Word of the Lord for the Nation

“The Ache within the Soul of the Nation; Hear their Cry”

September 25, 2020

Ricci Wilson


I was reflecting this morning (Friday 9/25/20) on the vision I had during our prayer call Thursday night September 24, 2020—our focus was the Supreme Court and the Justice System. The assignment of the Lord was to decree and declare Scripture over the misappropriation of the justice system. We were about to cover liberal judges, and I felt the need to have our next leader press in and decree and declare Scripture with the congressional authority upon this ministry, as its’ proxy, and knowing our repentance was complete, I instructed her to decree and declare the Scriptures she’d prepared.

As I was sending her that message, I had the following vision:

I saw an arrow shot forward from the Scripture via the declarations. As it flew forward, it passed through a montage of the last 21 years of intercession. Everything we’ve repented over from First Nations, Black Americans, Asian Americans, the children of Human Trafficking and Abortion was in a transparent 3D image before me.  The arrow moved through it deliberately, focused on a large red target. The arrow was launched by the release of Scripture. The arrow was righteousness. The target was Justice. The repentance granted us the authority to travel through the wounds of history affording God’s complete forgiveness and healing through our nation through revival. 

The Lord said: “I am bringing Righteousness to Justice!”

Morning of September 25, 2020, I continued to reflect on that vision, pray over our Nation, Justice and so on.

The Lord came to me and shared several things with me, some were direct Words, some were visions. I’m going to share them as they occurred.

  • He said: “2020-the year of shaking, will bring forth MY Justice to the Nation” This is the season in which we fight for LIFE and LIBERTY over our Nation. 2021 was to be the year of revelation. 2022, the year of catalyst! Suddenly, as though this was a deliberate interruption, I saw the all-seeing eye. The Lord said, “They are watching, but I AM about to blind them with My arrow of JUSTICE. As He said this, a red arrow pierced the pupil of the eye.”
  • I had a vision of the word “EQUALITY” and it was dripping with blood.
  • There are wolves among My sheep, even My little lambs, posing as sheep yet provoking and perverting justice. The sheep and the lambs cry for “equality” yet do not know their cry is stained with the blood of the innocent. I will bring the hand of justice down upon their (wolves) heads!”  I believe the wolves are sent in by the deep state. They are in media, churches, schools and within funded provocateurs of chaos.
  • Next He said: “many say ‘a Civil War is coming.’ But I say, ‘a Civil War is here!’ The fight is for the soul of the Nation. The war is between the Elite and the citizens, not the races. We must refuse the narrative they’ve presented us! He continued: will you choose LIFE or DEATH? TRUTH or DECEPTION? JUSTICE or JUDGMENT?” He continued, “this is not about riots vs protestors, violence vs peace,” the Lord says, “hear their cry.”

I considered the cry we hear from the streets “Black Lives Matter” and “No Justice, No Peace.”

What I am about to say, does not mean that the Lord is not equally concerned with all races, their cry is heard by Him just as loudly. The Lord is addressing specific events related to the time we are in that He is going to use to thrust us into widespread healing of the soul of this nation. 

The Lord says, “I am using this, I am provoking this season to expose the corruption, the deception, and heal the nation.” He said, “this cry is from Me.” He helped me understand that the greatest destruction of the inner cities comes from within as they have partnered with Planned Parenthood, Marxist leaders and socialist politicians. The bloodletting empowers demonic strongholds fueling BLM, a self-proclaimed Marxist organization, with deep roots in witchcraft.

The Lord said, “when this is war over, black lives really WILL matter.” (I explain this in greater detail below “Civil Rights Movement.” But please, remember what I said above; once the healing takes place, the authority behind the BLM movement will be revoked and they will not be able to manipulate and provoke this again.)

Their cry represents the loss of millions of babies of all races who have not received justice, but justice is coming for these infant martyrs. If you notice, there are many races on the streets in this movement, and their cry is for their nationality as well.

  • The abortion industry is going to be exposed.
  • Racism – where it really lies- will be exposed! (Our nation is not systemically racist, that is not how God sees her, nor should we.)

God’s Justice will expose truth and truly heal the wounds. When this work is done, I saw the black race begin to fight for the rights of their unborn children. Not only that, as a nation, we will all fight for the rights of the unborn!

The Civil Rights Movement was paid for with the blood of the children as a woman’s right to obtain an abortion became a Constitutional Right, it quickly sucked the life out of what God planned to accomplish. The abortion industry is a multibillion-dollar industry. I remember the vision I had in February 2020 of Martin Luther King with a giant leech on him. The Lord told me then the Civil Rights Movement was compromised with sin and filled with the blood of the innocent. The sin (LGBTQ) and the blood of the innocent (abortion) were literally sucking the life out of the movement and taking on a life of their own leaving the true purpose starving in its wake. In other words, abortion is a leech on a movement meant to bring equality to all races.

He impressed upon me so strong that many young people, the Social Justice Warriors do not understand the Civil Rights movement that they are fighting for and/or that the enemy has deceived them and convinced them that their fight is for justice. But the reality is, the cry coming forth from the streets is provoked from deep within the soul of this nation, the blood of the unborn is dripping from the Civil Rights movement, crying out from the hearts of those fighting this war. Why? In their effort to achieve freedom from oppression, they embraced a movement that would lead to their extinction. The “Woman’s right to choose” was bought and paid for with the blood of 68 million babies. The LGTBQ movement not only brought sin into the equation, it will effectively end a person’s lineage.

I must add here that each life taken by abortion is felt by the soul of this nation. Each abortion represents a destiny cut short by murder, among all the races. These are lives created by God to be born in this hour with a specific purpose. They have a destiny. This loss is creating a vacuum in our society. It is similar to that left by a twin who dies in the womb, they will forever be missed by the surviving sibling. We, as a society, are missing the lives of our brothers and sisters who should be walking alongside us.

Ever wonder why the protests are filled with all races crying out for Justice?

The Operating Table:

I saw the nation on an operating table before the Lord, it had massive trauma:

  • Head (thoughts left Me & sought the desires of the flesh)
  • Heart (bitterness & unforgiveness)
  • Stomach (consumed toxic waste/compromising the soul)
  • Womb (scarred by abortion)
  • Knees (bowed to false gods)
  • Feet (because of all of these items, the nation has walked into deception)

I watched as the Lord Himself operated on our Nation. As He did, I saw the wounds lifted off the body and healed by His hands. I remember thinking that it seemed like such a monumental task, one only God was capable of performing.

He replied to my thoughts: “As the rising of the sun draws the dew from the soil, I AM drawing the trauma up & out of the soul of the nation, watch and see.”

Then He said “2020, the year of Shaking” will usher in “2021, the year of Revelation.”

Friends, the Lord said, we are at war, the battle is raging, for the soul of the nation is at stake. These revelations are monumental in our strategic battle against the enemy. This tells us that we’ve made progress and are breaking through to the healing point. We cannot give up, give in, or grow weary. We must return to Him with our whole heart, humble ourselves and pray, turn from our wicked ways and He will heal our land! 2 Chron 7:14

We continue to address the issue of Equality, Justice, and the Operating Table head on knowing it’s going to bring tremendous damage to the enemy’s camp!

Blessings & love,

Ricci Wilson