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Dear Friends,

Below please find teachings related to the prophetic words released to Nita Johnson and her daughter, Ricci Johnson-Wilson on behalf of the Nation and the Refining of the Body of Christ.  He is about the release the Melchizedek Priesthood and our desire is to prepare those who will carry the mantle in the days ahead.

In May, 2021 Nita Johnson started her series on Union entitled “Growing in Christ”

Ricci Johnson-Wilson began her series entitled “Prophetic Advancement” 

May the Holy Spirit have His way in each of our lives throughout this year. 

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The Refining Part 16 “The Believer-Called to Union” with Ricci Wilson

The Refining Part 15 “Press on Toward the Prize” with Ricci Wilson

This message addresses the importance of accountability and correction within the body of Christ, and concludes our study in the book of Romans. What a powerful time of study we’ve had as the Lord paved the way for His Refining in our hearts through the book of Romans. 

The Refining Part 14 “Did you learn Long-Suffering?” with Ricci Wilson

The Refining Part 13 “Have you Learned Joy?” With Ricci Wilson (4-5-18-call)

In this timely teaching, Ricci answers the questions: What does “Count it all Joy” really mean? What is “joy” and how does one learn to walk in “the joy of the Lord”? And, how does this relate to my salvation and the Refining of 2018? 

The Refining Part 12 “Be Emptied to Find your Purpose” with Ricci Wilson

The Lord is continuing the Refining work within each of us, clearing the pathway for more of Him. In this process we learn the value of being emptied of self, to truly find our purpose in life.  

The Refining Part 10 “Allowing the Finger of God to Transform Us” with Ricci Wilson

The Refining Part 9 “Becoming His Ambassador” with Ricci Wilson

The Refining Part 8- “Preparing our Dwelling Place” with Ricci Wilson

The Refining Part 7 “In the Service of our Faith” by Ricci Wilson

The Refining God is doing in this hour is raising up a New Breed of Believers and He is calling us to rise up and take our place in the body of Christ. The New Breed of Believers will engage, stand in the gap, and go the distance to step in and fight for righteousness, and press in and fight for a brother or sister who is lost. Why? Because we know the consequence of holding back and our love for our fellow man drives us to focus on eternal consequences rather than temporal. In this lesson on Romans 14, we learn what it means to aggressively reach into the lives of those we love – because we love!

The Refining Part 11, “Have you Learned how to Love?” Ricci Wilson