A dear friend of mine has had a couple prophetic experiences I would like to share.

First, she saw the building, Ariel Rios, in Washington, DC being targeted for more terrorist attack. There are many government agencies in that building. She saw this some time ago and shared it with me in September. Now the government is publicizing warnings about this very thing, so we seek your prayers for the important building in Washington, DC.

As she was sharing this dream with me, I felt an overwhelming sense that the baby was the divine destiny of the Palestinians. We must pray that not only Israel’s destiny be fulfilled, but that the Palestinian destiny be fulfilled; also that our loving Father who loves all races will heal the breach between the two Nations.

Shalom Nita

I am sending my dream to you as we discussed yesterday. Also, after we spoke on the phone I was listening to talk radio to the news, and there was a news flash, Ashcroft held a briefing live and said that our government has been put on alert for they have credible information that within the next week and a half the offices of certain federal agencies will be targeted: EPA, FBI, Secret Service, etc. Nita, all the offices at Arial Rios!!!!!! In my dream, I was in Jerusalem, inside some sort of auditorium on the platform speaking with an Israeli woman about the pageantry for the celebration. We were surrounded by yards and yards of purple material. All of a sudden the Lord was standing behind me, telling me what to say to the woman when He said, "COME!" He then flew me through the streets of Jerusalem where we swooped in on an Israeli soldier. This soldier was in full uniform with gun in tow. He was running through the streets as we were flying over him when he ran up to what I knew was his Palestinian bride. He swiftly grabbed her by the hand and pulled her along through the streets. I saw her face she was in great pain for she was about to give birth. Then all of a sudden I was back upon the platform, again speaking to the Israeli woman when the soldier and his bride came running down the side aisle. He brought her to the platform and laid her there. Then as he turned to leave he cried, "It’s safe, it’s safe here!!!!" and ran off to fight. Then the Lord said, "Repair the breach!!!" and I awoke. Isaiah 58:12

I Love You,