2013 and Beyond

Nita Johnson

December 7, 2012 in Seattle

I would like to tell you about some things that are coming. However, my emphasis is not going to be on the things that are coming as much as on what we as the Church can do about what is coming. We will also look at where God is going with all of this. One thing God never wants you to feel is that you are a victim to circumstances; we are never a victim. We are called and created to be more than conquerors (Rom. 8:37). Doesn’t that sound wonderful? What beautiful words: “more than conquerors.” God wants you to know there is a purpose and a plan, and that you are a vital part of that purpose and plan, not to mention the victory.

He just filled my heart with the knowledge that you are important to Him. No one on this earth that belongs to Jesus is unimportant. The Bible teaches us that Jesus is mindful of the sparrow. How much more is He mindful of you? That can become little more than a cliché, which is not what He is looking for. He wants you to realize, understand, and experience how important you are to Him. As we look at the tomorrows, the good and the bad, receive in your heart that you are important to Jesus.

Amos 3:4-8 Amp.  Will a lion roar in the forest when he has no prey? Will a young lion cry out of his den if he has taken nothing? Can a bird fall in a snare upon the earth where there is no trap for him? Does a trap spring up from the ground when nothing at all has sprung it? Shall a trumpet be blown in the city and people not be alarmed and afraid? Shall misfortune or evil occur [as punishment] and the Lord has not caused it? Surely the Lord God will do nothing without revealing His secret to His servants the prophets. The lion has roared; who will not fear? The Lord God has spoken; who can but prophesy?

On June 28th of this year (2012), the Lion of Judah came into my room in His physical person. He began to blow a wind. As He blew, I noticed the trees in the backyard began to move. The leaves shook, and it was as if the current of the wind was going round and round in my backyard. Then, as He continued to blow, the wind blew in a circular fashion in my room. I asked Him, “Lord, what are You saying? What are You doing? What is the message?” The Lion roared once again.

If you belong to Jesus, and your heart is wholly His, you have no reason to fear because a lion will give his life to protect the cubs.  For those who do not belong to Him, there is reason to fear. It is not like He is a mean Dad, yet while there is mercy, there is always the severity of God. He cannot deny Himself.

When a nation has gone amok, the Lord in His great compassion, concern, care, and long-suffering will patiently wait until He can wait no longer. Then He will do what He must do because He is still a holy God. Yes, He is love, tender, and long-suffering, but He is still holy. You cannot mock His holiness. So if you are His, He will take care of you. But if you are not of His family, and you mock Him, or you have held a stiff jaw against His will, you are going to fall when the discipline comes.

II Chronicles 36:15,16 Amp.  And the Lord, the God of their fathers, sent to them persistently by His messengers, because He had compassion on His people and on His dwelling place. But they kept mocking the messengers of God and despising His words and scoffing at His prophets till the wrath of the Lord rose against His people, till there was no remedy or healing.

Thankfully, America is not in that place. As much as we have fallen shy of God’s best, we are still not in a place where God is saying there is no remedy. We are going to experience what is coming because of His compassion and His virtual call to destiny. Sometimes when a teenager is called to a great family calling, the father will put up with his son’s rebellion for a while because he knows the son just has to play. Boys have to play, right? But America is a little older than that, and the games that America is moving into is very serious. So when the father sees that his son is not getting the message, he has to start disciplining him according to his level of rebellion and the vision of the father’s purpose. Now if his son is a young man who is going to head a worldwide corporation that does many great works in the nations, then the father may discipline him strongly. Somehow, he has to call that rebellion out of him. So he waits and waits until he cannot wait any longer, and then he deals with his son. That is where God is with America. To whom much is given, much is required.

I know that many prophets want to prophesy doom and gloom. I have a whole book of what is coming. If you have not read it, the title is: Prepare for the Winds of Change. The book was not written in anger because God, even in His righteous indignation, is disciplining for the good of the nation. He is not functioning in human anger. What He plans is going to bring us into a place where we can fulfill our destiny as a nation. Without the discipline, we cannot and will not fulfill it. The rebellion is too strong. It is as if we have lost our purpose.

Before I go any further, I want you to know that just about everything I am going to say is alterable. Nothing is set in stone. Sometimes God gives words that cannot be changed; the line of demarcation has already been drawn and we have crossed over it. Therefore, certain things are going to occur no matter what we do. Sometimes, He will reveal things because He wants us to change them through prayer. Remember when Moses went up to Him on the mountain? God said, “Just move aside. Let Me destroy every one of them” (see Ex 32:10). Moses’ response was emphatic: “I can’t let You do this. This will ruin Your Name!” With fasting and intercession he finally encouraged the Lord to forget about destroying Israel, to gather them in His arms again, and to keep moving forward. Just in case we think, “Well, God wasn’t really going to do that,” the Bible tells us that He would have destroyed them if Moses had not interceded on their behalf (Ps. 106:23).

Just to make sure we understand, God was not acting like a human parent with children. A parent may stand and say to his child, “I’m going to discipline you if you don’t stop.” If the child refuses, the parent says, “Did you hear what I said? I’m going to discipline you if you don’t stop.” The child does not stop because he knows the parent is not going to engage him at that level. Next the parent cries out; “Stop it, Billy. Stop right now. You’re going to make me do what I don’t want to do. I’m going to discipline you.” And, of course, Billy has learned the parent is not going to engage, so Billy keeps on testing. It is not that kind of situation. Rather, God said to Moses, “I’m going to destroy them,” and He meant it. But Moses was able to overturn the judgment of God. So in that respect, some of these things can be changed. Some perhaps may be averted for a season or toned down a lot. You just never know what is going to happen so the best thing we can do is move forward and do the best we can to comfort His lofty heart through the repentance He deserves. As I am sharing with you, please keep this in mind.

In 2013 we are heading into some very difficult waters. I still think there are some things we can push back, maybe for a matter of years. Some things are going to happen in 2013, and we are not going to be able to stop them. I know many people became very discouraged with their prayers and intercession when Obama was elected, but I want you to understand that although he took the seat by stealth and trickery, God is still bigger than men’s plans.  Know as well that if the Church will pray for him, God has a few things He will accomplish through him for the good of the Church. Now doesn’t that sound crazy? But remember Nebuchadnezzar. God can use anyone to bless someone; He can even use Obama. Let me give you an example of one of the ways God has already done this. In 2011 the Elite told Obama what they wanted him to do regarding the Keystone oil pipeline. In early 2012 Obama made the decision to go in the opposite direction from what he was told to do. The Elite could have become so angry with him that they would have done something very serious, and he knows that. The reason he did it was to bless the Arabs. God used Obama’s love for the Arab people to bless America. Because of this, our gas prices stayed down. They actually plummeted, and they are still down from what they were. So God used Obama’s own human feelings and passions to bless the Church.

The Lord has two or three other major things He can use to bless His people – if we will pray. Pray hard no matter what Obama does. Do not make the same mistake we made with Clinton and Bush Jr. I cannot tell you how many people came to me during Clinton’s administration and said, “I can’t stand to pray for him.” I would think, “You belong to the Lord and you can’t stand to pray for this man?” But they were serious. In his second term Bill Clinton was supposed to have been a real blessing to America. God was going to save him. God Himself came to me and said that if the Church would pray, He would save Bill Clinton. But we did not pray. So we do not want to make the same mistake again, right? Let’s pray for Obama and his family. Right now it seems like there is no hope, but as long as the man has breath in his lungs, there is hope.

What we are going to go through is what God calls “measured discipline.” This means He has already determined the maximum discipline He is going to use to deal with America. I have shared before that I once was praying and weeping for the nation when the Lord interrupted my prayer and said, “Nita, don’t you think that America has lost control?” I kind of chuckled and said, “Yeah, America is out of control.” Then He said, “So don’t you think I should do something about that?” I replied softly, “Yes, Lord. I guess I do.” So He is going to something; there will be more calamities.

In Prepare for the Winds of Change, I wrote about when the Lord took me up into the Spirit. The Father was there. I cannot say that the Lord Jesus Christ was there, but the Father was there, and He began to tell me every calamity that was going to hit each state. His voice was like the sound of many waters, and it trumpeted down through the generations. I do not know how to explain this, but it was terrifying. While He spoke a laser beam came out from Him and hit a map that was hovering over my head. He named the states and told me everything that was going to happen in each state. He said that the discipline was from Him. We have yet to come to the worst of it or to see what He has planned. He needs to discipline, and it is going to be strong, but He will take care of His Church. Do not sit back and say, “How am I going to make it? What will He do? What about my children?” Do not worry. God will take care of His Church so that it can take care of the lost. Keep that in mind. If you will keep your heart on taking care of the lost, God will take care of you.

There will be more calamities. If you want to know where He is heading, order Prepare for the Winds of Change from our office. We only charge for postage, so you can easily have a copy to read. I talk about everything I saw; that is, everything I saw that I could remember. I was pretty young in the Lord at the time and so was traumatized by what I saw. Even while recording it, I lost some of what I saw and heard. It was a horrendous experience. Today I am much older in the Lord. My confidence in Him is much greater. My experiential knowledge of His goodness, mercy, and compassion is much greater. So if I would have the same experience today, it would not affect me the way it did then.

What He wants to do is bring you into a place where He is able to pierce your heart and purge it of the things that keep veils over it. These veils prevent you from seeing, knowing, and understanding Him. He wants to remove these things so that you will move closer to Him. Some people are offended with the Lord, but when trouble comes they run to Him. This is the kind of thing He wants to affect. He wants to rip the tree of the world out of our hearts and put the tree of life deep within our souls. You might say, “Well, we’ve already got the tree of life because we’re Christians.” The Church believes some things that are not always true. Yes, we have the tree of life in our spirits through Christ Jesus, but our souls still need a lot of work.

We are going to go through a money crisis. We have already pushed back a severe money crisis through intercession for two and a half years. If it finally happens when I believe He told me it would, which is in the spring of 2013, then it will have been pushed back three years. It may be even further away as the Lord recently told me to pray over the economy once again.

The Elite originally planned for a 2010 collapse. I have the CD in storage in which this was indicated. We prayed in the Gatherings, and week by week we prayed together as a team that God would hold this collapse back. We prayed that He would give us two years because that was all my faith could stretch. But by the time it finally happens, He will have given us at least three years. The Elite’s latest plan was that it would not be one day later than December of 2012. They are now postponing it till   perhaps as late as the winter of 2014. I am not saying that we cannot push back this time frame with prayer. How much longer we can keep pushing it back I do not know, not until the Lord speaks to me again.

Every time we come to a deadline, I go back to Him and ask, “Where are we? Can we continue to intercede, and will You seek to do something for us? Will You give us more time?” If I feel like He is saying, “Yes,” then we start praying over the economy. This last time, He awakened me in the middle of the night and said, “I want you to have the people start praying over the economy.” So He still wants to extend grace and push back the crash for us. Isn’t that wonderful! When the economy does finally crash, I want you to know God has a plan. You are not going to go hungry. He is going to take care of you.

Several years ago, I was teaching on the Holocaust. Someone came up to me and aid, “I want to tell you a story about what happened in my family. I’m Jewish. My family lived through that era. My family had no money and no way to buy food because the Nazis took it all. They were hungry, and so they would sit down at the table and pray. They would have the Bible right in front of them, and they would pray the Word. When they were finished praying, food was on their plate!”

In another story I heard, there was again a family that had no food. They were hungry. They pulled out the Bible. They began to pray. They prayed over the Bible and then taught the Bible and spoke Scripture to one another. Then they went back to praying over the Bible. They did this as often as they needed until everyone in the family was full. All they ate was the Word, but they were full, and that sustained them until the next meal. So you are not limited in your faith to anything that is going to happen in the world.

You remember when Jesus went to Peter and told him to go and open a fish’s mouth and use the coin inside to pay their taxes. God is not limited to temporal, earthly rules or percentages. If you need something, and there is no other way to provide it for your family, He will do it for you. He will show you how to walk so that you can receive His blessings, not only for your family, but also for the needs of others.

I have already told those who come often to our services that our water supply will be poisoned by up to fifty percent. I saw it again last night in a dream. The Lord’s directive in the first dream in which He revealed this to me was to buy gallons of water. He said, “I want you to buy gallons of water, and I want you to make it available to whoever needs it. When your water runs out, I will supply whatever you need supernaturally.” So when the water situation does arise, do not stew and fret over it. Instead, get out a vessel and command the water to flow for as long as you need.

God is going to teach His children to live by faith through this season. It sounds difficult, doesn’t it…to live by faith when all the familiar props capable of carrying you are removed. How do you get something out of nothing? You are going to learn. Jesus fed the multitudes out of almost nothing, and He did it again and again. I am telling you, this is the day of great miracles for the Church. It is going to be so beautiful and wonderful that you are actually going to say to the Lord, “Thank You for this lesson. I didn’t know You could be so great.” You are going to so appreciate the very brief season of difficulties we are going to walk through. Why? Because of the miracles you will encounter at the hand of God, who will be affirming, “I am with you.” He will certainly use this season to build your faith.

Years ago God told me that one of the reasons He is going to release revival during this difficult season is to prepare us for hardships. In this revival, He will remove all fear from our minds, hearts, and souls, and fill us with faith. This outpouring of the Spirit is designed to do all this for us! When we look at difficulties through the eyes of faith, everything changes. As things now stand, we see what might or will come—all the different things the prophets are saying—but we hear it through the heart of fear. What He is going to do through the outpouring of His glory is empty us of fear and fill us with faith. When we see things through faith, we realize everything that exists is there for the purpose of overcoming. No longer do we fear things will overcome us. Through the eyes of faith, we know that we have overcome everything. Praise the Lord!

Our government is going to continue to grow and become our worst enemy. The Elite will continue to try to provoke a multinational Middle East war. It is very important in their scheme of things, and our job is to pray it down – please continue to pray against a major Middle East war. Pray especially over Israel, that God will protect her. As you can see, Arabs are trying to stir up war in all of the Middle Eastern countries. So begin to pray against that. I can promise you, there was going to be war involving Israel before the election. I saw it myself prophetically! But we prayed, and war did not occur. And now, we are going to keep praying. I later found in the news that Bebe had backtracked and determined he would not strike Iran before the spring of 2013.

Starting right now, make these days the most important season of prayer in which you have ever engaged. Seek to go as deep in God as you can in prayer. Ask Him, “Take me deeper in You. Cleanse and purge me so that I can see You more clearly. Wash out my eyes. Open the eyes of my heart. Help me to hear Your Spirit. Help me to understand the way in which You walk so that I can walk that way. Give me the grace to know You.” Most people think all they have to do to experience the deeper things of God is simply pray a little bit. When it does not happen they get frustrated and angry, and then stop altogether. I want you to understand that God is love, and He knows what the mind, heart, and soul of the creation He made can handle. He knows how close you can get to Him without it hurting you. Every minute you are prayerfully before His throne, He is applying grace to your heart, soul, and mind so that you can tolerate more light.

One time I was in Israel, spending enormous amounts of time each day in prayer. I was eager to go as deep in God as I could possibly go. I am still eager to do that, but there I was in Israel wrapped in my eagerness. In a spiritual experience the Lord gave me, I was allowed to go into a house. After entering, I did not know where to find God. I wondered, “Where should I go? How will I find Him?” There were others there in the experience who surveyed the situation. They all decided it was too risky, and so they left. I thought, “Okay. No one is going to interfere with what I want to do. I’m going to start running and somehow trust God to get me where I need to go.” So I ran through the house. I ran up many flights of stairs until I saw a hatch door. I would have to go through it and then travel down to get to the place in God I wanted to go. I was having a great time until I got to that door.

I opened it and was about to jump down into that place when the Angel of the Lord grabbed me by the nap of the neck and pulled me back out. I quipped, “Why did you do that?” He answered: “Because you’re not ready for that place. The difficulties you will have to surmount are greater than the grace you’re walking in.” I thought, “What a loving God. Here He wants to take us in and draw us as deep into Himself as He possibly can, but He knows how developed each of us is, and what is or is not safe for us.” So begin to pray that He will take you as deep as you are prepared for, and that He will prepare you even now for going deeper. The more purity you walk in, the greater the depths of God you can experience.

Not only pray for yourself, but also pray for America. Pray over the situation in the Middle East. Pray over China and Russia. Those are a few very important prayers. Pray that God will not allow the plan of the Elite to prosper concerning China and Russia at this time.. China and Russia will some day strike America, but now is not His time. So pray against it. As you move in the direction of that intercession, God will show you how to pray. It is also not God’s time for the Middle East war to spiral into World War III. Continue to stand against it. We are going to do that very thing here. You can pray every day against it at home as well.

The Church is going to learn how to stand her ground. Those who pray for things three, four, or five times and then get upset with God, personally discouraged, and walk away from the issue are going to learn how to stand by the Spirit of the Lord. They will learn how to be patient and long-suffering amidst God’s timing. Paul said, “Having done all, to stand” (Eph. 6:13). Stand some more. Do not be impatient. If the thing you are praying against happens, as in Obama getting reelected, move on from it quickly. Do not stand back and get your feelings hurt because it did not work out the way you prayed it would. Just keep moving on. Your prayers were effective. Sometimes we think that if it does not work out just the way we thought it needed to, then God did not listen to our prayers or they were ineffective. We spent all this time praying about it, but the thing that we prayed for did not occur. I want you to know that your prayers were effective, and that they affected more than you understand at this moment. The days are coming, and are close at hand, when you will understand it more completely.

When you pray, believe and keep believing. When God says, “This is not My time,” continue pushing it back. Keep standing against it and call forth God’s will on this earth as it is in heaven. If something you are praying for does not work out the way it should, let it go and keep moving forward. In this hour you cannot afford to stand back and get your feelings hurt because things are not going exactly the way you think they should.  Be as sensitive to the Holy Spirit as you can to know how to pray. That is all you can do. All the prayers over Obama could be the very prayers that are going to save the man’s soul. God has reasons for doing what He does.

Many years ago a dear friend of mine who is prophetic saw that revival will begin when certain cities are consumed in fiery conflagrations. He did not tell me how many cities would be involved. There will be rioting in some cities. I think that whenever you see riots going on, somehow the Elite are involved. They send in professional rioters to get it going and move it along, even to the point of starting the burning of a city. But when this happens, God is saying, “Look up because I am going to be in your midst and I am going to give you the glory for which you are asking.” When my friend told me this, I thought, “Maybe you need to go back and check with the Lord to see if this was really a vision from Him.” Today, this looks not only possible, but probable.

I had a dream and a vision back to back about the Empire State Building and the U.S. Capitol. I am not going to go into great detail, but I do want to share one thing. In the dream it was as if the two buildings were one and the same. It kind of looked like the Capitol, and it kind of looked like the Empire State Building. God can do anything in dreams, right? So to make a long story short, He showed me that the Church must arise and take her place. It must come to a place where it is fulfilling the call to government. As His body, we must rule and reign in the place that America’s government is now ruling and reigning. Please to begin to pray that God will show His Church how to occupy. Our hope is that we are going to start that occupation in the Kansas City Gathering, but we need to find out first how to cooperate with Him so that once we start the occupation, we can continue with it.

Right now it seems like you can talk to Christians all over this country and they will reprove you for praying over the government, as if the Bible does not tell us to do so. Yet, the Bible not only tells us to pray, we are also to occupy by ruling and reigning on behalf of this nation. If we are moving in the government of God and learning how to occupy as He commands then things will turn out a lot different in this nation than they were in the past.

It is important that the Church comes to a place of faith, wisdom, discernment, knowledge, and understanding of what God wants to see released into this nation. Even more than dumbing down the nation, the Elite want the nation to believe some of the most ridiculous, horrific things you can imagine. In our school systems, colleges, and universities, our young people are being taught absolutely absurd things. They come out of these institutions believing propaganda. As the Church, we must run a government above the government that is demanding lies be taught in our universities. We must stand in the gap in faith, fully believing that God will transform the colleges of this nation. We must pray that what is released and taught to our young people connects with truth.

Twenty or thirty years ago, who would have dreamed that  our young people would come out of Ivy League colleges believing that America is the worst nation in the world because the kind of government we support? Who would have dreamed that they would teach in our colleges that America needs to be brought down and destroyed so that it can resurface as a part of the New World Order? Who would have imagined that Rockefeller’s influence would find a way into the seminaries of Christian denominations? Who would have thought that a time would come in this nation when Rockefeller, by making donations into these colleges, could little by little change what they taught until the “gospel” that is now coming out of them has little  resemblance to the biblical Gospel? Who would have ever dreamed that could happen in America? But it has, and we need to deal with it. One of the things that the Church has to do is take its blinders off, look at reality, and deal with it.  However, it cannot stop there. It then must begin to rule and reign over the deceptions, plans, and purposes of the evil one.

If you have never done this before, then you do not know how possible it is. We have seen so many answered prayers in the Gatherings over the last thirteen years. God has overturned so many things. I have a fairly large box of articles we saved from the internet or press in which we discovered that God overturned the most unlikely things. It was because someone prayed. God is going to teach us how to rule, reign, and occupy. It is one thing to sit in a classroom and hear what the Holy Spirit says is necessary, and even how to do it. It is quite another thing to find yourself in a situation where you have to put things into practice. God is going to put us in situations where we are forced to use our faith.

Years ago I was in Omaha, Nebraska when a tornado was coming toward the city. I was raised in Michigan where there are many tornadoes each year, so I was really afraid of them. I thus went and sat down on the stairs to the basement cellar to hide. The Lord spoke to me there and said, “Nita, where are you?” I replied, “Lord, I’m sitting on the steps.” He asked, “Why?” I responded, “Because a tornado is coming!” He ordered, “Rule over it!” Novel idea, right! So I did as I was told, and it disappeared. I was put in a situation right then in which I had to make a decision to either release my faith or possibly spend the rest of my life running to the basement. In the same vein, look at the days that are coming as a time when God is going teach you how to walk by faith. You are going to see that you have power in your life, soul, mouth, and heart that you never knew you had. It will perfect wonderful things for this nation.

I have spoken much to you about the revolution. It has begun. When Obama was elected, a movement began in which people were talking about a . I have no idea what happened to the movement because there has been a media blackout. At first glance it looked like something the devil was doing, but the Lord spoke to me and said, “This is the beginning of the revolution that I told you about.” I also knew that this was not going to be what people were trying to make it. God had a different plan in mind. Men at this point were just responding to something they were feeling. I want to tell you that when this revolution begins to take over this nation, it will be filled with great exhilaration. You are going to feel hope in the air. You are going to feel the revelation of God in the air because God is moving, and He is moving to do something good for this nation. So we are not going to see with the succession movement what it had originally planned, although it was the beginning of what God has planned. This revolution is going to push out the government that is set to destroy this nation. We have been waiting for it and praying for it for years. It has already begun, and although it is still an underground movement, you will begin to see it soon. Regardless of a media blackout, you are going to see it.

Do you remember the minutemen from George Washington’s day? Recently, I saw a vision of minutemen. They were running down the street. One minuteman ran ahead of the others and went to a gun closet. He started to open it, and by the time he had it open, the others joined him. He started handing out muskets, one to each man. The Lord allowed me to feel the joy in these men’s hearts. They were so excited; they were beside themselves. It was like a force had picked them up and put them into a different era and reality. They were filled with joy as the muskets were handed to them. Then the Lord let me feel His joy over what was in them. I said, “Lord, what is happening? What are they going to do? What’s going on here?” The Lord said to me, “I am filling them with My joy for My purposes. This is the revolution I told you was coming. Through it, I am going to save America.” It has begun.

Although God’s plan was for Mitt Romney to win the presidency—and he really is the one who won albeit Obama took it by stealth—if he had actually ascended to the office, the Church would have remained  asleep. I think it took a man who is already revealing his thoughts, his plans, and his purposes for his next administration to wake up the Church. I think those whom God has chosen to spearhead the revolution would have stayed asleep. They would have kept waiting as we boiled in the hot water, like the proverbial frog. What did Joseph say, “You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.” (Gen. 50:20)? So men meant it for evil, but God is going to use it for good. He is awakening His Church. He is awakening the people of this nation, even unbelievers, to know that something very serious is about to take place. They are going to hear, feel, and sense that call to the revolution. When they finally figure out what it is that God is wanting to do with that revolution, they are going to join it—saved and unsaved. Although the revolution may bring difficulties in 2013, it is also going to bring good.

I saw in a vision a presidential limousine. I also saw the black and white checkered scarf, the Keffiyeh, that Arafat wrapped around his head. A cloth of that pattern was strapped down over the president’s limousine like a tent. Upon seeing it, fear went through my heart. Then I saw Arafat standing and looking at this scene with great approval. I asked the Lord, “Is this about America, or is this about Israel?” My sense was that it was about Israel (although it could include both). Please understand that your prayers are an important key that will help unlock each nation’s end-time destiny!

After this, I saw another vision. Jesus was standing and holding a mature sheep. He tucked His head into that sheep and began to weep. Then He handed it up to the Father and wept again. He wept and wept. That sheep represented Israel. I believe that the two visions actually are linked together. At some point in time, our president is going to stand back and let terrorism have its full play in Israel. At least, this is his plan if we do not pray it down. No matter what Obama says, we must pray that God breaks his heart over Israel.

When President Bush Jr. was first put in office, he was pro-Arab because his father was. The Lord told me, “I want you to go to Portland and hold a 3-day prayer meeting. I want you to do nothing but pray for President Bush and Israel.” In Portland we prayed over everything the Lord told us to, everything that would hinder Bush from becoming a man of integrity behind Israel. Going into this, the Lord also said to me, “What sign do you want to see that will prove you accomplished what I asked you to do?” I didn’t know what sign to give Him, so I just put it back in His lap. As it turned out His sign was an earthquake in Alaska, and it happened at the same time that we finished our intercession in Portland. I asked the Lord, “Is this earthquake the sign?” He said, “It is.” I said, “Why an earthquake?” He said, “Because this is what you have created in the spiritual realm. This is your sign. Bush will get behind Israel his entire administration.” And he did. He even went to some of the prison camps in Europe, and the experience broke his heart. He stood with Israel all the days of his administration.

If God can change Bush, He can change Obama. We need to pray with love for that man. Hell is forever, and the more evil your life, the worse hell is. I have been there several times, and you do not want to send even your worst enemy to that place. Pray for Obama’s soul. Pray for Michelle and their children’s souls. Pray that they will stand behind Israel.

The Lord spoke to me last week. For about three days and nights I was in the presence of the Lord, weeping in intercession. Toward the end of the third day, I cried out to Him, “You have to do something for America, Lord. We have fought so many battles. We have worked so hard to giveYou a place in this nation to come and accomplish Your will. You must come.” I was praying in this way, crying from deep within. Then the Lord spoke to me. He spoke so tenderly, “Nita, I will intervene.” There was no great vision that went with it. There were no flashes of lightning. The Lion of Judah did not return to my room. Tenderly, He said, “Nita, I will intervene.” That is God’s promise if we will pray. The Elite would have destroyed this nation because they want their New World Order, but God is going to intervene for America if we will pray. We must pray every day: “God, send Revival. Send the increase of Reformation.” Pray for Revolution, revelation of the Kingdom, revelation of what God wants to do in America, and Reclamation. We want God to reclaim America. He gave me this word, “I want you to start praying for reclamation.”

I just saw a vision.  It is so important to Him. America was on fire, but it was not an evil fire. It was the glory of the Lord. God wants to reclaim America! Before He ever separated my people Israel from the rest of the Gentile world, He had in His heart what He would do in Israel in these last days. It was in His heart way back then to not only bring forth a Messiah, but to reveal what He would do in these last days through Israel. That goal, purpose, and plan is so sacred and precious to Him. No matter what He would have to go through to bring forth His plan for my people, He determined He would do it for the sake of His glory. The passion of His heart was so intense; no human being could bear it. It has remained so all these years.

When I saw America just now, and I saw the golden, fiery glory of the Lord all over America, I felt His heart. He has carried this passion all these years, and it has not been diluted by the things we are doing wrong. He is going to use us to magnify His name and bring glory to His Son.  His plan to show the world what He can do with a nation is important to Him. It is like a passion that ever burns with the greatest intensity and love. When you pray for this nation, do not listen to the prophets that tell you, “God’s mad. He’s finished with America. He’s through with her.” Those who say that do not know the heart of God for this nation. God’s heart is to see America fulfill the purpose for which He made it. He has created us to show forth His glory. He has created us to function as a father to the nations and to help the nations fight the antichrist.

I want to tell you something my friends. America was not created for the devil. One time, I was standing right in front of Satan. The Lord let me feel Satan’s heart for America and Israel. His savage hatred was intense. As much as God loves America and Israel, Satan hates them to the same degree. He wants to destroy every semblance of God in this nation. He wants to utterly destroy our nation, utterly destroy Israel, and utterly destroy the world-wide community of Jewish people. His hatred is so intense that he wants to kill everyone I just mentioned. Why? Because God loves us. That is the only reason.

Then the Lord let me feel His love for America and Israel. As intensely as Satan hates it, God loves it. Now if God loves America and Israel, He is not going to give up easily. Satan’s intense and relentless hatred will cause him to not give up easily. God needs the Church to stand. He needs you to stand with passion. Stand in the gap and believe Him for what seems impossible. He needs you to pray. He needs you to pray alone by your bed at night. He needs you to come into the services and collectively pray as a community of believers. He needs you to love this nation like He does, and to love Israel as He does.

When we first started the Gatherings a prophet said to me, “You’re just being patriotic, and that’s sin.” I thought, “Doesn’t the Bible tell us to pray?” So I told him, “It’s not sin. It’s this very attitude that has kept the Church from keeping this nation in prayer and has put us in the condition we’re in.” The Church needs to adopt God’s passion for this nation. Israel did not pray over Israel either, and my people lost it.

You must pray with passion for America. It is going to take that, and it is going to take many more people than we have right now. God is lifting up prayer movements all over this nation. We are just one of many. God needs to bring forth those with new fire who will dare to believe so that they will stand for America. This nation does not belong to the devil. God has already given us America. It is not something where we are standing in the shadows, saying, “Lord, when are You going to give us America?” It is not like that. He has already done it, and He is saying, “Now fight for it.” So do not give up. Do not allow yourself to become lazy. Fight, weep, groan, and travail for it. Stand in the gap for your nation.

There was a time when a nation in South America was being overtaken by guerrillas. Bands of guerrillas would go from place to place and just go insane. There is a story about two churches during this time. In one, all the parishioners gathered together in the church. They decided to hide there and hopefully wait out the guerrilla attack. The guerrillas came and burned down the Church and everyone inside of it. The one thing they were not doing as they hid in this Church was pray.

Another church heard about what happened down the street. They too decided to come together and hide in their church. But they decided to pray. They continued in prayer. Suddenly, the guerrillas came toward the church. The people could hear them. They heard the screaming and the pounding of feet as the rebels got closer. They sat there, wondering what in the world was going to happen.

Suddenly, the noise was over. No one came. So they thought, “We’ve got to go out and see what’s going on.” When they went outside there was a man standing by the side of the road. They said to him, “Did you see the guerrillas? Did you hear them?” The man replied, “I did.” They said, “Where are they? What happened?” He said, “Oh, many great, large angels were in front of these men who were running toward your church. When they saw them, they were terrified and went in the other direction.” That church never was affected.

In the very hour that you think there is no hope, I am telling you, God will give the greatest hope. He will give the victory if we will pray. Prayer is like filling the cup of deliverance. It is like pouring the oil into the cup in heaven that currently contains all of America’s sins. When you pray and repent over the sins of the forefathers as well as engage in contemporary identificational repentance, you empty that cup of sin. What I am telling you is true; Jesus Himself alluded to it. When you empty that cup, you also are pouring into it sweet oil that comforts the Lord’s heart. When the cup is full, He pours out that oil on the nation for which you are praying, and He begins the healing. That is why your prayers are always working whether you think they are or not. They are filling the cup that the Lord keeps right by His throne to pour out as a blessing upon the nation.

Isaiah 58:12 Amp.  And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of [buildings that have laid waste for] many generations; and you shall be called Repairer of the Breach, Restorer of Streets to Dwell In.

Israel has seen this; now America is going to see it. While the Elite and God’s discipline tear up the streets, the glory of the Lord is going to come. He is going to repair the streets, which will enable people to dwell in them once again. He is going to repair the ancient ruins of America, and the greatest ancient ruin is the breach of government. If God can get Wall Street under His grip, and if He can deal with the government of this nation, America will change. It is His intention to do so. He is going to restore the ancient ruins of America’s government.

I will never forget being in Independence Square in Philadelphia this past March. My team and I were praying, and suddenly I saw something that was more than a vision – it was an eagle flying one direction.  Suddenly, he flipped around and went the other direction. Normally when an eagle turns, it banks, but this eagle did not bank. I said, “Lord, what is going on here? What are You doing?” He said to me, “America is going to turn back to the beginning.” America is going to take up the mantle of the Republic that was established in the nation’s beginning. God is going to so redirect this nation that we are going to look like we did in our initial days. What we are going to go through in the next, perhaps, two or three years will constitute part of this work. So when you see difficulties, remember you are travailing to give birth to God’s vision for America. There was a kind of purity in America to which He is going to return us. The way He equated all this to me was through the purity of a virgin teenager. He is going to remove all of our corruption and bring us back to that kind of childlike innocence. He is going to give us a government of the people and for the people, but it will take prayer.

Hosea 12:13 Amp.  And by a prophet, the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was [Israel] preserved.

God wants to use the prophetic community, not just to speak or redirect, but to use its anointing of the prophetic mantle to bring the Church out of Egypt. The reason the Church body is not walking in the power and authority He wants to give us is because we are still in Egypt. He wants to take us out of Egypt and fill us with His glory. He will do this through the prophetic and apostolic movement that is taking place in the earth. But then, He is going to go even higher. He is going to bring forth the Melchizedek Priesthood. If you have read my book Melchizedek, then you know how powerful this Priesthood is. It includes a king, priest, apostle, and prophet—an all-in-one Priesthood. It is heaven’s king, heaven’s priest, heaven’s prophet, and heaven’s apostle. By “heaven’s,” I mean anointed with a heavenly anointing. There is a huge difference between the anointing the Church walks in today and heaven’s anointing or mantle. This Priesthood will bear this much higher mantle for the purpose of bringing the Church into her maturity. Here she will rule and reign with Christ and walk in the wisdom, knowledge, understanding, prudence, discernment, and power of the Lord.

The Church must begin to arise and take the land. This afternoon, He told me this so powerfully – the Church must arise and take the land. We have to quit living by what we see with our eyes and start living by what the Holy Spirit is saying to our hearts. When my people Israel were standing and fighting over whether or not they wanted to go in and take the Promised Land, what did the Lord say?  Sorry, too late! The issue all along had been obedience.  In the same vein, God will do everything He says He will do if we will stand in the gap and refuse to give this nation to Satan. If you stood in front of Satan and experienced his wicked heart that is determined to destroy America, you would stand in the gap in ways you had never done before.  You would see how serious it is. Sometimes it is not enough just to experience the love of Christ, because you can bask in that forever, right? But this is not about that. This is about the war between Darkness and Light over a nation that God loves.

Do you want to take America? Then Joshua 1:5-9 is God’s promise to you if you will stay strong in your faith and prayer life.

Joshua 1:5 Amp.  No man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will not fail you or forsake you.

This is the truth. He is not a God who can tell a lie. If you will fight, He will remain beside you. He will not fail you. He will not fail intercessors.

Joshua 1:6 Amp.  Be strong (confident) and of good courage, for you shall cause this people to inherit the land which I swore to their fathers to give them.

That is what He did. Many years ago the pilgrims came and made their dedications of the land on the east coast. God swore to our forefathers that He would give us America. He now says, “Be strong. Be courageous. I will give you the land that I swore to your forefathers to give them.” Do you believe that? Are you sure?

Joshua 1:7-9 Amp.  Only you be strong and very courageous, that you may do according to all the law which Moses My servant commanded you. Turn not from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may prosper wherever you go. This Book of the Law shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may observe and do according to all that is written in it. For then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall deal wisely and have good success. Have not I commanded you? Be strong, vigorous, and very courageous. Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

This is the prerequisite – the Book of the Law must not depart out of your mouth. You must become a person of the Word who loves the Word, quotes the Word, lives according to the Word, and who does not live where the Word says not to live. Be strong and very courageous. My dear friend, I want to tell you something. You are not just flesh and blood. You are an instrument that has been forged by the fires of God to overcome your enemy. God never intended for you to live in fear, as a victim to circumstances. You create that for yourself. Any time I come under that, it is self-degeneration. I create that wicked thought. God created us to be victorious over everything that Satan puts in our path. Satan has been getting so angry with me these days. I hate it when he visits because he is such a nuisance. I am telling you the truth; I am not trying to be braggadocios. He is defeated, but he will try in many ways to convince you that you are the one who is defeated.

One time he visited me in New Orleans. We had just enjoyed a tremendous service; I knew God had done something stupendous that America really needed. I knew that we had won. When I got home, I went to bed. At midnight, I awoke, and who was standing beside my bed? Satan was blowing this horrendous, fiery wind at me and saying, “Leave me alone! Quit messing with my plans!” He was so angry. I said, “Get out of here!” Then I realized he was in my house, and so yelled, “Get out of my house!” He left.

About two hours later he came back and tried the same thing. He was shouting at me, “I will destroy you! Leave me alone!” I said to him, “Get out of my house! I’m tired of your threats. Out!” So when he starts coming at you, trying to intimidate you into believing that he really can do something, know that you are accomplishing something. It is a sure sign something good is happening.

So quit believing the lie. Do not believe it even for five minutes. Indeed, I cannot afford to believe it even for five minutes. I have to keep my faith strong that God is doing what He promised, and that He will do what He promised if I will do what He commanded. That is where you have to stand. It is easy for the enemy to come to you and say, “Oh, she just wants you to do everything. She wants you to spend your every minute fighting for this stupid country.” Yes, I do. The truth is now revealed. Then he will make you feel so sorry for yourself because I am asking you to sit around and pray for America all the time, putting in that kind of time and effort.

You do want to pray. You do want to believe. It does not matter what happens between now and the end. Your faith will give you the victory; it will conquer evil. Your faith will honor God again in this country and will deliver a nation. Be strong and courageous. Be active and vigorous. Even if you get tired of praying, do it anyway. Do not let Satan tell you that you are too tired. Do not let him tell you, “Aw, God’s not going to do that. Look, you see what Obama did? You’re losing.” Just tell him, “You’re lying. We’ll just throw Obama into the stew, and we’ll get him saved too.” I am telling you the truth. You have to combat these negative thoughts. You have to believe that God is going to give you what He said He would give you. Let your faith be the banner over this nation. God is true. He has a plan. He has the power and authority, and He is willing to let you take part in the victory if you will participate in prayer.

Lord Jesus, You are the Captain of the Hosts. I see You standing here Lord with a royal crown on Your head. It is a crown that I have never seen before. It is solid gold and so beautiful, but not as beautiful as You. You are calling us to collect our crowns and to do what we need to do as royal soldiers of the cross, as soldiers of the Kingdom. You will teach our hands how to war. You will teach us how to bend a bow of bronze if we will seek Your face for it. You will empower us, Lord. You will put the faith in our hearts if we will guard and protect it. You want the Church to see the beauty and glory of the victory in our hands. You want us to learn what it is like to taste the conquering of the Spirit and to feel the zeal of God flowing through our person. You want us to have this experience. You want us to be of a nature that will not give up, no matter what happens, no matter what the devil tries to tell us, no matter what man tries to tell us. Lord Jesus, when a man comes up and says, “What are you praying about that for; that’s stupid,” we will just look at him with the fire of God in our eyes and let the Spirit of the Lord deal with his heart.

This is Your nation that You bought with Your blood. Begin to raise up the intercessors of this nation. Put something into the hearts of those one who read this, Lord, so that they will not give up until victory is in their hands. Put the zeal of God into their hearts. Take a coal from off of the altar and touch their hearts. Let a gift from the Kingdom of God arise in them. Let them feel the jealousy of Christ over this nation that will make them fervent and ardent in prayer, refusing to give up. Anoint Your soldiers, Lord. Anoint Your beloved intercessors, these who are standing in the gap, holding ground in the fray. Bless them. Let them experience Your joy in the battle. We thank You, Father. In Your precious name.

The Lord gave me a vision, and in it I saw that we are coming to the end of a fifty-year-old cycle of judgment. What we are opening up to is not just a blessing. We are going to go through a time of discipline, but we are not going to come out of this time with just a blessing. God is actually choosing this moment to corral the Church into the Kingdom. That is what He told me. America has deliberately gone through the rewriting of her national life, so that the life we are now living in America cannot be compared to the life Americans were living fifty years ago. Everything has been changed. The educational system, the banking system, the way Wall Street is run, the medical industry, and the scientific enterprise is drastically different. Everything about American life has been changed.

This vision was followed with a dream that revealed to me what has happened in the last fifty years. It started in 1963. That was the year the ritual sacrifice of President Kennedy was done. It began a fifty-year cycle. We have now come to the end of that cycle, but instead of just coming out of the judgment that we had placed ourselves under in 1963, God is actually going to use this moment to corral us into the Kingdom. It will not be just the blessing, but a different life. My heart is to share with you next time what that life means. It is an incredible thing that God wants to do. When the Church is placed in this position, before His throne, it will enable Him to do many outstanding things in this country. Why? Because the Church will then rule in righteousness instead of man continuing to rule in unrighteousness. This really is going to be an exciting time, so you need to put all of your fears, trepidations, concerns, and whys in the box and close it up. Keep reminding yourself that you are in the birth channel leading to the opening of the Kingdom. He is preparing you for the finest day the Church has ever known. We have already entered into it.

Several years ago in NOLA I was sitting and talking to a couple who are friends of mine. Suddenly four prophets and Ezra appeared on the landing of my home. Now for those of you who do not believe that can happen, believe me, it can. Even John the Beloved experienced a visitation from a prophet who was already in heaven (Rev. 22:8,9). It is recorded in the Word. Elijah and Moses came to Jesus (Mt. 17:3). When Jesus was about to ascend, the Bible says saints from the Old Testament came out of their graves and visited people all over Jerusalem (Mt. 27:53). There is biblical validation of this kind of thing. So I was sitting, and four prophets plus Ezra showed up. Because I had a funny look on my face, the people with me said, “What’s going on Nita?” I said, “Elijah is here. Elisha is here. Ezra is here.” I went down the list of the prophets, including Ezra. My friends asked, “Well, what are they here for?” I said, “They’re here because God has begun to open up to the Church the Kingdom in a new way, right this very minute.”

Just recently He told me that we are no longer at the threshold of this event, but we are crossing over. We have to begin to pray, “Help me see and understand it. Help me to work within it. Prepare me to see it, Lord.” Pray and fast for it. We have gone through this fifty-year cycle. Here we are in 2013. The cycle is coming to an end, and the Kingdom is coming.

In His Love,

Nita Johnson