What does it mean to pray for the 9 R’s?


The seven R’s – Repentance, Revival, Revolution, Reformation, Reclamation, Revelation, and Reconciliation – are what, through prayer, we all are birthing into this nation. We are birthing God’s forgiveness into this nation each time we repent and birthing His Restoration. He is re-constituting this nation. We must pray constantly for The Constitution – regularly, every day – because that is what those who are trying to destroy America are tearing apart.


The battle is intense, but we will see the fullness of revival flowing across this nation. God is going to release, in this hour, a level of Jubilee anointing, Isaiah 61, to take the Church out of bondage and, literally, into its maturity.




  1. Repentance is one way the Lord heals a land


  1. Identificational Repentance
    • Means to repent for sins of forefathers as though they were our sins
    • Daniel 9:3-21
    • According to Ezekiel 14:14 Daniel was one of the 3 most righteous men in the earth yet here he sits at the feet of the Father repenting for the sins of his forefathers
    • Daniel prays as though they were his own sins
    • That is an example of identificational repentance
    • The Bible carries the concept of identificational repentance from the beginning clear up to the death of Christ
    • Christ, bearing the ultimate priestly ministry of identificational repentance on behalf of all men
    • And it is still a value in the eyes of God today
    • This repentance undoes the legal hold that allows the enemy to operate
    • As we come and bow down before Him in repentance and return to intercede in righteousness, He will cleanse us and lift us up and make us a nation respected throughout the earth




  1. Weeping is not the healing of America or any nation
  2. Weeping and repentance builds a pathway for God to come in spirit of revival
  3. Revival is what heals the nation
    • God’s mercy is so great that He pours out that part of Himself to heal a nation that really does not deserve it
  4. Revival will awaken this nation
    • we will see a harvest unlike any we have ever seen
    • This revival will work in conjunction with God’s Revolution


  1. He wants to honor the sacrifice of the martyrs throughout history with revival
    • It is His gift to them as well as to us




  1. This will be a divine revolution


  • It is not going to stop until it fulfills God’s
  • This revolution is going to be as complete as it was in days of
  • Look at the grace of freedom that was promised to all Americans
  • Look at the beauty of the Constitution and government that was established
  • God is sending this revolution into the heart of the Church
  • He is also sending this revolution into the secular arena


  1. Pray He will prepare us to recognize and welcome His
    • And pray His Spirit will make known and accomplish His will as it
    • According to many visions Nita has had, the end is a wonderful thing
    • It will positively touch the Church, the Nation, and the Nations of the world before it is



  • Reformation brings change.
  • Revival cannot do what Reformation
  • Revival affects many things in a magnificent way and will get people’s
  • But to change the very core of human existence, Reformation is necessary
  • The result of this Reformation will be a tremendous change and shift in the world
    • We pray for Reformation and Revival to break the powers of darkness that cannot be broken by any other means
    • And that through this breaking, He will make us holy and pleasing in His sight
  • More importantly Reformation will bring forth the Bride of Christ
  • It brings the release of Melchizedek Priesthood and Mighty Men of Valor
  • The Reformation and the Jubilee anointing will transform the Church of Christ
    • The Jubilee anointing has the capacity to change you and me in a moment from a baby Christian into an adult son
    • It can bring us into the full stature of Christ – living, thinking, breathing, and being in
    • It is what we saw in Him when He walked on this
    • The Jubilee anointing will bridge the chasm helping the Body get from baby to adult

Nita asked the Lord what brought Him the greatest pleasure? This was His answer:

  • “The day the Father releases the Jubilee anointing as depicted in Isaiah 61 because that is what is going to bring My Church into Ephesians 4:12.13.




  1. America (and the world) needs Christ to reclaim her from the very foundation
    • We need Him to rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the streets of righteousness for our Nation to travel on
    • We pray for Him to give us a willing heart of intercession and travail for this invaluable reclamation of the Nation
    • Every nation needs His reclamation power to restructure the infrastructure of the Nation


  1. God is reclaiming the
    • The Lord spoke to me (Nita) very powerfully and told me that the land of America is the American Church’s heritage, a gift of love from above.  We need to see it as our heritage and seek to protect it as such. He wants us to have the same love for America that He does.
    • The reason America is in the trouble she is in now is because the Church has not kept the land in their hearts as a heritage from the Lord thus watching over it in righteousness
    • When the Church returns to the nurture of this nation in righteousness America will return to the proper Fatherhood role it has been called to among the nations of the world
    • It is not in the Father’s heart to dispossess the First Nations people but to bring the Kingdom to their needy hearts, give the nation as a whole to His Church, which would include the born again First Nations People.


  1. We must learn to take the dominion in love today by standing for righteousness.




  1. God is going to reveal The Kingdom
    • Pray for revelation to come to the Church that she might arise in the superior excellence of His Majesty and His might


  1. We pray for the Revelation of Jesus Christ yet to come. We know in part, but there is a greater knowing that has been ordained for this time
    • Pray He will prepare His Church to be able and ready to receive and embrace His Revelation
    • We pray that He will reveal Himself to us



  • We must do our part to stand in the righteousness of God for the nation.
  • Pray for healing of those who have suffered as a result of their heritage
  • Pray for deep healing so they can become testimonies and overcomers in Him
  • Pray we’ll be one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all


How can we rebuild the ruins in faith?


As a ministry, World for Jesus has spent 21 years dismantling the enemy’s plans through repentance, tearing down strongholds as The Lord has directed. The Lord knows how to bring us thru and into our ordained destiny as a nation. America is like a child who has a great destiny, but she has not learned how to keep her flesh under control in order to obtain that destiny. We have a good and loving Father who is saying, “I have a child (America) who has all the qualities to be great so I am going to help her so she can fulfill her destiny.”

The Father has spoken His Heart for America. He said, “I have given America to be free!” The Father has given America to the Church, but we must take it and reign in it and maintain it. We are here in this time and season to stand in the gap. We, must do our part to see this nation stand in the righteousness of God – “one nation, under God.” He has instructed us: “You are to rebuild the ruins in faith.”


And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt: you shall raise up the foundations of [buildings that have laid waste for] many generations: and you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell in.

Isaiah 58:12 AMP


Our job is to rebuild – recreating, rebuilding this nation in faith. He is speaking: “Rebuild! Rebuild! Prepare ye the way of The Lord. Make the way straight for His Glorious Reign!”


…Prepare in the wilderness the way of the LORD – clear away the obstacles – make straight and smooth in the desert a highway for our God!

Every valley shall be lifted and filled up, and every mountain and hill shall be made low; and the crooked and uneven shall be made straight and level, and the rough places a plain. And the glory – majesty and splendor – of the LORD shall be revealed. Isaiah 40:3-5a AMP


He spoke to Nita and told her, “I will help you rebuild if you will let me.” So under His Leadership, we pray, we proclaim, we decree, we declare until His Glory comes, and churches on fire are filling this land, until the righteous and upright are filling the government offices, until our children are safe in the educational structure of this land, Jesus is Lord of this nation.