Entry date: 7/18/2014

“CedarWood Project Methow Relief Fund”
We have been in contact with several friends in the Methow Valley burning over 200,000 acres, leaving hundreds homeless where the fires have been burning and back-burning over the same ground repeatedly since last week. Communications have been severely affected and are still down in many areas, so these phone conversations were a miracle in themselves. One friend is volunteering in a make-shift shelter in Pateros at the south end, and the other is over-seeing the outreach to the towns of Winthrop, Carlton and Twisp

Crises and catastrophes of this magnitude, wiping out whole communities are difficult and painful to bear. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to stand from afar and watch everything you own, including your business, suddenly consumed by fire. We hurt with them and want to help but are often left feeling helpless. This time the crises is near us and our CedarWood International is preparing to send truckloads of supplies as we can make them available.

We have Joel’s Army Prayer Cell Leaders whose local Churches are set up to help distribute the supplies as we get them delivered. Hopes for restoring the valley’s electrical power by the end of this week were dashed again last night when the fire re-burned a pass the lines traverse. Residents have been advised it will be a long time before power can be fully restored. There’s an extensive list of supplies that are needed for these communities from the very basic; water, food, to the larger more specific needs; camping equipment and generators as they have no electricity. The reports and pictures reveal that these communities have truly lost everything.

Our first effort will occur this weekend. We want to give you an opportunity to take action and join us in our efforts through giving to the “CedarWood Project Methow Relief Fund”. Whether you can give $50 or thousands you can give to the ministry by clicking here or through the donation page of our website at www.worldforjesus.org, by check, or if you want to give still larger amounts via wire you can contact our office and we will work with you. Time is of the essence. We were notified last night that heavy rains are expected which presents new concerns of flash flooding. This has the potential to cut off routes into the valley increasing their plight exponentially.

As the stories are being told, and people are still losing their homes all over the valley, miracle after miracle are being reported where the Christians’ homes are consistently spared. One team of firefighters watched as flames raged straight uphill directly toward one home, where they split in two, went around either side, reaching the propane tank out back – where the fire died! Another sister reported flames came right up to her house and stopped, sparing her home. “Jesus did it! I know Jesus did it,” she exclaimed.”

God has already assured us that a great harvest of souls will come out of this adversity, so thank-you in advance for your love and care for our brothers and sisters as well as the many unfortunate in the area that do not know our Lord!

Keep them in your prayers!
God Bless You!
Nita Johnson


Syrian conflict on the rise – the Elite planning to use the conflict in Syria to thrust us into WWlll. This provides detailed coverage on the battle this nation has been in. Ask God to speak to you as you read through it and pray as He leads. 

 Iraqi Christians told – embrace Islam, pay tax or face death!  One person shared that there is a time limit on this request, I have not found a confirmation on this yet, but clearly it is a time of crisis for the Iraqi Christians.

Israel/Hamas conflict. Many are aware of the ongoing conflict between these nations. The Elite would use this to thrust us into WWlll. Pray that God will protect those on the ground of both nations. Pray for Israel, pray that God will keep further conflicts from arising in this region.