Nita Johnson




This is not going to be an easy message, but it is an important one. God does nothing without telling His prophets, so that His prophets will tell His people. (Amos 3:7) It is so important to Him that you know and understand what He is doing. Nothing happens in the earth unless somehow His Spirit is in it. God makes decisions, and for our part, we listen and obey.


Years ago, while ministering in Singapore, I was worshiping the Lord in a service when suddenly, I found myself in heaven. I stood, unescorted, in a corridor. I wondered why I was there. Before long, the angel of the Lord came. He said, “You are here to learn something about heaven and about God’s government. Watch!”  


Then I saw the elders of heaven. They walked down this same corridor toward me. I stood next to a doorway to a room that had three levels of benches resembling marble like bleacher seats lining the walls,. The bleachers went around the circumference of the room so that the middle of the floor was open. The elders walked past me as though they did not even see me. One by one, they filed into this room and took a seat. I cannot say that I have met many non-Biblical saints in heaven, but I have been privileged to have met many of these Biblical elders in heaven. So I recognized them as they walked by me. I thought, as we neared the end of the line, “Gee, I wonder what they’re all doing.” Then the last one finally filed in.


After a few minutes, the Lord Himself entered the room. He stood at a podium at the head of the room. He asked all of the elders, “Did you study the material I gave you?” You may be surprised to hear that there is study in heaven! All of them responded with, “Yes!” He said, “Alright. Then we have a decision we must make about Iraq. So I’m going to look at each of you and, one by one, I want you to tell me your decision.” The material that they had been given to read, incidentally, was regarding whether or not it was time to judge Iraq by war. That was the decision they had to make. Decisions like that are first made in heaven and then transported into the hearts of the people on earth who have to implement them.


One by one, they voted. Every single one of them answered, “It is time.” After the last person gave his vote, the Lord said, “It shall be!” We began bombing Iraq that very morning. Remember, I was ministering in Singapore at the time. I was not paying attention to the news and knew nothing about what was happening in the Middle East. This experience was given to me so that God could help you understand that He is involved in the affairs of man.


He is also involved in the affairs of nations, and America is one nation that is very important to Him. For many years, we have been holding international prayer meetings for America many times a year. We call them “The Gatherings of the Eagles,” “GOE’s,” or simply, “Gatherings.” The Lord gathers together people who love to pray and who like to look at the things that are of concern to His heart. It is one thing to pray about your family, home, friends, and all of the items on your prayer list which are important to your heart. You wonder, “Boy, when is God ever going to answer my prayers?” It is one thing to do that. But it is quite another thing to go into the prayer closet and know that everything you are praying about today are the most important matters on His heart, and that you are actually interceding in such a way as to bring comfort to the heart of the Lord. To me, it is an amazing thing that a human being can comfort the great heart of God. So, that is what we do. We prepare with much prayer. Then we come together, and we pray only about those things over which He directs us to pray.. From the first Gathering we held some fourteen years ago, until the present, we pray only about the issues that concern His heart regarding America.


We did not even know why He wanted these Gatherings in the beginning. The Lord visited me, and He simply said, “You either do this, Nita, or America is going to see war with no revival.” With an ultimatum like that, what are you going to do? I said, “Uh, no, Lord. I am sorry I can’t do that. I cannot carry that kind of heavy responsibility.” He replied, “I haven’t created anyone else to do it. It’s on your lap.” So, needless to say, we are doing it, as commanded!


Here we are, after so many years of prayer. We are nearing a point in time where we will go through a very difficult season. It is partially because God wants to shake the bugs out of the nest, partially because the Church needs a little readjustment, and partially because America needs a little spanking. This spanking is not because of His wrath. God is not standing in heaven, yelling and screaming with His wind blowing hard against America, in order to see just how much we can take. That is not the heart of God. Those things which are coming are for the purpose of preparing us for His glory, that we would become a sort of dwelling place for God. His glory shall be here in our midst. He wants to do something with America that will vindicate His decision for creating this nation in the first place. This difficult season will bring forth the purpose and plan of the Father. He is wrapping up the discipline with a final heavy dose, you might say, and beginning to rebuild our nation in the midst of it. The Prophet cried out, “In the midst of the years make known!”  (Hab. 3:2) In a time of great discipline make known your mercy.


Right now, America is like an untrained, undisciplined horse. Have you ever seen a herd of wild horses running free over the hills and down through the valleys? Do you like the look of dominion and freedom it bears?  I love it! I think it is one of the most beautiful scenes in nature. As beautiful as it is, however, the horses are not fulfilling their highest and best purpose for which they were created when they are running free, untamed and untrained. They are not yet productive, only majestically beautiful. America is like that. The Lord God has a great purpose for us, but left untrained, we will never accomplish it.


We Christians must view the situation realizing that what God is about to bring us through, He is doing out of His love. It is like a father who knows that his teenage son has just gone a little bit too far, and it is time for discipline. The father disciplines, not out of anger, spite, or ill will, but out of love for his son. God lovingly disciplines us the same way, except with much greater love. He disciplines us that we might be sharers of His holiness. (Heb. 12:10)


Recently, I shared with you a series of prophetic revelations in “Prophetic Insight: 2013 and Beyond.” This is not part two of that message; I will share part two with you at another time. This message is about an entirely different set of revelations. It is about three dreams and a vision that I have had over the last ten days or so. They are very important for you to know about because you belong to Him and because you are a person of prayer. I am so thankful that so many of the people who walk with us really love to pray. God is going to invite you into His mission. He is going to invite you to the table of prayer on His behalf so that He can bring forth His own desires for America. He wants to bring the people of America through to that ultimate end. Please receive this message on that basis.


Isaiah 8:11-14 Amp.  For the Lord spoke thus to me with His strong hand [upon me], and warned and instructed me not to walk in the way of this people, saying, Do

not call conspiracy [or hard, or holy] all that this people will call conspiracy [or

hard, or holy]; neither be in fear of what they fear, nor [make others afraid and]

in dread. The Lord of hosts—regard Him as holy and honor His holy name [by

regarding Him as your only hope of safety], and let Him be your fear and

let Him be your dread [lest you offend Him by your fear of man and distrust

of Him]. And He shall be a sanctuary [a sacred and indestructible asylum to

those who reverently fear and trust in Him]; but He shall be a Stone of stumbling

and a Rock of offense to both the houses of Israel, a trap and a snare to

the inhabitants of Jerusalem.


When the Lord begins to outline His plans and purposes for the future, and those things seem to be difficult or frightening, it is to prepare you. I remember when an angel, riding a huge, white warhorse, visited me. He shared with me that there was coming a season of “treacherous days.” I describe this visitation in my book, Prepare for the Winds of Change. This angel was many times my size. The horse alone was the size of a house that you would find in a typical middle class neighborhood, so you can imagine how big the angel was. His voice trumpeted. It was a frightening situation. One of the things that he said was, “The days that are coming are treacherous times.” I remember thinking, “Oh my. This isn’t some prophet coming and speaking to me from the eyes or perspective of man. This is an angel coming and giving his words from the throne of God, and He is calling the days ahead treacherous times.” Those were not man’s words, but God’s words.


The days will be treacherous! They will be difficult, confusing, and chaotic. Your faith will be tested. Why is it important that you know this? It is like Jesus telling his disciples about the cross He was about to bear and the trouble that lay ahead. He told them in advance so that when they were in the midst of the suffering, sorrow, confusion, and chaos, they would remember and find comfort in His words. So as God speaks to His Church today, telling us that there is coming a very trying time, it is so that you will be comforted when it happens. He knew what was going to happen before it ever transpired. Out of His great love for us, He tried to prepare us.


About thirty years ago, the Lord gave me a vision that desperately shook me. That is the only way I know how to describe it. In this vision, I was standing in a house that was old, rickety, and poorly maintained. It was a house that I had run into for safety. I thought I would find rest there. However, through the window I noticed that a huge tornado was ripping across the landscape, and cutting a direct path straight toward this house. In desperation, I quickly considered my options for surviving the tornado. I decided, “Maybe what I should do is try to hold up the walls.” So I went over to the wall and pushed on it, trying to support it against the wind.. The wind, however, was getting so strong  I soon realized the house was going to topple despite my best efforts, and I found a place to hide.


When the vision was over, I was shaken. I said to the Lord, “This is frightening. What are You trying to tell me? Help me understand.” He answered, “There is a storm that is coming. Your house is not ready for it. You need to rethink how you see the Scripture, and prepare your house for the storm before it hits.”


The Scripture talks about building your house upon the sand or conversely building your house upon a rock. (Mt 7:24-27) A non-Christian cannot build his house upon the Rock, but a Christian can build his house upon the sand. If you open the Bible to Matthew 5, 6, and 7, Jesus clearly identified for us how to build your house upon the Rock. He clearly said to us, “If you do not do what I say, then you are building your house on the sand, and your house will collapse when the storm comes.” (Mt 7:26-27) It is not enough to know, love, or even memorize what He said in Matthew 5, 6, and 7. You must come to a place of letting Matthew 5, 6, and 7 cut through your heart like a sword, dividing asunder between soul and spirit, revealing to you the difference between where you live in conjunction with the Word, and what the Word requires of you.


As an example; “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” (Mt 5:6) What does it mean to hunger and thirst after righteousness? It means that you must come to a place of hating your own goodness and despising your own righteousness with a perfect hatred. Paul said, “And that I may [actually] be found and known as in Him, not having any [self-achieved] righteousness that can be called my own.” (Phil 3:9a Amp.) When the rich man came up to the Lord Jesus Christ, he said, “Good master.” Jesus said, “Why do you call me good? There is none good but One, that is, God.” (Mark 10:17,18) Our righteousness—our own personal works of doing and thinking right, which are the fruits of the soul—are as filthy rags to the Lord. (Is 64:6) We will never come to a place of hungering and thirsting after His righteousness until we have come to hate our own. Until we have learned to hate our own righteousness, our house is not yet built upon a rock. Your house is built upon the weak and shaking sand of self, even though you are a Christian.


“Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” (Mt 5:5) If you have self-love, you do not have meekness. If you are one that seeks to control friends, family, and situations, rather than riding them out in the spirit of goodness, gentleness, and meekness, then your house is not built upon the Rock. It is built upon the weak and shaking sand of self. Do you see where I am going? Study Matthew 5, 6, and 7 diligently. Let your heart hear the truth of those chapters. Let it convict you of where you lack. In every area that you do not align   your heart with this Word, your house rests upon weak and shaking sand. When the storm comes, and the wind beats against the house, it will fall.


The Lord first tells us what is coming. If it is a difficult thing, He searches out His prophets, through whom He will warn His people. We know in the natural what we must do to prepare for a storm, but there is also something that we must do in the inner man to prepare. That is really what He is after. You might say, “With all of the things that you share in this message, I’m not sure that I can prepare in time.” But if you will prepare your heart, God will take care of the rest. That is what I want you to know.


Dream: The Obama Freeze


I am going to share with you two dreams that I had. Both of these dreams were about Obama, America, the intercessors, and the Church. I cannot remember the details of the first dream except for one thing. A man said, “The Obama freeze is coming.” That may not initially mean a lot to us. However, consider what happened in Greece with the people’s finances. Consider what you see on the internet every day with regards to what may happen with our economy. Some will even go so far as to tell you what may happen when the economy crashes. One of the things to consider is that when the economy falls, they are going to do something to prevent  a national rush on the banks; they will freeze the funds. You may have prepared financially for the storm that is coming. However, if you did not take the extra step to hold gold and silver in your hands, what will you do when the crash comes and you cannot access your bank account? What are you going to do? You must prepare for this eventuality. How long the money will be frozen, I do not know. It will not be long. However, there is a fairly good chance that when it is thawed out, it is not going to be there at all, at least in the conventional way. So just making sure that you have money in your account is not the answer. There is coming a situation similar to, though not exactly the same as, what we saw happen recently with Cyprus. You need to prayerfully consider what God wants you to do to prepare for such an eventuality.


I contacted my friend and colleague Fred, and I shared with him about this dream. He wrote back, telling me what the Lord told him it meant. The Lord shared with him that the Obama freeze in my dream represents the freezing of your funds. You need to keep an eye on your bank account and pay close attention. I am going to share with you some additional things. I looked into several different sources while trying to fully understand what the Lord was showing me, so that we are not all living with just Nita’s interpretation of things. In a moment I want to share with you what I learned through others who know what they are doing for the sake of confirming His word to me.


Secondly, “The Obama Freeze,” refers to Obama putting a freeze on some areas of government spending. This will be striking in its dimension. Finally the “The Obama Freeze” will encompass a temporary freeze on wages.





Dream: Obama says, “A crisis is coming.”


After the dream about the “Obama Freeze” ended, I awoke and lay praying for quite some time. Eventually I fell back to sleep, and had another dream. In this second dream, I was attending an Obama Press Meeting. President Obama tried to tell the nation that a terrible crisis was about to come and the nation needed to prepare. He did not tell them exactly what the crisis would be, but he did attempt to allude to it with  somewhat veiled words.


When he was finished speaking, I got up and left the room. I went walking down a corridor when President Obama approached, walking toward me. I went up to him, and said to him, “The prophetic intercessors have been praying for you.” He answered, “Listen. A crisis is coming. In fact, it has already begun. There is nothing I can do about it. I tried. I’m asking you to believe that. I tried, but I could not stop it. This thing was taken out of my hands.” He continued, “Please tell the intercessors not to hate me. Pray for me. I really have tried to stop what is coming, but I couldn’t. They wouldn’t let me. Please don’t hate me. Please tell them to pray for me. He continued: It is the Elite that have taken control. The reason this cannot be stopped is because they want to reorganize Europe, and the only method available to them to accomplish their goals is going to cause suffering throughout the world. It is also going to terribly affect America. It has to. This thing cannot be stopped because it must happen.” When he said that it must happen, suddenly, I knew the Lord Himself was speaking through Obama. This is something that has to happen. It is about a worldwide economic crash.


In the Gatherings, we have prayed over the economy for many years. We have seen God set back the economic crash, time and time again. Every time the Elite set a date for it to happen, we prayed and the Lord intervened. He has done it repeatedly. But we have come to a time now that if it can be delayed at all, it is not going to get set back much more. This crash must happen. The Elite want to restructure or reorganize Europe, and they want to bring in their own currency, which is a different currency from what we are dealing with right now. The United States currency is really based on oil. We now function off of a fiat currency, but they want to bring in a gold-backed currency. It will be a world currency as well. It has to happen. That means we are going to go through the 1930s all over again. It is not going to be easy, but it will be as hard as it will be, based on our preparedness.


When this crash comes, I saw homes that were worth millions – depending upon location, they might have been worth one to three million dollars. They were beautifully decorated, well-appointed, and well-built homes. These former million dollar homes were selling on the market for $200,000. Now that is a drop! I thought, while walking through one of them, “Wow! This house would make a great house to open up for kids who have been forced onto the street because their parents couldn’t afford to feed them.” I told the realtor, “This house is really only $200,000? We could buy this house for the unfortunate street kids.” This is what the crash brought us to. It was a huge deterioration of an economy.


Obama said in the dream, “I tried to stop it.” When I shared this with one person, he said, “When God shows you things like this, it seems like it always ends up being right. However, Obama—sorry? I’m having a little bit of a hard time with that.” I replied, “Not only was Obama saying how sorry he was, but, I saw sorrow and grief in his eyes. I saw hurt, pain, and desperation.” He comes across as a very arrogant man, self-centered, narcissistic, who does not really care about what happens to America. Most Christians can barely stand to look at him because of his attitude.  However, the Bible talks about the hard, unfeeling look of guilt in Proverbs 21:29. I think we see that look a lot in Obama. He does have some of the personality characteristics that we think he has, but I want to tell you that deep in his heart, he really does not want to see what is coming. He may look like a man who cares not, but he does care.


As destiny would have it, President Obama is at the head of this country at a time when he is going to be drinking the floods of human sorrow. He is apparently going to be the man at the helm who will be responsible for putting this country back together once again when the initial crash is over. He is not a strong born-again Christian. He has confessed many times that he is Muslim. He has also confessed many times that he is a Christian, so he might be a little confused.  Nevertheless, in the level of grace he is walking in, he will not have sufficient wisdom to know what to do, unless the intercessors are praying for him. If we are praying for God to give him wisdom and grace, praying that he will walk with Christ, praying that God will redeem his soul and redeem all of these terrible circumstances, and praying that God will save him and his family, then it is very possible he can walk us through this crisis in the wisdom of God.


You may have joined us in prayer when we prayed for Obama just before the election last fall. That particular night, Jesus actually opened the threshold of heaven. I led prayer by listening to Him and watching Him pray. He was kneeling in prayer at some kind of altar before the throne of the Father, but He would, from time to time, stand up and turn around, look at me, and instruct me in how to pray next. We prayed for Obama that entire night literally line upon line under the instruction of the Lord Jesus Himself. He wept. He travailed. There was not one judgmental word that came from His mouth. Out of His lips came only words of love and care. He shared with me things that happened in Obama’s childhood that created the wounded man that he is today, and  his need for healing. So we prayed for that. It was a very powerful night in intercession. How many of you were here that night? I see, many of you!


So when I think about Obama, I always think about how Jesus prays for him, and the kinds of prayers He prays. His prayers are full of love, care, and compassion. While most of the Church would care less if he were to pass to his eternity, Jesus cares about whether or not this man can lead this country. He wants to see him healed of the things that hinder and the things that give him a perverted vision. He wants to strengthen his back in righteousness. He wants to bring clarity to his spiritual vision and to his practical vision. He wants to help him lead this country into a place where we will come through the storm and fulfill God’s destiny. However, that is not where we will be headed if we do not pray for him. We are headed for hard times that are much harder than God wants them to be.


I want you to think about the great depression in the 1930s and about what happened in Cyprus. In preparing for this message, among other things, I watched the video New Signs of the Elite by Lindsey Williams. Lindsey talked about what really happened in Cyprus. He revealed that the Elite brought about all of what we saw—but for a different reason than we were told. What really happened in Cyprus was not about repayment of their national debt. Cyprus was a money laundering country for, not the Elite, but for the very wealthy. Heads of large corporations, some bankers, mafia members, and others used Cyprian banks to launder money obtained through evil transactions such as sales of illicit drugs, contraband, or theft. What the Elite really wanted was the offshore bank accounts of these very wealthy who had made their money in corruption. The Elite sought to wipe these accounts clean. In this case the Elite did not accomplish all they desired. God moved on men to intervene before the worst could play out.


The Elite are going to go to country after country and do a similar thing. They are going to rape the bank accounts of these offshore banks and level the financial playing field of, not the Elite, but of the very wealthy. Lindsey said to watch countries like New Zealand, Japan, Canada, the Cayman Islands, Dubai, and Switzerland. We will see country after country go through a rupture like we saw in Cyprus. They will not do it the same way, according to Lindsey, but they will have the same results when they are done. People will lose whatever money they have in these offshore bank accounts which are used to avoid paying taxes to their own governments. In the meantime, the countries will go through the monumental shaking of economic earthquakes. This is all going to happen before America will be touched, according to the Elite. I can promise you, if they are going to do this in country after country, it will affect the world as a whole. When they get back around to America, it will send a mega eruption throughout the entire world economy. The end result will force the people and the governments of the world into massive debt.


For twenty-five years, I have been telling the Church to get out of debt. Do not buy anything on credit. Get every bit of debt you have paid off, and then borrow no more. I have been speaking about this for twenty-five years because the Lord started telling me about it thirty years ago. Our ministry is run debt-free. It is because for thirty years, I have lived with the knowledge that we were going to have an economic earthquake in this nation, and I did not want our ministry brought down through it. If we cannot afford to buy something, we do not buy it. So the way I live is the way I am instructing you to live. Get out of debt. Get rid of anything you own that is secured by debt. People say to me, “But, how do you buy a car without a loan?” My response is that you save your money, and then you buy what you can afford to buy without debt. If you can get your house sold and buy a cheaper house so that you do not have to have debt to secure that house, that would be amazing wisdom. Do whatever you have to do to get out of debt.


When this economic earthquake happens, the Federal Reserve will call their loans. By that time, it is likely that most housing in America will be backed by a Federal Reserve note. They will call their loans, and if you cannot pay your loan, you will lose your house. Now they may turn around and rent it to you. They do not need a nation full of empty houses while the people are in the street. Yet, look at what you have lost. You have lost years of equity and hard labor to maintain your home. If you can get the house paid off, pay it off. Then they cannot touch it. If you cannot pay it off, then seriously consider downsizing.


They are thinking right now that they are going to bring us to a climax of this economic earthquake around the end of 2014, or possibly in early 2015. The Lord showed me that through our intercession things are going on under the cover of the media that continues to delay their plans. Towards the end of this year, continuing through next year, they are talking about bringing the nation into what they call hyper-inflation. This means that everything you buy, even down to a cup of coffee, is very expensive. I think Alex Jones talks about taking your wheelbarrow full of money to get a tank of gas. It will not be easy. Be prayerful! Be very careful with your money, and do not buy things you do not need. I am not saying not to buy food, but do not buy frivolously. Only take care of your needs, and then pray and ask God what He wants you to do with the rest of it. Get on the internet and do some research. Find out about how to prepare yourself for the days ahead. There are those who are writing books so that even the common person who is not wealthy can know what to do to prepare himself for the days ahead. Please be responsible for your life. Prepare yourself for what is coming so that you are not taken by surprise. You do not want to be caught like the proverbial ostrich with his head in the sand, who thinks no one can see him because he cannot see them. Instead, find out what to do and then do it.


When the crash occurs, there will not be any new bailouts, such as the QE1, QE2, and so forth. We will not see anything like that because when the crash occurs, they are going to take us from the old system into the new system that will ultimately lead much of the world into the New World Order system. The whole world will be going into this new system.


Further, they want to destroy the United States Constitution because they want to bring a single world constitution into all the nations. So how are you going to pray about these things? They want to destroy our government because they want it turned over to a one world government. They want to destroy our courts because they want to turn our judicial system over to a world judicial system. They want to destroy our economy because they want us to be brought into a world economic system.


As we are standing at the cliff looking at their plans to destroy this nation, I want you to know that God has another plan and purpose.


Jeremiah 18:7 Amp.  At one time I will suddenly speak concerning a nation or kingdom, that I will pluck up and break down and destroy it; And if [the people of] that nation concerning which I have spoken turn from their evil, I will relent and reverse My decision concerning the evil that I thought to do to them. At another time I will suddenly speak concerning a nation or kingdom, that I will build up and plant it; And if they do evil in My sight, obeying not My voice, then I will regret and reverse My decision concerning the good with which I said I would benefit them.


There is a great evil that is planned against America. We do not talk a lot about that in our services because we are praying for just the opposite. Yet, I have been very faithful to you to let you know that the crisis is coming. I have not led you to believe that we are not going to go through a storm. I have repeatedly told you that the storm is coming, but the severity of it is dependent upon our intercession.


If you were to take your little boy or girl to the doctor because the child was very ill, and the doctor said to you, “Look, your child has cancer, and the child needs surgery.” If your doctor happens to be a Christian, and he says, “However, though it would be a very invasive surgery, and though we’re going to uncover a great deal of cancer, it does not have to be as bad as it seems it will be—if you will pray. God will intervene for your cancer ridden child if you will pray.” Would you spend nights awake praying for your child? Of course you would. God is saying, “If you will pray for your nation, which in My eyes is filled with cancer, I will intervene. My ears are open. I am ready to hear your prayer. I am ready to touch you, to touch your nation, and even to deliver your nation both from the judgments that it has brought itself into and from the plans and the schemes of the evil one.”


My dear friend, please listen to me. Prayer can shake this nation right out of the plans of the Illuminati. I do not care what anyone says. I get the prophetic words too from so-called prophets who say that God is fed up with this nation, and that He is judging this nation. They say that this nation is going to fall, and it is never going to be a great nation again. I get very offended by these words. What I would say to the people giving words like this is, first, you call yourself a prophet, but you are so immature you do not really know the heart of God. Secondly, you are sending out these horrific words to the Church, scaring people half to death, and convincing the Church that they do not need to pray for America because God is through with her. So you are stifling the prayers of the saints. God has shown you a difficulty, maybe. I am not even sure your vision is right, but let’s say that it is. You are teaching the Church to succumb to the works of the enemy instead of overcoming by believing God for His works. I get very frustrated and upset, but it is because I feel so protective of the Church. I also feel so protective of this nation for which we have been interceding for the past fourteen years.


We are going to go through hard and pressing times, but they are designed to bring us into the power of God. If we do not go through the hard times, we will not know the power. Without the hard times, we will not, as a nation know the intimacy and the beauty of Christ. Nor will we ever know our destiny, let alone meet it. So the hard times must come. I have said it all along. Our purpose is to bring us through the hard times and into the destiny for which God has created us.


People loved to pray until Obama was re-elected. Then people all over this nation quit praying. I think it was because they thought God was not interested in hearing our prayers. They thought, “What’s the use? We prayed and prayed, and he was re-elected.” He was re-elected through corruption, but he is still standing in the office that God must use to bring this nation through. As long as he is there, as intercessors, we must pray for him. In the dream, when Obama said to me, “Tell the people not to hate me,” he said it two or three times. He said, “Please tell them to pray for me.” He does not want you to hate him. He looks like he does not care, but he, in his heart of hearts, really does care.


Obama has had to do many things in office that really were not his will. I knew that about Clinton and Bush, and now I know it about Obama. There are many things he would not have done if he could have stopped them. Some people who are Christians say that is not true, and that he can choose not to do anything he does not want to do. However, what if there is a group of men who are telling you they are going to kill your child if you do not do what they tell you to do? Believe me, if they are issuing those kinds of threats to him, and it would not surprise me if they are, they would do it. In this way, they are not threats; they are promises. Furthermore, we do not know what the puppet strings are, what they look like, and how deeply they are anchored in his soul. All I know is that Obama has been forced to do things he does not want to do. Somehow, he needs you to understand that, and he needs you to pray for his freedom to lead. Pray for his freedom to bring this country out of the plans of the Elite.


In a vision given to one of Fred’s dear friends, the Lord showed America sinking into what looked like a pit of quicksand. Suddenly, a man’s hand came down from heaven and pulled America up in the very center of the country where she was sinking. The man’s hand established and stabilized America. That is His plan, but we are going to do some sinking first. Let’s look at Isaiah 10:27. This is a promise from the Lord.


Isaiah 10:27 Amp.  And it shall be in that day that the burden of [the Assyrian] shall depart from your shoulders, and his yoke from your neck.


Isaiah 10:27b KJV  And the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.


Then look at verses 32 and 34. In this passage, the Daughter of Zion is the Church.


Isaiah 10:32,34 Amp.  This very day [the Assyrian] will halt at Nob [the city of priests], shaking his fist at the mountain of the Daughter of Zion, at the hill of Jerusalem. [But just when the Assyrian is in sight of his goal] behold, the Lord, the Lord of hosts, will lop off the beautiful boughs with terrorizing force; the high in stature will be hewn down and the lofty will be brought low. And He will cut down the thickets of the forest with an ax, and Lebanon [the Assyrian] with its majestic trees shall fall by the Mighty One and mightily.


This is God’s promise. The Elite think they have their plans and purposes for this nation all sewn up. If the Church quits praying, they will be right. Nevertheless, if we will continue in our intercession, then at the very moment they are positive they have won in their desire over this nation, God is going to come with a terrorizing force. He is going to intervene. All you need to do is pray. Pray fervently with tears, travail, groaning, and weeping. Pray fervently and passionately that He will intervene. If you do not know what words to use, you do not have to worry about praying anything else. Just pray that He will intervene and deliver us from the New World Order.


America is a nation that, being delivered from our worst enemy, will be put into a position where we can help other nations who want to fight the antichrist system. We are the only nation that is really strong enough to be able to do that. God needs us. He created us to help fight that system. However—can I be very honest with you? The Church has been asleep. We love to entertain ourselves when we should be in prayer. We should be on our knees for our nation.


With regards to the reorganization of Europe, I do not know what it will look like when it is over, but it will not look like it does right now. This is not just a prophetic instruction. In the research that I have done, there are voices out there speaking into the Eurozone, all saying the same thing. With the way things are breaking up in Europe, the only way for this thing to travel at this point in time is toward a complete reorganization. I have not been shown or told what the reorganization is going to look like, but we need to start praying. This is how I want you to pray: “God, carry the nations through Your purpose and plan regarding Europe. And let nothing happen in this hour that is not Your perfect will.” That way, if you do not know what is supposed to happen, you are still praying in such a way that God can use your prayers to move mountains in Europe. Also, ask Him to send Europe revival!


Vision: The Elite Meeting


The third recent experience that I want to share was a vision. In it, I saw the Elite. I saw Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, Ted Turner, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, and many more faces that I did not know. These I have named were just the ones that I recognized. They were the Elite heads of the International Corporations. They were meeting together. They acted like they did not even know I was there. The topic of the meeting was: “how do we kill the ‘useless eaters?’” How do we get rid of the millions in America who are not part of the Elite? I saw one person stand up and give his spiel. Then another person stood up and gave his spiel, and so on. I was in horror and in awe. I could not believe human beings could be sitting around, discussing how to destroy most of the people who live in a nation.


I left that meeting when it was over, in horror, and I went over to my team. I said, “I’ve got to tell you what’s going on in that other room.” I began to share with them what I had heard, and how they were discussing the best way to rid themselves of America’s population.


When the vision ended, I thought, “I wonder if there really was such a meeting? I wonder if I could find something like that on the Internet?” Do you know what? There was, and it is on the Internet. So, we need to start praying that God will discomfit their plans. I am sure you are well aware of all of the corruption that has been revealed in recent weeks, such as the IRS and many other scandals that are surfacing. We have prayed about these things for years in the Gatherings that God would bring the corruption to light, and He is doing it. Anyone who says God does not answer prayer on the biggies—you need to join us and enjoy seeing it happen before your very own eyes. If He is answering the prayers to reveal the corruption, then He will do what we need Him to do about these International Corporations. Pray that God will discomfit their plans. Pray that He will reveal their plans to the American people. Pray that He will confuse their purposes, and that He will stop their hopes and dreams against America.


God will answer your prayers. He loves America, and He cares about the people of this nation. I do not know of any other country that has sent out more missionaries than America. Perhaps Germany did at one point. I do not know, but I do not think so. I think we, as a nation, have done more to get the Gospel out to the nations of the world than has any other nation. You may know that I am Jewish. It matters to God that we have made a home for the Jewish people in this nation, and we have allowed them to prosper here. Because we have taken care of Jewish people, God considers it His personal debt to repay the kindness given to the natural seed of Abraham. Because this nation has allowed the Church to prosper, and because we have allowed the Jewish people to prosper, God feels a certain debt of gratitude towards America. He loves this country. He really does not want to see America destroyed. She needs only to be disciplined and brought back into a place where He can bless us. So pray these prayers in faith.


False Doctrines Embraced By the Church


I also clearly saw one of the things that will happen to the Church. We are heading there already. I was in a huge room full of people, and everyone there was a Christian. I saw an Imam, an Islamic leader, teaching the Christians about Islam. When he finished, he took an altar call for those who wanted to embrace Islam. Everyone in the room raised their hands, and Chrislam was born in America. I saw something like a veil of deception come upon the people the minute they raised their hands. It came and fell down upon the people, and their vision was changed. I said to the Lord, “What is going on here? These people are Christians. How can they embrace Islam?” The Lord said, “They are people of compromise.” I am well aware that Chrislam has already begun. Nonetheless, I guess when I heard about it, I did not give it much thought because it seemed so absurd to me. Now God is saying, “This is an issue that’s on My heart, and so it needs to become an issue on your heart.”


The day is coming when false doctrines will be preached and embraced in this nation. The Christians who have hearts of compromise are going to embrace them, and they will be deceived and destroyed. I asked the Lord, “Is this mixture the only one?” He replied, “No.” So I said, “What are the others?” He brought to my attention another movement that is yet in its infancy in the body of Christ. People are getting involved in knowing and understanding the roots of Judaism and how the Church is of Israel. Paul talked about it himself in the Bible. They start getting involved in understanding the roots of the Judeo-Christian faith, but instead of just understanding the roots and heading up to the glory at the top of the tree, they get sunk in the roots, where they lose the beauty of their faith. What the Lord showed me is that this deception will be propelled to a whole new dimension. It will be the Book of Hebrews all over again. The people will hear this teaching, and instead of embracing grace and faith, they will go back to embrace the law. They will lose their salvation over it.


There will also be those who will get involved in a hyper-grace message. They will begin to view grace as being not the cure, but the Band-Aid. As a result, they will live lives of deep sin, thinking, “Well, the grace of God will cover me.” They will cease to repent, cease to apologize, cease to know sorrow over their sin, and cease to love the cross. They will lose their love for the Blood, thinking that grace has covered all of their sins, while they continue living for the world. They will persist in going deeper and deeper into the world. Even though they lose their salvation, they will cling to what they perceive to be the grace of God still covering their sins, bringing forth a very impure sector of the Church. Again, I know that is already in its infancy within the Church. These are not new things; they have already begun.


What He wanted me to understand is how bad it is going to get. It will get to the point that the Church will start embracing the new age doctrines, looking to occultism and spiritism instead of to the blood and faith. These doctrines are coming to the Church.


Further, He warned me many years ago about the pride of life, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes. There is going to be a wave of satanic power that will flow over the earth which will cause the heart to become so lifted up in pride, you cannot teach or reach that one anymore. This will occur among both the saved and the unsaved. When this satanic power flows over the body of Christ, as well as over the world, it will also heighten the lust of the flesh. If there are issues in your life where you have an inability to keep your flesh under control, and while it is happening right now but  you do not deal with it, then the day is coming, and is close at hand, when you will not be able to control it. It will control you, to the loss of your soul.


The lust of the eyes is the love of power. One of the reasons the Elite are in the trouble they are, is because they have a lust for power. Their lust is not necessarily for money; they have all the money they need. Why would someone make plans to kill millions of people in a country? Is it because of the love of money? They are beyond that now. It is the love of power. The Lord let me experience the love of power that Hitler walked in. It was terrible. He rose up in this love of power to such an extent that he hated God with such a vile hatred that he wanted to kill or destroy anything that even remotely resembled God. That means he wanted to kill both the Jews and the Christians. If he saw a Bible, he wanted to rip it up because of his hatred for God. His hatred was all rooted in the lust for power, wherein he felt that God had more power than He needed, and Hitler wanted the power that God had. It was as evil a thing as you could imagine. It expressed the very heart of Satan himself.


The spirit of these things is going to be sweeping across the body of Christ. That is why the Bible says the Lord will not return until the great falling away. (2 Thess 2:3) It will come because the Church did not let the Lord deal with these issues in the heart, until the enemy had established a stronghold. This is not a day to walk in compromise. It is a day to seek the Lord while He may be found. Seek His ways. Seek His holiness. Learn to love. Learn to walk in trials in a spirit of humility. Many besetting trials are coming that will create in your heart persistent sins if you do not let go of the things you need to let go of today. Pray diligently that God will correct you and that He will direct you. Pray that He will reveal those things in your heart which you never wanted to see, and that He will give you the grace to see them and the heart to change.


Jesus talked about the great trials that would happen in the last days, and He said that many would fall away. The love of the great body will grow cold. (Mt 24:12) We are the only ones who can determine if our hearts are going to be hot or cold. Trials cannot determine it. Other people cannot determine it. Not even Satan can determine whether my heart is going to be hot or cold. I am the only one that rules that part of my being. God cannot even determine it because He has given us the right to rule our own will. So today is the day to begin to make Christ number one. Follow His ways. Get into the Word. Find out who Jesus is and what He is like. While you are learning, ask Him to make you into His image.


Difficult times are coming, but when Jesus asked me to start the Gatherings, He told me that if we would do this and be faithful to the vision and call, then He would release revival upon America before He will let war touch her. Why is He going to send revival? Revival removes fear from the mind, heart, and soul. Faith is put in its place, giving you a faith-filled mind, faith-filled heart, and a faith-filled soul. When faith rules your being, you see everything that happens through different eyes. God wants to give you eyes that see and understand how to walk through the treacherous path unharmed. Revival is His desire for you. In the revival outpouring, He is able to establish faith in you so that there is no fear. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up in the morning and not feel fear about the days ahead? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to awaken in the morning and think, “What can I do today to glorify my Lord? I don’t have much to give any more, but I can sure give myself, and I can give Jesus.” You are just as happy as any person can be because there is no fear.


When you are in a spiritual environment of faith, you can do the impossible. You will see miracles happen—not only miracles of healing, but the miracles of needs being met. You will see many miracles because you have become a person of faith. Because you have become a person of faith, you walk very close to Jesus. The Lord wants you to want Him. He wants to put in you the heart to know Christ. He wants to put in you such a heart that you have no care for things outside of the Kingdom of God. That is where your heart is. You are fixed on God. But it takes faith, and He wants to build that in you. How does faith come? “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God” (Rom 10:17) and by the anointing that breaks the yoke.


You have plenty to pray about. Now you need the faith to believe God for the answers to those prayers. We will go through hard times, but we will move forward through them into destiny. It is important that you prepare for the hard times so that your heart is not over-awed and torn up within, but rather, you are set in the faith that will keep you strong. Do you believe that America is going to make her destiny? She is, if you will pray.


After thought given by way of a vision!


It is an awesome privilege to hear the Word of the Lord, even when it is difficult. Love His Word. Even when it is frightening to hear it, love it. I cannot tell you what a privilege it is for the Word of the Lord to come from His throne and into your precious heart. Love His Word, for in it is life. Even though it is difficult, there is life in that seed for you. It will bring forth life. If we are going to share His glory, we must share His suffering. In that truth, there is life for your heart and soul. There is strength to stand. There is grace to run.


I saw a vision. I saw the Father sitting on the throne, and I saw the Word come forth from His mouth and enter into your heart. I saw that His Word was holy, and I saw His own love for His Word. Then I saw His love for you, and when the two became one, it brought Him great pleasure. It is because He loves you that He wants you to hear His plans and the plans of the enemy. It is because He loves you that He wants to birth in you the heart of the overcomer. How? Through His Word!


The prophet stood before the Father, and the Father said, “Eat of the scroll.” He ate it, and it was sweet as honey in his mouth, but as it went down, it became bitter. (Rev 10:9,10) Sometimes God’s Word does that. It tastes sweet to the tongue but then bitter to the soul. You notice however, that the prophet did not regurgitate the Word because it was bitter. He retained it, and it became life. You must do the same. When you have retained the bitter, then you will understand the glory that I just saw.


“Come into Psalm 91. Let it be your hiding place,” says the Lord. “Be for me a priest, and pray and intercede for this nation that I love. I will bless you for it. Hide in Me, and I will be the strength you need. Follow Me, and I will bring you into sonship, and you will know My glory.”



In His Love,

Nita Johnson