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Dear Friends,

Below please find teachings related to the prophetic words released to Nita Johnson and her daughter, Ricci Johnson-Wilson on behalf of the Nation and the Refining of the Body of Christ.  He is about the release the Melchizedek Priesthood and our desire is to prepare those who will carry the mantle in the days ahead.

In May, 2021 Nita Johnson started her series on Union entitled “Growing in Christ”

Ricci Johnson-Wilson began her series entitled “Prophetic Advancement” 

May the Holy Spirit have His way in each of our lives throughout this year. 

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Church Declarations

Church Declarations (Portland GOE)   We Declare the reformation of this nation and the people’s support of God’s Cyrus, so that he fulfills his chosen call.  We declare that his

1 Thessalonians: “Allowing Him to Create Beauty for Ashes” with Ricci Wilson

This is the next in our segment on Preparing for the Harvest, a study of the book of 1 Thessalonians. Here I speak on Prepare for Persecution. It’s a timely

10-11-18 “Revolution of Glory!” with Nita Johnson

9-27-18 “Grab Hold of Your Destiny!” with Ricci Wilson

This is another teaching from the Portland GOE. Only teachings are available to listen to/download.  Receive of the promises of our Lord for your life! Don’t allow the enemy to

“The Fatherhood of God” with Kin and Debbie Clark

9-26-18 “Understanding the Role of Angels and Demons” with Raymond Obiaje

This is a wonderful teaching by Ray on the impact of our prayers in the heavenly realms. When we understand our position along with the resources available to us in

9-26-18 “The Character of God” with Pastor John Chin

Understanding the nature and character of our God is essential for us to embrace our lives as intercessors to the fullest. This message is one of depth, encouragement, and embracing

9-25-18 “Abide in Him” with Odeh Akatu

This is a powerful teaching expounding on the importance abiding in Him at all times. One who abides in Him has fruit demonstrating the depth of their abiding. The Lord

9-24-18 “Will the True Church Please Rise?” with Ricci Wilson

The Lord is allowing us to release the teachings from our Portland GOE sessions. There was a tremendous release during these meetings and for those who could not join us,

9-14-18 (1 Thess) “Becoming a Vessel for His Gospel to Flow” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

This series on 1 Thessalonians is from a private teaching done with our staff. The messages the Lord is releasing in this hour are for the purposes of redefining Church

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