The Vision and the Journey

Nita LaFond Johnson

December 13, 2012

 We have not written you a real newsletter in a long time. However, my heart yearns to be in touch with you to let you know what we are doing, where we are going, and why. I feel it is important for the sake of the Kingdom and America to point the direction in which our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is moving so we can follow together. I have for days been trying to think of a name for our newsletter as it must entail so much more than it used to. I decided on Chronicles because it will reflect a journey, the journey the Kingdom is on as I understand it and the journey we are on together. We will continue to give you prophetic insights as we always have as well as let you know what is going on with us. Finally, we will talk to you about America.

It is all a journey. As Christians we are standing on the edge of eternity with the power and authority that no other age has experienced. It is time for us to understand it and learn to walk in it. We will talk about this more and more as we go along.

The Move

 Last February, after a rather challenging 3.5 years in NOLA, the Lord told us to move to the Northwest; the Seattle area to be exact! Our spiritual battle over the last 13 years of working toward saving America has not been easy. We have had to pray against a lot of darkness to accomplish the things we were assigned to do yet, we did not necessarily understand until we began to see the fruit of our efforts. As for NOLA, we did not know that we were sent there to overturn judgments many times over. Of course many Christians prayed about these concerns; we are not the only intercessors carrying the burden of the Lord. Although this is true, the Lord specifically told me that our work there stopped many “disciplines” which He revealed to me just before we left.

From the platform of “The Sanctuary” which sat on I-10 freeway, we, meaning you and the ministry team, prayed and wept for revival all over the world. Indeed, many of you joined us from all over the world! I loved those days and hours of prayer together. Our times together possessed a wonderful intimacy in our Lord. Moreover, Jesus has done and will do great things through the spiritual labor we undertook together. Your personal rewards are assured and will soon arrive. Thank you for your years of faithfulness! We carefully prayed through many things that not only pertained to NOLA, but to many strategic places in our nation and the world.

Eventually we were called out of NOLA because God was going to take that city through the next phase of preparation for revival. He still desires to give NOLA one more chance, but He must first deal with the heart of the city.

The next phase of our journey was designed for release in the Seattle area. When in March we packed up and moved here, the Lord began two new things in our Ministry. The first is Joel’s Army. He gave me the name for this work in December of 2011. Several prophets and many dreams and visions confirmed what was to happen next. Although at first we had our own ideas as to how we were to bring it about, as we prayed we learned that Jesus had His. He suddenly put His fire on the work and we took off running. We could not keep up with the demands of establishing Joel’s Army. (Don our new ministry director will share with you in this letter what the Lord has done and then invite you to become a part of this ministry.)

My deepest burden was undergoing a dramatic shift. When Jesus came to me after our 1999 Gathering of the Eagles that was held on Jekyll Island, Georgia and commissioned me to the work of saving America through what He called the “Gathering of the Eagles,” I found myself undone with the gravity of the call. However, to make a very long story short, we undertook it in obedience. America was about to go through a necessary sifting, the likes of which I could not have imagined. Nevertheless in the midst of the sifting we would come to see ourselves for what we have become as a nation and so fall on our faces before the Name that is above every name.

Many prayer movements grace this nation – where can you go to find a nation undergirded by so many networks of prayer? We are just one voice, but our task would prove to be unique. Others do their part, but as Jesus indicated to me in that earlier visitation, even with all the prayer from His faithful intercessors, the nation still needed uncommon prayer which He would use to capture its heart. It would prove to be not so much what we do but what He does by His own inimitable Spirit.

I have stacks of paperwork chronicling the answers to specific prayers we have prayed at the GOE’s. These answers were directly related to specific intercessions by the people of the GOE. For instance, four years ago the New World Order determined they were going to end it all and bring America into an economic crash by the end of 2010. Although we had a very bad year in 2008, leading up to the afore mentioned deadline, we still have not experienced what they wanted to accomplish. They then decided to wait until the end of December 2012. We asked for two extra years of grace and later asked for another six months. That time will be up at years end. The crash could happen now, but I am not sure it will. I am more thinking it will not occur before spring and maybe not even next year. This prediction is not a “Thus saith the Lord,” but merely my sense of what will happen. Yet, when it does occur, it will not be as bad or prolonged as the Elite intended because God is going to help us. This is not to say that things will not get worse before they get better, but only that God at some point is going to intervene.

America is going to go through difficult times. However the Church is going to enter a protracted season of glory and grace that will offset the plans of the evil one. This glory will then bring America to a heightened usefulness and glory for the Lord. We will fulfill our destiny as a nation if we continue standing in prayer as Christ’s Church.

Because the above is true the Lord gave me several visions that directed me to raise up an army of intercessors and call them Joel’s Army. This spiritual militia will break through things in the earth that will in turn allow the Lord to do great things. Through our prayers we are actually building the last-day’s temple – well, He is in conjunction with our intercession. I do not know who else is called to this endeavor; I simply know our part. Joel’s Army is meant to bring stability to this nation – as well as many other nations of the world – that it would not otherwise have during the great transformation. Truly, the army has an important, no, critical function. Again, Don Warner will share a little about this army, so I will move on.

Ministry to the Poor

The second thing He has birthed in my heart and is now birthing in this ministry regards the needy. In NOLA my heart ached to help the homeless and poor. However, I could find no one to help me in the endeavor. I wept many tears for these dear people, yet no matter how hard I tried to make such a ministry happen, the sand of opportunity would fall through my fingers.

Now, here in the NW, the Lord is building this ministry. He has brought many people to us that are helping this outreach get launched. Management is in place, the contacts with government agencies are being expedited, etc. We are nearly ready to open this stream of care in our ministry. Specifically, we desire to help the homeless and those with children who are about to lose their homes. We want to provide food and clothes for now, even help where we need to in finding homes for the homeless with children. We are in the process of buying coats at this moment, thousands of dollar’s worth. Some of these kids have never owned a coat. Isn’t that sad!

We want to ask you to help us with this vision; please support it financially and prayerfully. We learned that donations have gone down 25% to ministries that try to help the poor in this area, whereas the need for ministries of this nature has gone up by 30%. This being the case, there is a huge need for us to fill. Please prayerfully consider sowing into this ministry for the sake of the children and the lost. We need you, our friends, to help us help the needy. The Bible tells us that when you give to the poor you lend to the Lord. If you will help the poor now, God will out give you in return.

After we get this ministry established here, we will hopefully take what we have learned and open a few other centers in the US and in Israel, as the need there is great.

We will happily keep you abreast of the progress of this arm of the ministry. Thanks for your prayers!

Joel’s Army

We have a Sunday night prayer call for America that we would love for you to join. We also have a “Prayer Vault” wherein you can listen to and pray in harmony with our online prayer meetings. We have had wonderful responses to this avenue of intercession. Please call our office to see how you can take advantage of these two prayer opportunities. 


A Letter from Don Warner:

 Hi! This is Don Warner. As Nita stated previously in this newsletter, God’s intent is for Joel’s Army to do its part to help bring stability to this nation as well as to the nations of the world during the impending crises. This army has many different divisions, one of which is called the Pillar of Fire. It is the part of the army that is given to the work of the Prayer Cells, or PCs. Let me talk about this division for a moment. There is an enlistment process that begins with an application and is followed by an interview. This information helps us to approve and connect Prayer Cell Leaders with Prayer Cell Members through weekly, local, on-site meetings or long-distance phone Prayer Cells.

The Lord raised up good and qualified people to help conduct these interviews. They hear the hearts and callings of these applicants who have a passion to pray and take the land God has already given us. These gracious interviewers are finding that the favorite part of their job is to pray for each intercessor and welcome him/her into Joel’s Army – God’s growing army of intercessors.

Monthly leadership meetings and question-and-answer sessions with Nita provide the necessary training in leadership skills, tools, and development to become Prayer Cell Leaders (PCLs). These, in turn, can equip their Prayer Cell Members (PCMs) to intercede effectively. When the order to pray and take effective action then comes, the well-trained, humble, and submitted spiritual Army will be able to hit the ground running, clad in the full armor of God.

Joel 2:7-8, says, “They run like mighty men; they climb the wall like men of war. They march each one (straight ahead) on his ways, and they do not break their ranks. Neither does one thrust upon another; they walk everyone in his path. And they burst through and upon the weapons, yet they are not wounded and do not change their course” (Amplified Bible).

These verses describe the discipline that comes from rigorous and focused training. They speak to the level of readiness that must be achieved by the leaders and their soldiers.

To put a well-functioning army on the ground requires additional soldiers who provide infrastructure and logistics in support of those on the front lines. Such backup enables the advancing army to accomplish the Lord calling. Concerning Joel’s Army, the Lord was bringing additional intercessors to connect with it in ways that we had not imagined. But because “His ways are not our ways,” we slowly came to understand that we needed to provide additional means of connecting to His army. As the army (divisions) has continued to grow, He has addressed the divisions by names that have been or are in current use by the Israeli army. Today, the Joel’s Army divisions shown below are activated and on alert, supported by various intercessors according to the way each connects to Joel’s Army:

Pillar of Fire Division:

This division, led by Prayer Cell Leaders who train, equip, and mentor their people, consists of intercessors who have been called with their prayer cells to join in unity with the Spirit. Both leaders and members are prepared to receive instruction and move quickly into the war zone to meet the enemy head on. This division is in a continual mode of training and preparation to insure a perpetual state of spiritual readiness. All training and interactive discussions are recorded and posted on the Joel’s Army division website.

Path of Fire Division:

This division meets together online with coordinators to pray for America each Sunday night. We provide a weekly advance letter to prepare these intercessors for the online calls and to prepare their hearts as to how the Lord wants them to pray. Prayer Cell Leaders also receive a weekly prayer-point’s bulletin that is based on God’s direction to Nita. We pray these points beginning on the Sunday night call, then in agreement throughout the week in each Prayer Cell meeting. During online intercession, this division often gains added insight into the heavenly realms as to further direction the Lord is giving and what is on His heart. Members often express the unity they sense when praying together on Sunday nights that lifts their spirits throughout the week.

Southern Foxes Division:

This division meets four times per week for training and/or intercession through the live streaming worship, intercessory prayer, and teaching. Members connect on site or via the WFJM website live stream tab and are instantly connected to the regularly scheduled meetings at Bethel Church in Seattle. These soldiers, whether joining individually or as a prayer cell, experience the real-time presence of the Lord and the opportunity to intercede with those at Bethel and online. You can join this division for worship and prayer Wednesday and Friday mornings at 10:30 am, Thursday evenings at 7 pm, and for worship and teaching Friday evenings at 7 pm.

Storm Division:

Located on the webpage, this division of intercessors will find weekly, recorded prayer sessions in ‘The Vault” to log into during their quiet time so that they can pray along with us. If they have a Prayer Cell, they can join together in their home and seek the Lord with us. The prayer sessions can be used as a guide to help them learn how to become a more effective prayer warrior and powerful intercessor. Prayer sessions are generally uploaded into the Intercessor’s Vault within 24 hours from the time they were broadcast. Intercessors from around the-globe can then join in, continuing the essential prayer time and thus creating around-the clock intercessions on the critical issues facing not only our nation but also the nations of the world. Please note that the Intercessor’s Vault contains sensitive material that is not available to the general public. If you would like to join us in prayer via the Intercessor’s Vault, submit your basic information to our office and we will provide you with a username and password.

Golani Division:

This division is best characterized as forward observers positioned near the battle line, camouflaged and covertly keeping watch of the enemy’s movements. Many of these forward observers are positioned in strategic, high locations geographically and are often hidden from the natural eyes of the enemy. These intercessors have been trained to see with spiritual eyes what is going on, and to transmit what He is telling them back to the leadership. In turn, leadership assesses and prays to gain further insight and direction which results in a battle plan for the army. If you join this division, you will receive urgent prayer alerts by email which will require you to take your position and begin praying immediately, long before the army is aware. Through wisdom and discernment, you will see and gain insight and be able to report back the intelligence that He is giving you so that this information can be transmitted to Joel’s Army.

Steel Division:

This division is best described as a Gathering of Eagles (intercessors) that come together with the express purpose of seeking the face of the Lord in worship, prayer, repentance and sharing to ascertain the mind of the Lord. As a corporate leadership body, it learns what He requires from the Church in America in exchange for allowing it to be a dwelling place for His glory. This division is responsible more than any other in Joel’s Army for hearing the Lord’s voice and following it for the purpose of saving the nation. The age-old desire of the Church to have Him near is one of the Eagle’s wings of intercession, the other is regarding intercession for the Nation itself. What stands out about these Gatherings is that they are not a traditional conference; there are no guest speakers, no agenda, and no denominational overcharge. National Gatherings are held throughout the year in various geographical locations and usually run for about 5 days. This division receives email alerts for the Gatherings and direction regarding registration and related information.

 Joel’s Army continues to grow in America. Moreover, God keeps bringing to us intercessors from the nations. They join this end-time army and get trained by WFJM to intercede for their own countries. Let me share with you just a few examples of where He has been orchestrating international Joel’s Army PCs:

• Australia, Mauritius, Canada – Intercessors from these countries contacted us and said they have people waiting to pray with WFJM and want to join as soon as possible. Today we have both PCLs and PCMs praying in the western part of Australia. In French-speaking Mauritius our new national coordinator is occupied with the work of French translation, which you will soon find on the website, while also promoting Nita’s JA mandate to churches and intercessors to expand prayer there. Canada, our neighbor to the north, is also beginning to network PCL’s and PCM’s from across the provinces, as Prayer Cells are rising as well.

• Philippines – The Lord has called two local Philippine ladies to act as liaisons representing WFJM to the Philippines. Our team has already qualified Prayer Cell Leaders and Intercessors for Joel’s Army-Philippines, and has identified potential candidates who could serve as National Coordinator. A liaison team is preparing now for a Spring 2013 trip to the Philippines, where they will introduce JA to national Prayer leaders, Churches, and Bible Colleges, while distributing JA Field Kits and WFJM educational materials throughout the islands.

• Italy – National coordinators have been approved and trained. They now are beginning to form Prayer Cells and preparing to manage the growth of Joel’s Army-Italy from within that nation. JA materials are also currently being translated from English into Italian.

• Nigeria and England – National coordinators are approved and beginning to form Prayer Cells.

• China – Prayer cells formed and operating across the land. Key pastors and leaders identified who will lead the JA China mainland Army.

• United States – Prayer cells are being formed and operating across the land, with large concentrations of intercessors in various States and smaller PCs in others. [As a statement for the sensitivity of the people of prayer in America we in a few short months have PCs in most states in the U.S. Joel’s Army continues to grow.] We are in the planning stages for both regional and state coordinators. Moving to this level of organization will provide additional opportunity for intercessors to participate on Sunday night calls and to experience ownership and unity in their prayer cells as, in the Spirit, they battle and gain the victory due to a more focused statewide effort. We are still looking for people to fill some of these positions.

The Lord has not called everyone to be a PCL or PCM and therefore it is time to undergo a reformatting. The Division concept discussed above allows everyone the opportunity to be a part of Joel’s Army in whatever capacity he or she wishes to serve. When we formed Joel’s Army, we only envisioned raising up PCs across the nation, so all interviews were done with that in mind. As this process continued, we understood that not all people were called to be in a prayer cell but would need to be connected to the army in different ways. These intercessors are precious and valuable to God. He has called them to this ministry to help bring stability and transformation to the nation and to the nations of the world.

In a separate letter within the next few months, we will introduce a new concept which will restructure Joel’s Army. Presently we are evaluating the streamlining of the interview process for PCMs and PCLs, developing a process for online division sign-ups, and outlining the expectations for PCLs and PCMs. Yes, we will make accommodations for those who do not have computers or who may not be comfortable with using online resources. Please pray for the staff as we look to improve our overall process of fielding Joel’s Army in 2013. Also, we would appreciate your prayers for the Lord to raise up national coordinators, an international coordinator, a U.S. prayer coordinator, and a Training and Development manager. We do this in the spirit of humility and God’s grace, knowing He will continue to raise up His army. Incidentally, in case you are wondering, we want to invite you to become a member of Joel’s Army. Join anyone of the 6 divisions by simply calling the office and starting the application process. Jesus is calling and we need you!

Don Warner


In Closing

 As you can see, we are receiving mandates on a regular basis. We have a massive campaign to raise up Joel’s Army. If you look anew on our Website you will see it does not look the same. Our material is being translated into many different languages, such as Mandarin, Korean, French, and Italian (we are looking for someone to translate into Hebrew as well). We also have been directed to help the poor. We need to help these people fight poverty and become skilled workers. However, we first need to help them eat, get clothing, and have a roof over their heads. We are still working on a new Bible translation with Dr. Chuck Metteer. At this moment in time, I have received three prophetic words to once again begin a radio program. That in itself is another major undertaking. Add these to the already demanding ministerial schedule I have maintained for 30 years and you have a ministry that is exploding faster than we can keep up with.

In the next newsletter I will ask Don to present an organizational chart and give an explanation of what we need and where we are going. The Lord is sending us people who are highly educated and skilled, as well as wonderful people looking for training and a place to worship Jesus through ministry. We appreciate your prayers, financial investment, and friendship. If you are looking for a ministry in which to invest that is seeking to bring the Church higher, is taking major steps to win America back to Jesus, and is looking to help people where they need it the most so that they can see and absorb the beauty of the Lord, we trust you will find us worthy of your partnership and faith. Please also prayerfully consider us in your year-end giving. Bless you!

One last thing I must not forget. We have another GOE coming up in February. This is a critical Gathering. Go on our website and learn more about it…then come. It is a divine appointment for you, our nation, and us. Come and be part of the steel punch of God.

In His precious Name,

Nita LaFond Johnson and the team of WFJM


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Coming of Full Age!

Nita LaFond Johnson

November 20, 2012

 What is happening in our day? What in the world is going on? Who is in control of all this chaos?

Have you wondered? Are thoughts about total defeat plaguing your mind? Do you wonder if we have failed in the arena of prayer? Do you wonder if our present administration will be our worst enemy? What about America’s response? Is that a little scary as well? Will we survive the crash of our society or will we be another Russia when all it falls?

I want to address here our role in this stew of human dynamics, but I also want to address this topic on live streaming Friday night, December 7th. Outside of my message in early October of 2011, this is the most critical message I have ever released. So please join us on live streaming.

For now, I want to address the most critical things on your mind. First, you are captains in the Lord’s army if you are active Prayer Cell Leaders in Joel’s Army. You must not give in to fear. For the sake of the cell you head (whether it be two members strong or twenty), your family, and Jesus, walk in faith and determine that the victory is the Lord’s. You must humbly but boldly champion the cause of righteousness and let the Lord be your banner. Let Him direct your feet to certain victory. Obama is not our leader; yet neither would Mitt have become our leader if he had been elected President. Our head is Jesus! He will guide and direct our paths if we turn to Him with our whole heart. His love is tender and supreme over all. He will not forsake His Church. He will bring His plans to fruition if we stand fast and pray.

Having said that, have we failed even a little? The Church has failed only in that it has looked to creature comforts rather than His sublime, efficacious, overcoming glory for our lives. However, in His magnanimous love He will bring us out of Babylon and cause us to rest in His ever-loving arms, in solidarity with His cause in the earth. What we are about to experience will bring us to this resolve like nothing else.

Therefore praise Him! Glorify His wondrous name. His hand is not weak nor is His arm too short to save us from the hands of an army great and mighty. You must arise and give your all to bring glory to His holy name! History will tell of the Lord’s brigades that withstood the enemies of righteousness and won the promise of the Father as they loved not their lives unto death. These will hold forth the banner of faith uncompromisingly, undaunted in the love that kept them strong. So give your all for His glory; not mine or yours, but His.

I bless you for your willingness to become all He wants to make you. Start now by declaring the faith you have in His goodness. Do not turn to the left or the right, but march straight ahead with singleness of vision. America belongs to Jesus, not to the enemy who wants to use all that God has done with this nation for his own foul purposes. So stand fast declaring and interceding that America will find her place in history as a friend to Israel and as a friend to God.

Command the powers and forces of darkness to fall with your PCs. Consign them to the realms of confusion and faithlessness in their plans and purposes. Command them to stop, to desist in their ravenous hunger for power, and to fall at the feet of righteousness! Command the Church to turn from the tyranny of the flesh and to arise to the freedom and liberty of the sons of the ever-living God! Command the Church to run… run after the Lord their God and to run after His blessed plans and purposes in the earth. The Kingdom of God is nigh us; in truth, even in us. The Word of God is in our mouth, and we must fight the battles against the enemy who is trying to stop our onward march. Command the Church to speak words of faith and determination in holiness. We shall prevail as it is written! Pray for the 5 Rs I have spoken about. Truly, Revolution is here, as is Reformation. Pray that these gifts will be empowered in ever-increasing ways by the throne of our dear Lord!

In His mighty love,

Nita Johnson