2021 October -Ricci Johnson-Wilson – Checking in…

Thank you for your continued stance on behalf of the nation!

Rest assured; God is not finished with this country! The covenant that was made by men and women who came here from all over Europe to escape tyranny is well documented. Their covenant with God paved the path for a nation that would be founded and grounded in God, and it has not been broken.

The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution are documents overseen by the Lord to ensure this nation remains free of tyrannical government with its citizens retaining the liberty to worship God.

These are the freedoms we must continue to fight for today.

The Lord has not turned His back on this nation and in fact, He is still fighting alongside the intercessors, the body of Christ, and those committed to holding the line for this country. The enemy has overstepped his hand and there is coming a day very soon that the mighty hand of God will come down and bring an end to this charade.

Our duty until then, to both God and country, is to hold the line.

Who do we hold the line for? For us and our posterity. Our Constitution is one of the oldest in existence with the average length being seventeen years. Why? Because our Constitution was God-inspired, meant to stand the test of time, and retain the Light of God in the earth. It’s the foundation to a place of refuge for those fleeing tyrannical leadership since the very first settlers set foot in what would one day become America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

America is not simply a place for us to pursue our dreams, it is the place that forges the destinies of those that come behind us. We each must fight to retain our Religious Liberties while remembering the blood that was shed on our soil to ensure we had that right. Do we remember the blood of the martyrs? There were those from France, Brittan, Germany who came to escape tyranny, many of whom were followed by tyrannical leaders and brutally slaughtered on the shores of the East Coast. As they watched their loved ones die, they refused to deny the God who sent them or bow the knee to tyranny.

We cannot back down now.

We must rise up and continue the fight, we are forging the destiny of the next generation, will it be a generation of warriors who understand the criticality of standing against oppressive rule? Will it be a generation that carries the fire of God within their soul, refusing to back down or bend the knee to compromise? Will they be wanderers searching for destiny, or will they be warriors fighting for destiny?

I believe as long as we hold the line, they will be warriors, following in our footsteps and refusing to back down in the fight.

Will you continue to hold the line?

Join us my friends as we seek the face of God on behalf of our nation. I know it’s been a rough year, but the battle is about to be won and when it is, it will serve as a catalyst to thrust us forward in God in unprecedented ways. Your faithfulness will be rewarded both here and in eternity as you become part of securing the  destiny of the nation!

You can listen to these all of our messages on our Prophetic Intercessors Training Ground. 

Thank you for your involvement in the work we are doing!

We love and bless each one of you!

Ricci Johnson-Wilson