Prayer Points for the week of May 20th 2018

  1. Pray for increase in President Trump’s walk with the Lord that he would learn to abide under the Psalms 91 covering. Pray the Lord will instruct President Trump in His Word, in prayer, that he would clearly hear His voice and know God’s heart and His will. Pray for continuing supernatural protection for the President, Melania, and family. Pray for strength to stand, that slanderous accusations would be dismantled, and any attempt to remove/replace him would fail. (Jeremiah 1:10, Acts 4:29).
  2. Pray for Justice concerning all the legal dealings of Michael Flynn, Manafort and Michael Cohen, that leaking of information would stop. Pray for wisdom for the Pres. concerning how to deal with Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein. Pray for wise legal counsel and intervention to go in the Pres.’s favor.  Pray that all betrayers be exposed and removed! (Isaiah 54:17, Hebrews 4:13).
  3. Pray for great wisdom and discernment for President Trump in world affairs, concerning Russia, China, Israel, and Pray against any interference in the denuclearization of N. Korea and for Iran, that there be NO WAR, for peace on all fronts. Domestically, pray for wisdom in how to secure funding to build the wall and accomplish God’s will in the Congress. Pray for legislation to remove political opinion from District Court Judges and for Constitutionality in decisions.  Pray for all open judicial positions to be filled by Pres Trump with conservative judges. (Job 38:11).
  4. Pray for the complete exposure, arrests, convictions, and jail for all corrupt politicians, judges, or intelligence agents in Washington DC who are involved in the many and on-going DNC & Clinton crimes, Obama administration and FBI cover-ups, the Pizzagate scandal, and related issues. Bring all to justice. (See our website for breakthroughs fighting against human trafficking).
  5. Pray for peace in Israel and the Middle East, peace with Russia, Iran and Syria, that the Lord send His spirit of Shalom to quiet the upheaval of the Muslim community in all parts of the world over the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem, and bring world leaders into alignment with the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. (Psalm 122:6, Matt 24:4, Zechariah 12:3).
  6. Pray that Jeff Sessions establish leadership in the DOJ and that there be just oversight of Rod Rosenstein and Bob Mueller. Pray that the FISA abuse investigation and the I.G. report come out soon revealing all illegal actions and that all documents subpoenaed by Congress would be turned over. Pray that Mueller’s investigation of Pres. Trump be stopped and turned toward the illegal Democrat offenses instead. Pray for the truth in the US voting process and exposure of any voting fraud taking place. Pray for justice in all mid-term elections, for strong Republican turnout and for great favor in crucial Senate and House races (Ted Cruz, TX), that God would replace retiring Congressmen and that His choice would be elected for the new Speaker of the House.
  7. Pray for God to expose all agendas behind the false unity movement. Pray that supernatural winds of change sweep through our churches, lifting the Spirits of deception, compromise, and apathy. Pray for God to expose sin and indulgence in the Church followed with repentance and consecration of the leaders. Pray for the pouring out of the spirit of holiness, purity, and sanctification to make clean.    (1 Tim 2:1-3, 2 Cor 6:14-17).
  8. Pray for stability in the U.S., European, & Asian economies, that the elite would not gain a foothold to create a downturn in the markets.  Pray there not be an upset in the SDR currency basket balance.
  9. Pray the 7 R’s – Repentance, Revival, Reformation, Revelation, Reclamation, Revolution, and Reconciliation.  Pray the Spirit of Reformation will cause truth to burn through the deception released through the false unity movement.



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State control of parent’s choice for children


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CA banning of the sale of any books addressing gender identity