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Revival Fire: A Biblical Basis for Contemporary Prophetic Actions

Those who attended the recent Gathering of the Eagles in Washington, DC prayed and interceded a great deal for America. Much weeping for our country occurred, along with heartfelt pleas for God to forgive our corporate sins and bring revival.

Revival Fire: America and the Middle East

America and the Church In the year 2000, I had a 3-hour visitation from Jesus Christ. In this difficult visit He chastened me for not embracing the call to do the Gathering of Eagles.

Revival Fire: Falling into the Arms of Grace

In the midst of war, we see battle. In battle, we see comrades fall. They fall when engaged in a battle with the enemy, they fall when hit by sniper shots, and they fall in the midst of training exercises.

Revial Fire: Passion For Christ!

Passion, burning passion, jealous passion, it is the clarion call to the one who would choose Christ.

Revival Fire Aug/Sept: From Our Desk to Yours

We have been more than busy at home base for The World for Jesus Ministries. The ministry is growing in size and outreach and we have had to learn to accommodate to the present growth as well as get ready for future growth.

Seek and Ye Shall Find: Discerning God’s Presence in Everyday Life

When you have touched the love of God and you eventually become owned by the love of God, you are content with whatever you are, whatever you have and whatever circumstance you are in.

The Joy of Giving

I could tell of times when we gave to a needy cause at a time that it took our last dollar to do so. However, the money was replenished by the Lord before we could miss it. God is ever faithful.

The Ultimate Call of the Believer – Part 2

What God is about to do is going to be an amazing thing. The thing that is the most amazing is that any one who will, can walk there!

The Ultimate Call of the Believer – Part 1

When the Lord brings the Christian to this full spiritual stature, what the Bible refers to as “Adult Sonship”, then the things that I saw in Jesus that day are perfected in us.

The Melchizedek Reformation And The Coming Revival!

The first Reformation began in the days of Noah. The Father had come to an end of His longsuffering with humanity. In His infinite knowledge He knew that if He were to wait another ten thousand years to discipline the peoples of the earth