A Prophetic Voice For Today's World

Ever Speaking Voice of God Book Two

This is a compilation of dreams and visions given to Nita and Ricci to help instruct, encourage, and edify the body in this hour. Blessings, Nita & Ricci 

“2022, the Year of the Catalyst and the Season of Course Correction”

Ricci Johnson-Wilson January 7, 2022 Ez 22:30 “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: and I found none” God looks for those He can depend on to thrust this nation into a

Train of Hearts

Train of Hearts! A Prophetic Word 3.10.21     This list of events is comprised of some things that are brand new, some I already knew or suspected, but that Jesus apparently wanted to revisit to let me know it was still part of the plan. The things that He spoke to me about or

“The Outpouring” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

The Outpouring… Ricci Johnson-Wilson 12-10-21 Over the course of the last several years this has been the Word of the Lord for the Nation 2018 The Year of Refining, bringing forth a new breed of Believers 2019 The year of Redefining the Church. The end of 2019 marked the release of Covid and the closing

“The Hurricane of Justice and the Destiny of the Nation”

Ricci Wilson 10-21-21 The Lord woke me at 4 am sharp. I was worshiping the Lord while I gathered my things to sit before Him. I sat down and was immediately taken up and into a spiritual experience. The Lord pulled me up and I was taken up over the Nation. We were face to

Word for the Nations with Ricci-Johnson

    “Word for the Nations”   June 11, 2021   Ricci Johnson-Wilson       Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His Throne. (PS 89:14) These are the visions I shared on June 11, 2021.   Prophetic Advancement comes to open the eyes of the people to the harvest they are sowing into

“The Roar of the Lion” by Ricci Johnson-Wilson

“The Roar of the Lion!” April 5, 2021 Ricci Wilson   Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! He is mighty, powerful, and forever worthy of our praise! As I considered the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior this past week, my deep gratitude for what He has done on our behalf remained the lens

“The Vortex”

“The Vortex” Nita Johnson 7-9-2020   “An Unprecedented Time. An Unprecedented Year. Unprecedented Opportunities, Peppered With Unprecedented Risks And Threats.” This statement probably summarizes what we have seen and personally experienced up to this point in 2020. Yet great uncertainties remain for the second half of this year. It was in this context that Nita

Word of the Lord for the Nation “The Ache within the Soul of the Nation”

  Word of the Lord for the Nation “The Ache within the Soul of the Nation; Hear their Cry” September 25, 2020 Ricci Wilson   I was reflecting this morning (Friday 9/25/20) on the vision I had during our prayer call Thursday night September 24, 2020—our focus was the Supreme Court and the Justice System.

“America, we are at a Fork in the Road-the 2020 Election” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

RICCI WILSON’S VISION 7/23/20 Lord, help us to embark upon this venture with fire in our spirits that we might commit to aggressively pray for this nation faithfully. THIS IS CRITICAL! This was a solemn warning, no embellishments. I did not have much opportunity for questions when the Lord came to me, nor did I

The Three Vortexes

    6.5.20 During Friday Morning Staff Prayer Nita experienced 3 Vortexes   We were in our staff prayer call, Nita was praying and the Holy Spirit started to whirl her like a vortex. The Lord said to her, “This is where the nation is right now”. It will get worse before it gets better.