“The Whirlwind of Righteousness”

Ricci Johnson-Wilson

I sat before the Lord the morning of October 4, 2022, praying in the Spirit. My prayer moved from crying out to Him to warring intercession. My prayer language became intense, forceful, targeted, like a lion hunting prey.

The Lord came and took me up in a whirlwind. I saw the nation and the intercessors across the land. They were represented by lights shining across the land! I saw them pressing but something caused them concern, they had a twinge of concern, almost as though defeat was on the horizon…

The Lord strengthened their spirits, then the strengthening of their bodies followed.

Suddenly, the day of deliverance came forth! It rushed across the land like a tidal wave with shock and awe! The floods of victory came forth! The people of God were in were in Him and the enemies of God were scattered to the four corners of the earth. No two could be found together.

Then, the King of Glory entered in, and creative miracles came forth! The people of God were healed and restored. Hearts once weakened by the level of intercession they’ve carried were healed in an instant. I witnessed as backs bent forward from long hours of weeping suddenly straightened. I saw knees weary and worn from the impact of dropping to them in prayer, restored to the days of their youth. It was remarkable!

The enemies experienced the fear of God and fell to their faces! Justice came forward and executed her judgment.

Next, I saw the rebuilding of the land, there was Restoration and Justice, the Rule of Law, and all over the land, the work of rebuilding was active. We were not alone, angels were assigned to tasks men could not do. The partnership with the heavenly host was miraculous.

I saw factories returning, employment increasing, hope restored, the land appeased. We feverishly worked to restore the nation!

The economy grew, but it was different, it was not fluid, it was solid, strong, unshakable.

Inflation and recession looked like spirits and they were sidelined, they had life, but that life was waning on the sidelines as they could no longer feed off the corruption of leaders.

I saw universities left vacant. Then, suddenly, pastors entered those universities and the people followed to hear the Word of the Lord, some for the very first time. They ate and drank of the Word day and night. They were so hungry for His Truth!

Trade schools and apprenticeships exploded across the land. Construction and all things pertaining to construction and rebuilding drew them in. High schoolers signed up in trade and apprenticeships before they even graduated so they could actively participate in the rebuilding!

I saw trade and bartering return to communities.

The banking industry experienced a complete transformation, it was unrecognizable.

Integrity became not only an aspiration, but a commodity among the people! It was powerful, it was beautiful, it was a nation, whose God is the Lord!

Friends, we can be a part of this change, we must be part of this transformation through our prayers, our actions and living lives of righteousness!

The Lord returned me to my place of prayer, and I was left undone! This is what God has in store for our land! Let us, His people, pray according to His will and His desire for our nation!

I pray this encourages you!

Blessings & love,

Ricci Johnson-Wilson