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Tommy Hicks 1961 Vision

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The Refining Part 10; “Allowing the Finger of God to Transform You” With Ricci Wilson

The Refining Part 9 “Becoming His Ambassador” with Ricci Wilson

This is the next in “The Refining” series to prepare us to enter in to the call of the New Breed of Believers. 

The Refining Part 8 “Preparing our Dwelling Place” By Ricci Wilson

2-15-18 “Walking in Forgiveness” with Ricci Wilson

The Refining Part 11; “Have you Learned How to Love?” with Ricci Wilson

2-8-2018 Nita Johnson- “Victories!”

This message was followed by our 2-8-2017 Corporate Prayer Call located in the Intercessor’s Vault 

2-1-2018 The Refining of 2018

This word regarding the church was given to Ricci by the Lord January 31, 2018. This was immediately followed by our corporate prayer call. If you’d like to pray with

“The Refining”

The attached audio is from a teaching Ricci did with our staff. This year will be a difficult but precious year with our Lord. Allow Him to speak to your spirit through this message and let the refining process begin within you today. Much love, Joel’s Army Leadership

10-13-2016 ChemTrails Part 1 – Lin Warner

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