A Word about Rick Joyner’s Dream!

Nita Johnson

September 22, 2014

We have had many inquiries coming into our office over Rick Joyner’s message regarding ISIS. Therefore I sat down and watched it this weekend. As a result, this is what I feel I need to share with you:

When a prophet comes in the name of the Lord, listen to him. When he speaks from the Lord we can hear the goodness of the Lord in His words. When his words speak from his soul, because he has not spent the necessary time in prayer over the matter, we must pray for him that God will give him wisdom. And, we must pray for ourselves, that we can find the true wisdom of God in the matter.

It is important to remember that we are not obligated to hear and do what comes out of the prophet’s human reasoning. Nevertheless, it is wisdom to hear and follow that which comes from the Lord. It was obvious that Rick was pretty shaken by what he saw. My heart went out to him as I too have heard and seen so many difficult and harsh things over the years, much of that I wished I did not have to witness. Yet, the Lord in His mercy, uses His prophets to prepare the Church for what is to come. Admittedly, I have been shaken as well. We need to pray for Rick. Notwithstanding, I agree with most of what he said Jesus showed him, but not all of his counsel on what he was shown.


I myself have warned about ISIS coming over the border and have shared that reality. I know as a government you do allow people like that over any border unless you plan to use their evil to perpetrate evil against the citizens of that land. President Obama is not the one who is really in control but rather, it is his bosses who are in control. We need to pray for Obama’s soul, I have mentioned this many times and will continue to do so until he has accepted the Lord. We also need to pray for his freedom to lead and God’s wisdom to help him lead. Those who are bringing ISIS here have an insane reason for doing so. Which is why we must begin praying that God will intervene, dramatically and supernaturally as well as through the government of man.

This insanity can be stopped through repentance and prayer. God indeed wants to stop it, if we will pray. I mentioned within the last couple of weeks that an angel picked me up and took me all over the world and showed me ISIS and their violent, deadly, cancerous warfare against Nation after Nation. I told those who listened to me that no Nation will be left untouched if we do not stop them in their infancy. What I saw left me in tears of horror throughout that night of travel with the angel. I understand why Rick is shaken.

Nevertheless prayer – now. Repentance – now. This is what can stop (or at least tame) this monstrous plan.


There is another group called: MS 13. They are from Middle and South America and have infiltrated America. They have been supplied with weapons by our CIA and they are is just as barbaric. They have been brought here and supplied for warfare against American citizens for the overturning of America. This has been planned since the 80s.

So you have ISIS and MS13. The only way to stop them is through prayer. If we will pray, God can and will intervene. Without prayer, any war against them will prove to be far bloodier than it needs to be. Pray and repent over America’s wars in dismantling of other Nations. Repent for America’s love of money, her love of power, and the Idolatry. Pray that God will raise up His own fortress against these great evils.

Martial Law

The last time the Lord spoke to me about Martial Law, His warning to pray against it was strong, as it always is.  Martial Law has never been for the good of the citizen. The ultimate aim is to imprison not to protect. If we ever come to a time when we cannot stop Martial Law, I hope it will be in a time when a benevolent man will head it and God will give wisdom to his righteous soul. Pray for that! But, mostly pray that God will give other means to handling these situations. It has only been a matter of months when I once again saw Martial Law coming to America. The Elite say they are not going to implement it, yet their plans are clearly to do so. In that vision was a strong warning to pray against Martial Law. We have done this in the past and I was given inside information of the very time it was to have been implemented, the Lord stopped it. So, don’t be afraid, just pray.


I spent 29 days wrapped in a vision about the militia that would arise and fight against those who were wreaking corruption in America. Though they carried a great weight of power, there was a deep corruption within the core. This is not what we want to see happen. However, in this 29 day vision God was behind it. I felt His joy and the joy of the soldiers as they were on a divine mission. I am not saying that Rick and I saw the same group of men. I am only saying that something is coming that will turn things around.

Pray… pray with a passion and fervency that none of the things we are discussing will occur except that which the Lord Himself will orchestrate.    

We are not going to live in continued peace. However, we will find the reaches of time and space under the joyful control of the Church made in God’s image. The days ahead are made for His greater glory. If we have done all we can and need to do while we grow in the love and admonition of the Lord, everything will work for our good and His glory. We are even now rebuilding America.


Rick mentioned hearing something about politics in the future of this Nation. He shared a strong warning that we would go too far to the left then swing back too far to the right. I thought that was interesting. The truth is that Democrats and Republicans have little opportunity to actually accomplish anything according to their ideological beliefs. Regardless of what party rules, it is not their ideologies that rule this Nation. It is the ideologies of the Elite that rule them that prevails. For instance, whether Republican or Democrat both will lead us to a Fascist form of government. We only have a few baby steps until that reality hits us. We are encroaching upon that line now. Again, there is a remedy; a praying Church. We must pray like we have never prayed before! Pray that God will overturn the forces of evil who are so bent on destroying America.

Once again, I agree with many things Rick shared about from his dream. Yet, I do not agree with everything he feels must be done. We are going to go through a dark time and I believe that it will begin in 2015. However, I saw in a vision last weekend that Jesus will be by our side as a Nation. He will walk through this with us and bring us out to a shining tomorrow. Shining – though different. Many things will change, but it will bear more of Jesus when it is all said and done.