Dear Friends,

This is one of the most powerful and critical messages of our time.  The Save America Campaign is designed to help you understand what the Illuminati is planning for the future of America and what we as intercessors can do about those plans.  Some of the facts you are about to hear can be difficult to embrace, but I encourage you to ask the Lord to help you, as understanding the truths contained within are critical to becoming an effective prayer warrior in the battles that lay ahead. Together, we can wrest America from the hands of the Illuminati and Save America!

You will need the following for The Save America Campaign:

Two audio files- part one and part two of the October 8, 2011 teachings which can be found on our Medialog page.

– Nita refers to a video during the teaching, you can view it with the following link:

* JFK Speech – you will hear this during the audio file. However, if you wish to view the brief clip, please click on the following link:

Below are two PDFs. They will help you as you listen to the Save America Campaign messages on our medialog page. I recommend you print them both out prior to beginning the message so you can take notes as you listen.

-PDF entitled "PDF Outline to accompany Save America Campaign" This file contains Nita’s personal outline to assist you as you listen to the Save America Campaign messages.

-PDF entitled  “PDF to accompany Save America Campaign”. This file contains the slides that were presented during the message.

Please prayerfully consider all that you have received. If you are a seasoned intercessor and want to be a part of the Save America Campaign by guiding other intercessors in your area in prayer, then together we can wrest America from the hands of the Illuminati. Nita will meet with these leaders and help them understand what God is saying and how these promises are to be fulfilled so they can take the messages back to their prayer groups and together we can take America back from the Illuminati! The first of these training sessions were in Seattle, WA, January 6-7, 2012 and Portland, OR May 28-June 1, 2012. 

We are in the process of preparing for continued meetings and training sessions LIVE ONLINE as well as further face-to-face conferences. This intercessory army or "Joel’s Army" is going to press on toward the victory in God!

(See page 13 of the PDF above for more information on ‘A Plan to Touch America".) 

We are going to train up intercessory cell group leaders or "Joel’s Army" who will in turn, train up their intercessor cell groups throughout this nation and ultimately around the world to truly learn and effectively intercede over critical issues. 

The first training session for Joel’s Army Cell group leaders will be a two-day training session in Seattle, WA. This will be for 200 seasoned intercessors who feel they have the capacity to become a Joel’s Army cell group leader. 

We are asking for seasoned intercessors world-wide who are willing to lead other intercessors in their area. If you feel that God is calling you to be one of the 200 Joel’s Army Cell group leaders OR an intercessor, please fill out the application (this is a MSWORD document) and then either mail it to our office or email it to Joel’s Army If the link does not work, the email address is:  The Director of our Intercessor Campaign will review your application and be in touch.

If you do not feel qualified to lead but would like to be a part of Joel’s Army, we ask that you still fill out the application and send it in so we can connect with you and help you connect with other intercessors in your area.

Blessings in Him,