Dear Friends:

It is my great pleasure to write you and boast upon the Lord once again. We had such a wonderful weekend in Portland wherein the Lord met us and did something amazing! Let me start from the beginning:

Several weeks ago, it was brought to my attention that the Portland area, in particular, was once again in danger. Magmatic and seismic energy was moving to a peak, and as a result, hundreds of thousands of lives were at stake. Things were quickly moving to an irreversible crises point therefore, we had to move quickly if we were going to gather together the intercessors and attempt to intervene through prayer. With the little bit of information I was given, I went to the Lord. I asked him if we had only gained a year of respite from the danger so eminent last year. Was I to carry this information of impending destruction, anguishing over it, simply allowing this terrible series of calamities take place, doing nothing? I was filled with unbelievable anxiety. I prayed all night long without hearing a word. The next day, while driving to an appointment, I began to pray again. Immediately, Jesus spoke to me; “I told you that if you would gather the people together in Portland and work with Me, obeying My instructions, I would work with you. I have not changed My mind.”

So, the call went out to the intercessors to gather in Portland once again and they responded! Our time of intercession lasted for two days. At the end of the 2nd of 3 sessions, the news came; the dilemma has been stayed. The energies that cause earthquakes and feed volcanoes had both had been neutralized! The scientist that sent me the report said that in all his years in this field, he has never seen such a sudden reversal of this magnitude. Once again we came to the Lord with humble hearts, we submitted ourselves through obedience in intercessions, and comforted the Lord’s heart. He answered our pleas and intervened, thus quieting the earth once again. With that wonderful news under our belts and one more service remaining, we spent it praying for specific things that were on the Lord’s heart following it with ministry to those who came.

What a weekend! What an amazing love God has for us and once again, it was displayed through His mercy!

I want to remind you of the upcoming training session here in Seattle the weekend of October 5th. We have several things that need serious intercession and we will address these issues during the training session. The Lord wants to empower the intercessors for the days ahead!  Therefore, we will experience the prophetic and release the intercessors into a new arena of intercession. America is on the brink of some serious things, as is Israel. We will use this time together to pray that God’s mercy will prevail. If you will come, and we can weep with the Lord over the issues near to His heart, we may be able to push back WWIII for a bit longer. It is not God’s time for Israel to attack Iran, but it will take the prayers of hundreds, maybe even 1000s to stop it. Come and join us – God will reward you!

In His Love,

Nita Johnson