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  1. Elizabeth

    I saw Nita when she came to Willis, TX over 20 years ago to speak in a tiny church. No basket was passed and her book policy was any three items free of charge. This ministry has integrity!

  2. Margaret K Obot-Ekah


  3. Rosa Ho


  4. Patrick Yao

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Paschun

    The LORD has been speaking through this ministry to our family for over 15 years and it has always been a blessing….and lead us to repentance,Holiness and prayer.We praise GOD for this ministry.

  6. geng-sherry-xiaoyan (verified owner)

    May our dear heavenly Father abundantly bless this ministry with His Love, Grace, Mercy, Love and His Light 🙂 Love you!

  7. zhang-xiaoyan-azure

    God has used Nita’s online teachings to bless me greatly. Although I have not spoken with her personally, she has been my number one mentor! Love you, Mama Nita!

  8. piotet-vince

    Woorld For Jesus has changed my prayer life, specially through the free books of Miss Nita. I’m so glad she has been willing to share what GOD desired to show her since she was a little girl. Our entire land is truning around now,thanks to intercession !!! I give regularly – psart of my tith goes to Wold For Jesus.

  9. Paschun Jethrow (verified owner)

    Our LORD JESUS, is with them, HE leads them and HE guides them. They pray and speak HIS will and HIS desires, i truly thank our LORD for this ministry, HIS ministry. Amen Met Sister Nita when i was 16 and i hear the LORD in her still now that i am 40. The LORD uses her in soooo many ways to remind me, submission in affliction. And pride complains, humility submits. GODS grace is for us to do HIS will and stay in HIM alone…our intimate relationship with HIM is our life line

  10. Paschun Jethrow (verified owner)


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