Dear Friends and Intercessors,

We want to humbly thank you for your faithful support as friends of this ministry. Some of you support us through financial means; some of you support us with your time as volunteers; others through prayer support – all of which are equally important to us at WFJM.

It is with your help that the Lord carried us through the enormous cost of moving across the country this year.  As you probably know, this was an unplanned move. We were prepared to stay in NOLA until the glory we were experiencing during the services at "The Sanctuary" fell upon the city. However, in the first quarter of 2012, within a matter of 24 hours, four prophets and a prophetic intercessor contacted us and prophesied that an immediate move was in order. In addition, they shared with us that NOLA needed further preparations through His discipline and would not see revival right away. Therefore, out of obedience to the Word of the Lord, and with great sadness, we departed and headed to the Northwest. The Lord came to me making it clear that He did not want us to have to travel through that season of discipline in NOLA. Furthermore, He explained that He had a more immediate blessing for the Nation to be accomplished through the Northwest and He wanted us to help prepare the way for this outpouring. I was reminded that one plants, another waters and yet another does the harvesting, but, the Lord gives the increase! So, we embraced the Word of the Lord, trusting that He would keep His promise to us, as well as NOLA (if they would only humble themselves and repent), and embarked on the long journey to the Northwest.

Since arriving in the Seattle area God has called us, together with the intercessors, to come together and on several occasions intercede in order to prevent serious crises that were headed for the area. In addition, we are currently working with the intercessors in the Portland area to help the regional people prepare the way for Revival!

After months of diligent work, and many, many prayers lifted up to our Lord, we are once again streaming our prayer and teaching services live so you can participate with us in our Seattle meetings. Participation in corporate prayer is critical in this hour as we continue to intercede for our Nation and its ills, as well as pray that God will usher Revival into our land. You can take a look at our website to ascertain the times and the days of the meetings so you too can join us in the fight!  Please, seriously consider joining us; the only thing that will save America is prayer! 

On top of the things I have already mentioned, we have moved full speed ahead in our quest to "Save America". The weekly prayer meetings are part of that effort and according to several visions that I was given upon moving here, we are to forge on and actively mobilize Joel’s Army to engage in the necessary warfare to Save America! Further, our team is connecting and establishing Prayer Cells (PCs) across America and Canada and active PCs are popping up under the auspicious of World for Jesus Ministries even now all over America. These PCs consist of a leader and a group of intercessors acting as "Cells of Intercession" at the local level. People are also coming together on a prayer call once a week to engage at the National level.  Our PCs are popping up all over the land and we continue looking for Intercessors and PC Leaders to fill these ever-increasing cells. Pray about joining this effort, and then contact our office to see how you too can become involved. Needless to say, we are more than busy trying to keep up with the influx of people of this magnitude.

We have also opened a "Prayer Vault".  Until now, due to the sensitive nature of our intercessions, we have been unable to put these sessions on our website for the general public. Unfortunately, this limits participation in intercessory prayer to the designated times. Now, with the “Prayer Vault”, we can provide you with a secure page on our website wherein our team will upload the prayer services so you can login and pray along with us 24 hours a day. The prayer sessions in the “Prayer Vault” are actual sessions that we have held in the recent past and they are still pertinent to today’s needs. They are powerfully anointed as the Lord has invested Himself in our meager human endeavors to yoke ourselves with Him to save America.  Intercessors are logging in from around the globe to intercede with us, PCs are using these sessions to further learn how to intercede over sensitive issues, and now we are seeing 24/7 prayer going up to cover critical issues! You can go on the website or contact Karen at the office to learn how you can access this vault for the purpose of praying at home by yourself or with friends.

Another means of making a way for prayer warriors to join us and grow as intercessors is our weekly conference call prayer meetings. Don and Lin presently head the West Coast initiative, and Kin and Debbie have joined us to head our East Coast initiative. God is answering the prayers of these faithful intercessors regularly. As this grows, we will grow too adding additional regional initiatives to enable you to join in as well.

As you can see, we are attempting to find new ways to bring the Intercessors together to pray for this Nation in preparation for the difficult times ahead and well as the wonderful times of refreshing. Please find a way to join us in one or more of these endeavors. You will be glad you did. Last but not least, don”t forget the Gathering of the Eagles that we have several times a year. Participating in the PCs, Empowering Joel’s Army Conferences, the weekly prayer call, and logging into the Intercessor’s Vault will all help prepare you to be stronger, more effective intercessors when we come together to repent, intercede and engage in spiritual warfare during the GOEs.

Every few months, we will come together from across this land to convene in one location to receive training, refreshing, and seek the face of God.  As if this is not enough, the Lord has asked us to prepare to feed the hungry. This is an issue that touches all of us so deeply as such, we are looking into the logistics of how we can go about doing this. Our hope is to link up with a local Pastor who is a friend of ours and begin providing the resources when needed. Please help us keep this in prayer.

I hope I have been able to give you a peek into what the Lord is doing in WFJM. While we are growing exponentially in our ability to "Save America" through the "Joel”s Army" outreach, we are not growing in financial contributions. I believe that wherever God guides us, He will provide if we will only pray. Therefore, we ask you to please join with us in prayer for all that the Lord is put on our plate, pray that He will provide for us financially as we embark upon this next phase in our ministry, embracing the challenges that lay ahead and raise up Joel’s Army to Save America!

We also ask that you please pray that He will increase the monthly supporters, as well as those who give when they can, and bless each and every person who sows into the work WFJM is doing. The Lord knows the need, and we know the One who loves to provide, so we seek Him in faith!

We bless you in the Name of the Lord. May He meet all your needs according to His riches in glory.

Stay joyful my friends, as the Lord is about to do something wonderful for our Nation!

In Him,

Nita Johnson


Weekly Schedules

Dear Friends, just a reminder to join us for our prayer services. Our livestreaming is up and running so you can join us from around the globe!

Our schedule is as follows:

Wednesday mornings at 10:30am PSTCorporate Prayer Session

Thursday Evenings at 7pm PSTBrief teaching on prayer followed by corporate intercession

Friday mornings at 10:30am PSTCorporate Prayer Session

Friday Evenings at 7pm PSTTeaching by Nita Johnson

You can join us for our online services in Seattle through the livestreaming page on our website.

If you are in the Seattle area, please join us for the above services at:

Bethel Chapel

23010 66th Ave West

Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043

(425) 774-9300