A Warning for the Nation and the Intercessors:

The Lord spoke to me two weeks ago that the enemy was going to attempt to divide the conservative base.

Then, November 8, 2022, I had a vision of a giant shield spread across the nation. This shield had great strength forged through the difficulties of the last six years, its purpose was to protect the nation.

The enemy came up to the shield, sword in hand, raised it high above his head and tried to cut the shield right down the middle. His sword was stopped short by an army of intercessors who thrust their hands upward, preventing his sword from penetrating the top of this fortified shield. He tried again and again, but to no avail.

The only thing stopping him was our prayers and the strength of the conservative base, united in God’s plan for our nation.

I knew that if he were to be successful, he would certainly conquer the land.

Friends, God has a plan for our country, and it would benefit us and our posterity if we would align ourselves with His plans and purposes rather than our own thoughts and ideals. I will share more about this Friday November 18, detailing what He’s spoken to me and how we can pray effectively for God’s will to be done here on earth. Please join us.

This week we will have our regularly scheduled calls, join us for teaching and intercession for the nations of the earth!