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Dear Friends,

Below please find teachings related to the prophetic words released to Nita Johnson and her daughter, Ricci Johnson-Wilson on behalf of the Nation and the Refining of the Body of Christ.  He is about the release the Melchizedek Priesthood and our desire is to prepare those who will carry the mantle in the days ahead.

In May, 2021 Nita Johnson started her series on Union entitled “Growing in Christ”

Ricci Johnson-Wilson began her series entitled “Prophetic Advancement” 

May the Holy Spirit have His way in each of our lives throughout this year. 

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4-18-19 Corporate Prayer Call and Teaching “Entering the Secret Place” with Ricci Wilson

4-12-19 “The Awakening: Reuniting the Creator with His creation” Part 2 with Ricci Wilson

4-11-19 “The Awakening: Reuniting the Creator with His creation” Part 1 with Ricci Wilson

The purpose of God’s Passover Lamb is to reunite creation with their Creator!

4-5-19-2 Thess 2 – Who will consume you? with Ricci Wilson

Lion of Judah or the son of perdition, who are you serving?  Ricci Wilson

“Suffering is a Privilege” with Ricci Wilson

3-7-19 “Lost & Found” with Ricci Wilson

“Prepare Yourself, the Days Ahead are Here!” With Ricci Wilson

2-28-19 “Clarion Call to the Church!” With Ricci Wilson

In this message, after several warnings, Ricci delivers a strong message to the Church to return to God. 

“Becoming an Earth Shaker!” with Ricci Wilson

We begin our study on 2 Thessalonians by reviewing Paul’s path to the region. Acts 17:6 says of Paul, Timothy and Silas that they “were turning the world upside down!” We are called to be earth shakers my friend! Turning the world upside down one person at a time as we impact them with our

“Prophetic Release” Part 2 with Nita Johnson