“Becoming a Vessel for Christ”

By Ricci Wilson

June 2017

It’s a new day in Christ and He is moving in our midst! We sought the Lord, repented, wept, travailed… and in His mercy, He granted us a season of grace. This move is beyond the blessing of God’s Cyrus for our Nation. It’s a call that comes with a promise to those willing to become vessels for Christ! The enemy would attempt to discourage us and provoke fear within us through these attacks we see abroad—don’t allow him to win! The promises are on the horizon! 

The call: it’s time to engage ourselves and press into the Lord like never before. When fear abounds, press into Him! Who is He calling? He’s calling all men unto Himself, not just the intercessor, but all men! He is calling us into the prayer closet where He can develop us, shape us, and mold us into a vessel that can be used by Him. One willing to demonstrate the love and power of Christ regardless of external circumstances.

How do we become a vessel? The disciples gave themselves continually to prayer and ministry of the Word (Acts 6:4). Why should we not do the same? Through the study of the Word and time in prayer, we open ourselves up to our Lord in a way, unlike any other time. It is here where He will speak to us, here where He will prepare us to face the future, here where we can learn His nature, here where we will gain the strength and wisdom we need for the days ahead. When we submit to Him in this place, we become a vessel that can be used to move mountains in prayer (Matt 21:24)!

Who are called? All are called upon to pray, not only to pray but to pray without ceasing (l Thess. 6:17). The Lord told me He granted us this season of grace that He might prepare us to be His vessels. It’s a season where the Spirit of God will profoundly pour into His vessels. We must prepare ourselves with determination and focus, as one whose mind is set to be used by God for the days ahead.

What’s the Promise? The Lord spoke to me last year that 2017 was the “season of the intercessor” and we were to learn to “Know No Bounds!” This move of God will teach us what that means! He will prepare us for the days ahead. Our greatest hindrance to the things of God comes because we put boundaries around God. Did He not say to the disciples that they (we) shall do even greater things than they (we) saw Him do? And why? So, the Father may be glorified (John 14:12-14)! Friends, we will witness countless souls won through the move of God that’s coming. We will see families restored; bodies healed, the inner man made whole… And, we will begin to see what it truly means when we pray “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven!”

Friends, the days where we will see the Spirit move in our midst are not far off! It’s a move of God that will transform the body of Christ, capture the youth, and draw them into the Lord like never before. Why? To bring glory to His name!

Come, pray with us on our corporate prayer calls, in Joel’s Army, at the Gathering of the Eagles, let our time together not only bring healing to the Nation but the restoration of our souls. If our desire is to be a vessel of the King, we must draw closer to the King. The Lord is releasing a new anointing into the intercessors to enable them to pray through to the coming days. If we are going to receive of it, we must allow Him to prepare us now. The Lord wants to usher us into His path for our Nation; let’s make ourselves ready vessels!


Blessings & love,

Ricci Wilson