Prayer Points for the week of October 17, 2021


We encourage you to follow the leading of the Spirit within the prayer points. 



1) Pres. Trump – protection of him and his family. Declare the blood of Jesus over them and those close to him. Bind & dispel any witchcraft or spells sent against them.

– Pray the 7 spirits of God be manifested in his life (Is 11:1-3) 

– Pray that God will return him to his rightful position in His perfect timing, and give the people grace for the transition.

-Pray that God will continue to raise up rods of righteousness to stand with him as this nation is brought back under the Rule of Law.


2) Media – Pray for complete exposure of the corruption and the communistic roots and directives within Gov and CCP controlled big tech, news & entertainment outlets. Pray for the success of Pres Trump’s Big Tech lawsuit. Pray that the people of the nation will come to demand that truth reign in our nation.



3) Justice – Pray God’s will be accomplished through all that is taking place in our nation and that the people will demand Justice.

-Pray for Justice to prevail in the forensic audits of the 2020 election that our elections will come under Constitutional mandates.

-Call forth forensic, successful audits nationwide. Pray for Justice in the Courts and removal of the unjust judges. Pray for safety and vindication for Mike Lindell, Patrick Byrne, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Marjorie Taylor Green,  and others standing for Constitutional justice.


4) The Church: Repent for compromise and rebellion in the church.

-Pray for the heart of the Church to be revived to God

-Pray for the Blackrobe Regiment to arise in Pastors today bringing with it a boldness to stand on His Word.

-Call forth Revival to pour out across our land.

-Religious persecution around the world. Pray for a revival to break out in heavily persecuted areas, Communist regimes, Taliban, ISIS-K and Islamic regions.




5) Pray against false flags:

Pray against attacks on the twin towers in Chicago and DC per the dream Ricci had

– Pray for an end to Covid, including exposure of the truth concerning variants and vaccines. Pray that God will intervene for those facing terminations due to their refusal to submit to vax mandates.

-Pray for exposure of the lies behind the extreme climate change agenda, targeted fires and drought on the west coast, and floods in the east. This is merely another method of control. Declare NO to any more lockdowns.

Pray to remove the false narrative manufactured by man to split peoples, thru BLM, Dem agenda, Antifa, and the spirit of lawlessness. For a Patriotic unity.



6) The Children: Repent over Human Trafficking and Abortion. Repent/intercede against the LGTBQ+, communist, and CRT (Critical Race Theory). Pray for a return to the 1776 patriotic education. 

– Pray for the overturning of Roe vs Wade and Doe vs Bolton and the establishing of statewide laws supporting life at conception.


Blessings in Him,