“The Winds of Refreshing Have Been Released…”

By Ricci Wilson

August 1, 2017

Friends, I began the following as an intro… a quick note that I send out at the beginning of our weekly e-news with updates, special requests, etc for the ministry. I write the intros Monday then sent it to our translators so they can get it translated in time to go out in our Tuesday e-news… The Lord taught me an important lesson through the events of the weekend which I share below. He finished the lesson (below in blue) by an impartation of His Spirit of Refreshing… I pray the following ministers to you.

Let me begin by first telling you that in prayer today, the Lord told me He is “releasing the Winds of Refreshing to the Intercessors.”  Consider this as you read on and I’ll speak to it further at the end.

The Lord spoke to me this weekend about this critical season we are in. It began Saturday evening; I looked out my window and noticed pink droppings all over my truck. When I went outside to examine it, I saw that my neighbor’s vehicles were in the same condition. I went to the car wash, which was filled with pink polka dot vehicles and confused drivers. We later learned that a National Airguard tanker was responding to a fire in the foothills and their fire-retardant storage system malfunctioned releasing a mist of fire retardant across a section of our northeast Fresno community. 

Sunday they hand-delivered letters to the residents explaining the importance of washing the fire retardant off every surface as it will begin to corrode paint and cause damage to certain surfaces if left alone. Monday morning, my son reminded me of our solar panels. I planned to call the company who installed them and have them come out. After all, it would be a monumental task I felt somewhat ill-equipped and honestly, too busy, to take on right now. As the morning progressed, however, the Lord placed an urgency on me I couldn’t ignore. The solar panels were expensive; it would be days or weeks before the company could get to them due to the vast number of homes that had been hit… bottom line, I needed to take action and protect my investment. 

I gathered the necessary supplies, and as I climbed the ladder, the Lord began to impart a crucial lesson into my heart… I surveyed my solar panels and began the tedious work of examining and cleaning. It wasn’t too bad in most areas; honestly, it looked like someone sprayed a strawberry milkshake across the roof. It was heavy on some panels, with just a spot or two on the others. Where the spray was thick, it came off easily. However, in the areas that seemed insignificant on the surface, closer inspection revealed a sun baked product, and after a surprising amount of effort to remove it, I found that it started to corrode the surface of the panel. I was so thankful to the Lord for placing the urgency in my heart to clean the panels; I almost missed the core lesson.

I climbed off the hot roof, put my supplies away, and the Lord said sternly: “never wait for others to do what I have commissioned you to do.” I was shocked by His sternness, but He went on: the intercessors are waiting for others to do what they’ve been commissioned to carry out and if they do not take action to protect their investment, the damage will be irreparable.

I prayed and pondered this over the next couple hours, and the Lord gave me His understanding:

Under the previous administration, we (the intercessors) saw a tremendous need to press into God on behalf of our Nation. As a result, we grew not only in number but in the authority granted to us by our Lord and Savior.  It was through the intense pressing that we were granted a reprieve and God’s chosen candidate, His Cyrus, President Trump was elected.

What a victory for the Kingdom! As he took the oath of office, I saw that he would accomplish many of the things God ordained Kennedy to accomplish.  Unfortunately, Kennedy didn’t have the prayer coverage he needed and his life, and the commission upon his life, was cut short.

Today, we find ourselves in a precarious situation. We celebrated the victory, but the news bombards us daily with anti-Trump propaganda until many are tired, their spirits weakened, even those who fasted and prayed for him day in and day out are fizzling in their efforts. For those who remain steadfast and disregard the media, the passion to continue to press in on Trump’s behalf remains. But, others may have so much going on in their lives; they feel it’s time to let someone else answer the call of prayer on Trump’s behalf.

Here’s the thing… WE ARE IT! We are intercessors, and if we are called as an intercessor, the burden must not be handed over to someone else because we are busy, feel ill-equipped, or have allowed our resolve to weaken. The lies surrounding him are palpable. He learned from Kennedy that the media seeks to control the narrative and the only way to ensure your voice is heard as President, is to speak to the public yourself. Every Thursday he records a weekly address on youtube. I encourage you to listen to these releases so you can hear for yourself what his objectives, successes, and his battles are… and then pray!

Trump is a babe in Christ, yet he is PLEADING with the Christians to pray for him because he fears for his life. Our prayer covering provides an armor for Trump; it protects and strengthens him. And the enemy is tampering with Trump’s covering (us…the intercessors) and it’s eating away at the strength and support he desperately needs. Friends, if we don’t take action, the enemy will win and the investment will be lost. Paul instructs us in 1 Timothy 2:1-3 to pray for our leaders. (Just a reminder, Paul wrote this around the time Nero were on the throne.)

I could’ve let that fire retardant stay on my solar panels for a few days and hand my responsibility over to someone else, but what I found when I got up there in the hot Fresno sun, was a lesson in the importance of pressing through to protect God’s investment. We’ve been commissioned with not only getting Trump elected, but keeping him safely in that office, thwarting the attacks of the enemy, and ensuring he fulfills all that God commissioned him to do while in office. It’s our responsibility, let’s see it through to the end. Amen? Amen!

I encourage you to join our corporate calls, join Joel’s Army and receive targeted prayer points to stand with our President, and come to our Gatherings, you’ll never regret doing everything you can to protect God’s investment in our Nation!

God, in His mercy, closed out this lesson by speaking His Word for us in prayer:

During staff prayer today, as I closed out the call, the Lord provoked me to pray for our intercessors, for our leaders, for our families. As I did, I saw His Spirit begin to flow across the Nation and expand over the North American continent, then Europe, Africa, Asia, Russia, Australia and beyond until He was covering the earth with His Spirit. He was several feet off the ground and He told me “I AM releasing the Winds of Refreshing to the Intercessors – all they (you) need to do is take a step of faith. Worship Me, and raise your hand and you will receive of this impartation.”  

This revelation is significant given the lesson He gave me this weekend. Many are tired from the personal battles they’ve endured, but God is Sovereign, He knows what you are experiencing and He’s allowed it to strengthen and develop you. It’s out of a deep love for you my friends, He wants you to become a strong warrior for the Kingdom. Press through the weariness and know that the refreshing is here; just lift your hand and receive of it—this step of faith will allow His Spirit to flow through you and bring forth His refreshing.

Blessings & love,

Ricci Wilson