History and 2021 Prophetic Insight Part 1

I encourage you to download this and absorb the historical messages with Debbe, Kin and Jon along with the prophetic insight the Lord has given Ricci Wilson. Nita Johnson follows this with a prophetic message on Thursday 1/28/21 

Debbie Clark What-Life-was-like-under1776Constitution-Debbie.Clark


Kin Clark shared 1.26.21-Rule-of-Law-under-both-Constitutions-Kin-Clark

법치주의와 두 개의 헌법, Kin (1-26-21)


Jon Woodbrook shared “It’s Not Over!” Its-Not-Over-Jon-Woodbrook

아직 끝나지 않았다! Jon Woodbrook (1-26-21)


Ricci Wilson released Prophetic Insight 

“트럼프 대통령이 돌아올 것인가_” Ricci (1-26-2021, 화)