The CedarWood Pantry is held each Monday from 1-2:30 PM
Bethel Chapel
23010 66th Ave W,
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043


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Read on to see how CedarWood International began:

The World For Jesus Ministries, Inc. is a California based, non-profit Corporation with a Satellite office in the Seattle area. We have been actively serving in ministry for 31 years. We established a division of our ministry named “The CedarWood Blessing,” to act as a liaison between local government agencies, the general public, and us, for the purpose of providing essentials for  those in need. The CedarWood Blessing has five divisions, each with their own unique purpose, but united in one objective; to help those in need. Vivian Du-Porter, Ken and Kathy Rickey head this division of the corporation under the oversight of the WFJM Senior Director, Mr. Don Warner. 

We greatly desire to be a blessing to the community. We offer food and clothing to those in need, as well as aid in certain housing crisis situations. (The latter is decided on a case by case basis.)  In the future we will also offer job placement training for those members of our society who have found themselves disadvantaged. We hope that this will allow them the opportunity to rise out of their current state of affairs, become self-supporting to their families, and experience a sense of pride in their work. I invite you to keep reading as Kathy Rickey describes the various divisions of CedarWood, Int’l. As you read, prayerfully consider what the Lord would have you do to help those less fortunate.

The three current divisions of CedarWood Blessings:   
1. The “CedarWood Coats and Clothes” began with an effort to help the homeless keep warm during the harsh, cold weather. Each of us voiced concern for the homeless we saw around us and we quickly decided to purchase and distribute coats to those in need in the community. As we handed out one coat after another, a soulful chord rang from the heart-strings of each team-member. It wasn’t long before they asked, “What more can we do?”  Thus, CedarWood was born and our quest began. A generous local store became the first to respond to our call, discounting $8000 in new coats all the way down to $2000, enabling us to distribute coats to needy children in two Seattle School Districts. In the midst of this process, lasting relationships with school personnel were built. This led to a coordinated effort called the “Clothes Closet,” where appropriate attire for work or school can be obtained at no cost. Whether they are donations of clothes or funding, your tax-deductible gift can help this effort.
2. The “CedarWood BackPack Kids Program” was conceived as we distributed coats to the local school district. In our work with the school administrators, we discovered a desperate need for nourishment among children, many of whom were living below the level of poverty and going hungry on the weekends. Through the BackPack Kids program, we discreetly bring healthy food to needy children. A local school district allowed us to run our pilot program in their school last year (2012-2013). We distribute five meals and three snacks in a participating child’s backpack on Fridays, keeping their nutrition supplemented throughout the weekend.  Our BackPack Kids pilot program branched out to two more schools for a total of three for the 2013-2014 school year and more requesting our involvement with their schools. Our goal is to see that no child in the Seattle area goes hungry on the weekends during the School year. We need financial sponsors for children, classrooms, and even for school districts. As little as six dollars will provide one child five meals and three snacks over the weekend, so please consider contributing. Our BackPack Kids Program paved the way for our bus program wherein we provide snacks for children on lengthy bus rides to-and-from school because of homelessness. This has reduced the number of behavior issues related to their hunger.
3. The “CedarWood Pantry” – Open every Monday at 10:30am – is working with other faith base organizations to distribute food to those who aren’t getting enough to eat. Local grocery stores, who are all too familiar with this need, are willing to work with charitable organizations (like ourselves) to help the hungry gain access to other (non-government funded) opportunities for free groceries. As the economy moves into a downward spiral, we feel blessed to be the Lord’s instrument in breaking this cycle of hunger.  Because the need is increasing so quickly, these store managers/executives feel an increasing burden to provide more and more to charities who have established distribution programs. We must help to fill in the gaps where they cannot. We are presently working with Bethel Chapel, but we are in need of the infrastructure for proper food storage, an offsite distribution center, as well as a refrigerated cargo truck to transport food. You can help us move toward this effort.
In development:
4. The CedarWood Lunch Counter: It is CedarWood’s desire to continue and strengthen our efforts to reach out to the homeless as their needs (primarily food and clothing) become more desperate. In the near future we hope to open a lunch counter where the homeless can come and eat, free of charge. The needs of the homeless and impoverished are growing exponentially as the economy worsens and our plan is to stand in the gap when the need arises. We are seeking a facility to make this program fully operational, preferably one that will operate in conjunction with the CedarWood Pantry. 

We welcome you to join us in this journey! We have many opportunities for you to participate. Prayer is an important and welcomed gift! We will need provisions for this work and open doors, some of which, only God can unlock. There are so many opportunities to give both now and in the near future, including buildings, supplies, and even refrigerated vehicles. Among the urgent supplies needed now are volunteers, food and clothing. There are many volunteer opportunities with the CedarWood Pantry. We are open every Monday and we need help setting up, assisting our guests, and cleanup. Throughout the week, volunteer are needed to help collect the food from various grocers who have been so generous in giving to the CedarWood Pantry.

The Word of God, not only teaches the importance of caring for those in need, but instructs us to do so. CedarWood Int’l will provide the perfect avenue for you to fulfill this calling. 

We have already begun to see abundant blessings as we reach out to those in need. These same blessings will be poured back upon those who partner with us for the sake of those who cannot help themselves at this time in their lives. Help us to help families stay together and grow stronger while overcoming today’s world’s many challenges.

In Him,
Nita Johnson

For More information on our CedarWood outreaches please contact:

Vivian Du-Porter
Director, CedarWood International
Cedarwood, BackPack Kids