people? They had been raised up under the Name of Yawveh for many generations. Even though he was born of a woman of His own people and lived in the midst of those related to Him by blood, yet He was God and saw things so differently than they did. His knowledge of the Father was intimate, high and holy. It was the knowledge of a Son, who had been in the bosom of the Father and now must walk in a place so full of darkness. The little bit of light that was in the world was due to the light given to His own people by God Himself, and even that light was very little. This could not have been an easy path for Him.

Imagine for a moment what it was like for God to desire so badly to bring life and vision to His people. He wanted to do signs and wonders, heal the sick, raise the dead, restore the maimed and feed the multitudes. Yet, at the same time, He ached to have them understand the depths of their misguided ways when they hungered after the bread of the earth. What is the bread of the earth? Is it not the very things He did: healing the sick and maimed, raising the dead? These things do affect the body, but they cannot touch the soul or the spirit. Knowing man the way He does, He will use the bread of the earth to get their attention because what He wants more than anything is to affect their soul.

A couple of years ago I was sitting in prayer when suddenly I was lifted above the clouds of the heavens where I could see for miles all around me. It was so clear, clean, pure, and holy; it was the glory of the Kingdom – high above any earthly thing, as far as the eye could see. Please understand, I was not seeing the temporal level; rather, it was as far as the eye can see in the realms of God. It was the glory of the Kingdom. For as far as the eye could see there was freedom from bondage, fear, self-consciousness, darkness and anxiety. He spoke to me and said, “All that is Mine is yours when you enter here; Nita, this is where Enoch walked with Me and all that was Mine, was his.”

Some people feel that dealing with day to day problems is more than enough to deal with; they feel like adding the day to day burdens of the kingdom would be far too much for them at this point of time. But I want to tell you that it is in this place that you will find holiness, glory, love and light beyond measure. It transforms your soul and mind and you no longer see things through the eyes of a child that has grown up in a corrupt place. Rather, you will see things through the eyes of faith, glory, and the beauty of God. Your heart would be full of expectation and understanding; all authority and power would be yours and you would know exactly what to do with it once you had it. How can I lift your mind up to such a place? How can I help you understand that this is a place so unlike any other? How can I help you understand how desirable it is? When we look at someone who may be an alcoholic, destitute and living on the streets, some may get agitated and wonder how that person could just throw away their lives. Perhaps they might not think at all; instead, their only thought is where that person is going and what they will do in this life. But when Jesus looks at the alcoholic, He looks deep into the heart and understands why he is there; perhaps through certain unfortunate situations, or maybe because of the choices he made, or perhaps he may no longer want to deal with society. Whatever the reason, Jesus understands the heart, and when He looks past everything else and into that the heart, it is with eyes so filled with love and compassion, lacking all judgment and in His hands He holds the power to deliver anyone who will come to Him. While He looks at such a one, He also sees the glory of the Father and His heart is filled with joy over the call of the Father and at the same time, filled with sorrow over the one who cannot hear. He sees the looming darkness and feels love and compassion for people who cannot understand that life must change and they must be changed in order to be protected from the darkness that is coming.

As Jesus walks the earth, Israel may be in jubilation because a great prophet has arisen in their midst, doing great signs and wonders. Somehow, they hope that this prophet is the King that has been foretold and He will take them out from under Roman tyranny.  Then, when He does not add up to their expectations, their eyes sink back down under the darkness. Their thoughts begin to return to what they will eat, where they will sleep, and how they can make their way through this earthly life. They know that Rome is ruling with an iron fist and there are those in the community that wonder when Rome will bring down that fist and even destroy the nation; but in all their thoughts they never stop to think about the glory of God and the wisdom needed to protect them during a time of such darkness. On the other hand, there is the Lord who is walking in pure, supreme Light; His heart is as pure as His mind and His soul is filled with love and the knowledge of God’s ways. He sees in heaven as He sees on the earth; He sees Rome and the great darkness it presents, He sees what Rome is about to do and He weeps. Once again He calls Israel to hide under His wing.

He weeps not only because of the deluge of darkness that is coming, but because His people do not know Him, and they are missing the hour of their visitation; the moment of the revelation of the glorious Kingdom. They are missing the moment when the Father, Who they have worshipped for generations, was about to reveal His face to them. And because they miss that moment, Rome’s fist will come down and they will be crushed.

At the same time, He looks back in time before the present saga and sees the glory of God that Israel did not see or received at Sinai, and though the nation in which He walks is in bondage, He is free to live, love and worship the Father. Free to experience the deepest intimacy a human being can have with the Godhead. He is free to believe what God believes and knows and to do what God does; He only does what He sees the Father do. He shackles no one and no one shackles Him; He is free. He binds nothing and nothing binds Him; He is free. Though darkness comes and assails, it cannot touch the Son of God.

This is where Enoch walked. He walked in the light as Christ was in the light. Free of covetousness, free of pride; he ruled and reigned in two spheres. He walked as light as a kitten on the ground and ruled like a lion in the heavens. He lived to bring the truth of the kingdom to the people of the earth and it was a Kingdom He saw with His eyes. He lived to bring the government of God to the peoples of the earth that they might prosper, and it was a government He Himself bore. His soul was not bound by pride, greed and the love of this world. You do not know what it is like to have your soul free of all pride until you actually experience it; when you are free then you realize how constricting it was.

We really seek to protect our pride, do we not? To save face at all cost. No one else will protect our pride, but we will and we will happily teach anyone else who would like to learn how to protect us. When your soul is literally free of pride you realize what a heavy weight it was; it was bondage. We need to go to the depth of humility, as deep as we are willing to let ourselves go into humility to be freed from pride. You will see that only in freedom from pride is your soul truly free. When your soul is free, His yoke is light. Enoch sought to teach all these things and so much more, because when we can learn to walk upon the earth under the government of God, we are capable of changing all things for His glory. Until we are walking yoked to that government, we wish and wish but cannot prosper the way we were created to prosper. God created us to prosper; He had to take Abraham out of Ur, a very wealthy city, into the desert, in order to teach him true wealth. There is a wealth higher than what man aspires to; that wealth is so vast, wonderful and rich because it is the wealth of God. As long as the devil can keep you aspiring to possess the wealth of the temporal plane, he knows you will never be able to focus on the highest plane. If you cannot touch the highest and best, then you cannot set others free either.

Years ago I went through a time when I spent many months studying the book of Galatians word for word in the Greek. When you study the Bible in this manner, it takes many months. The night I finished the last verse of the last chapter, the Lord Jesus Christ came and got me at midnight. He said, “Tonight, I brought you here to teach you the book of Galatians.” He took me up into the heavens and taught me chapter one; it lasted from midnight to six-o-clock in the morning, after which He brought me back into my room. Night two, He came again at midnight and said, “I have come to teach you chapter two of the book of Galatians.” He took me up into the heavens and taught me chapter two and brought me back into my room, this went on until I learned every chapter of the book of Galatians, from God’s perspective.

I want to tell you something – all the wonderful scholars, theologians, and most pastors do not really know what Galatians is about. Even with all my studying I did not know what it was about. My friends, when Jesus comes and explains and lets you experience it, this is the beauty of Jesus explaining His Word. He lets you experience truth. He took me up, we were flying up through the atmosphere and stratosphere where we found a thick layer of murky gray matter that stunk like sulfur. It surrounded the whole earth. It was a fearful thing to go through because it was like passing through a swamp full of gators. When we got above this layer, we approached a landing upon which we stood. When we stood on this landing, everything inside of me changed: the way I thought, felt, and experienced things all changed. I was no longer conscious of myself. The sinful nature was gone and He was in me. I was seeing and feeling through Him; I was there but I was not cognizant of my own existence; I had been swallowed up in God. I was standing on the landing and He explained, “This murky gray substance we just past through is the curse that is over the whole earth. It was placed here through Adam’s fall.” What does the book of Galatians say? He was made a curse for us; that curse that surrounds the whole earth was laid upon Jesus. He said to me, “This transformation that you have gone through is a life lived above the curse.” He that knew no sin was made a curse for us so we could walk free of the curse.

Now, teachers have taught the body of Christ for a long time that if you are saved, you are walking above the curse. Yet we still feel laden down by the curse. That’s because it is not just about being saved. There must be a purification of the soul, an expulsion of the world from the soul. Through this process He lifts you up to rule and reign from above the curse. Everything changes; there is no fear, doubt, or unbelief. You behold the face of God while you are living on the earth; your heart is buoyed up in the joy of the Lord within the light. You now have become light and truth. Can you relate to how different it is from how you are walking now? This is life above the curse; this is what it means to walk above the curse. Then He said, “I am going to show you something,” and with His hands he knocked me off the pedestal and down I went back through that murky substance heading toward the earth. When I came to the earth, I found someone who was hungry for God and I said, “I know the way! Come with me.” I took them and brought them up through that murky substance like He had just done with me. I brought them to the landing and all things changed in them, just as it happened to me. They began to see things totally differently, just like I had. He said to me, “When you reach this place you can free many. Until you reach this place you cannot help others.”

There are ministers all around the world that would give anything to set the people free, but because they have not known that they have to rise up and rule and reign from above the curse in order to set people free, their desire is left unfulfilled. We were never meant to be frogs sitting in front of pulpits in chairs and pews. We really were created to fly with the eagles.

He said, “Now I am going to show you another secret.” He pushed both of us off and down we went through the murky substance to the earth. Each of us found someone else and told him to follow us because we knew the way to God. Up we flew through the curse and now we were four. He said to me, “That is what I am going to do in the last days.” Aspire with desire—dare to believe; it is not easy but it is doable. If you really believe, your life changes because you become very thirsty. You come out of the desert where it has been a long and very hot walk.

This place in which you have been living is a desert and you have been reaching for water that will fill your thirsty soul. How desperate will be your reach if the only glass of water is above the curse? Will you be apathetic? What are you willing to put into your effort; how much time will you spend in prayer? What will you do to let God purge you, purify you, remove the world from you so that He can fill you with His kingdom? How much time will you spend in the Word? If you believe, you are going to put everything you have into the race and I can promise you the devil will knock you down but that is okay because if you believe, you will get back up and be even stronger. You will go a little further and then he will knock you down again—I promise. But that’s okay because when you get up again you will be stronger still. Next time he tries to knock you down it will not be so easy and so on. You get stronger, wiser and closer—but you have to fight the good fight of faith. You must fight it because God will not do it for you, but He will fight with you. He will pull you up when you cannot pull yourself up, as long as you engage your will and fight to pull yourself up. Your will has to be engaged; only what you will is what you will have. The “want to” does not do much good in the Kingdom. You must want to want it! He says, “Engage your will; run the marathon.” How many of you want to run the marathon and how many of you will actually run it? The Church is full of Christians like this. You must engage your will and run the marathon of your faith.

You say you are not sure if God wants this for you; well, if you were created you were created to be owned by Him. He wants you to come all the way and when He sees you fighting to stay in the race, He will always run it with you. The time is coming, and is close at hand, when thoroughbreds, those who have paid the price to get out of the world and into God, will be released. The thoroughbreds are the horses with flames of fire, the chariots of God. They are going to be released in the Church and are going to gather those who are hungry, thirsty and tired of this world; those who want to be free of the oppressions of Egypt; those who want to arise and know God.

My dear brothers and sisters, please listen to me – there is nothing in this world worth giving up the privilege of knowing the depths of God. To behold His face and to stand in His presence, to become one with Him and know the intimacy that the Son knew with the Father. What should you give for such a reward? I can tell you – give everything! It will cost you everything; the thing hardest for you to give is your reputation, your face, your will, your rights; all that encompasses the “me” factor. It is tough to give it up but He is worth it. What He gives in return – “All that is Mine is yours” – demonstrates the truth of this.

What is about to emerge, and is even now starting, is nothing less than a prophetic revolution. That is what we call it when our mind, understanding and vision is suddenly opened to the kingdom of God. We call it “prophetic” – being able to hold what is truly real and “revolutionary”. When you behold what is truly real, it creates the same reality within you. When you are caught up in this revolution within your own heart, you also bring to your world the same revolution. Everyone you meet will be affected by it. The kingdom will continue to grow, intensify, and enlarge. The revelation in your inner man will grow, intensify, and enlarge. Changes will occur when you are saturated with the light and the truth of who He is and what He is doing. You cannot sit still and you have got to move with it and be who you were created in order to be a part of it.

It is no longer just trying to be a good Christian; rather, you are moving within the wheel of the force of God and this is what is coming: the Church filled with faith, beauty, and the virtues of Christ – glory, honor, wisdom, and knowledge. Supernatural knowledge of the past or knowledge of the future; whatever you need, it is yours. Run the race, claim the victory. Run in God, do not sit still or say that you cannot or will not run.

Feel the fire; do not let it be put out. If you go home and turn your television on, I am going to slap your hands; go home and worship Him. Praise Him and get into the Word. Ask Him how to run and what you should do. God selected what is “foolish” to the world to put the wise to shame, what the world calls “weak” to put the strong to shame. Are you low-born, foolish and weak? Then run! I love this passage because it removes every excuse man uses for not running. He is saying, “You are the one I want! And I want you so I can bring the wise to shame, I want you to bring the high-born down, I want you so I can be glorified!”

For I resolve to know nothing, to be acquainted with nothing, to make a display of the knowledge of nothing, and to be conscious of nothing except Jesus Christ and Him crucified; that is the key to all things in God. When His glory fills the temple, the priests cannot stand for the glory; and who are the priests? Are they not you?