New Orleans: The Sanctuary

Dear Friends, we have been so very busy down here in New Orleans.  We are in the final stages of renovating our new Sanctuary which, incidentally the Lord told me to call, “The Sanctuary.”   It’s lovely but, more importantly Jesus is coming to us in this place in ways that are both wonderful and incredible.  We never know what He is going to do. One night there is teaching, another night the prophetic, another night pure ministry in the Spirit.  We are in the very earliest stages of a move of His glory.  Hearts and lives are being changed, and people are experiencing supernatural growth.  At times His glory is so strong I am personally so overwhelmed to the point that I cannot minister at all. People are met in a supernatural way and Jesus literally conducts the service Himself.  The greatest anointing seems to be on the Word with a release of His presence such as I have never experienced in 30 years of ministry.  This is why spiritual growth has been supernatural for those who attend.  The crowds are still small but His presence is coming in to meet us as though we are thousands strong.  This has been an amazing year. 

The Gathering of the Eagles

We did no Gatherings last year as we felt led to stay and secure the work here in New Orleans before venturing out again.  Now, however, the team feels as though it is time to venture out again by the Lord’s leading as we have been receiving some compelling things from Him.  Actually, we feel it is imperative for us to embark once again on the National level.  

Let me try to explain my heart:

Every GOE we have held since 2001 has been followed by incredible responses from the Lord. We have engaged issues such as the Native American plight, the African American issues both concerning slavery and the Jim Crow years as well as the Civil Rights era.  We followed the repentance and intercession over those issues with dealing with the abortion atrocities and Human Trafficking. Now we are dealing with yet even higher International concerns that America is responsible for. All these things I have mentioned have been led by God step by step for the purpose of absolving America of the curses caused by spilling innocent blood.  Therefore, Jesus has led us to ask for certain things as we near the end of our intercessions, which, He always seems to grant. We have asked Him to do the impossible for 8 years to which He has responded by granting us even more than we petitioned Him for.  We have detailed these remarkable answers in other letters and News Letters in the past so I won’t go into detail again here. Suffice it to say, doing our part in the healing of America has been an unbelievable journey. 

As we look at the National scene it does not appear as though America is any better off. Yet, I would like to draw your attention to some things you may not know or may have forgotten.  When Jesus came to me in a three hour visitation He told me that if I did not answer this call to do the Gatherings we would see war without revival. If I did we would have revival before He would allow war. That was in the year 2000. Late in 2001 after I accepted the commission and began procedures toward engaging the call, including long  hours of intercession over the commission, I received a newspaper clipping in the mail that stated that China and Russia had signed an agreement to attack America together in late 2000. The writer mentioned that it was a mystery that they apparently decided not to follow through with it. This was the first huge answer to prayer. I can also mention that even more recently, the dangers of a Health Care Reform was revealed to us and we interceded against it before the last Presidential election. While I know that intercessors all over America also interceded, we gained the decided victory through our repentance over innocent blood issues. Why? Because God was free to bless us with His intervention when we met His conditions. In addition, are you aware that the Illuminati International Bankers, to whom President Bush officially turned our Nation over to before he left office, meant to bankrupt America and turn our financial system into ruins by the year 2010? While they did create a huge Tsunami of problems by engineering the recent financial crises, they did not get what they wanted.  They did get a 3 trillion dollar donation to their cause from the American Tax Payers but, they did not destroy America as they originally sought to do.  They did not succeed because intercessors prayed and we together with those who attend the GOEs repented over the spilling of innocent blood and the realities that most concern the Lord’s heart. 

Identificational  repentance  is Scriptural as I have shared in other Newsletters and it is a powerful form of priestly intercession.  

I am sharing all this because the Illuminati elite have elucidated certain things they desire to bring about  within the next 2 to 3 years. If they succeed in their endeavors, America will be a third-world country by the end of 2012. We can look at Haiti and get a sobering picture of what we could look like by the end of that time frame.  We are willing to make a DVD available free of charge, (simply pay the postage) for any who want to order it, which will go into detail regarding their evil plans. After hearing their plans, I pray and want to encourage you to take the next step and come to the New York, GOE. Even if you have never attended a GOE before, please pay the price, (whatever that might mean) to come and be a part of this New York GOE.  This year’s GOE Meetings can secure America under God’s protection if we will do everything He tells us to do. We may not be able to save America for an entire generation, but we can push back their diabolical plan if we will pay the price of prayer. 

This ministry is primarily about prayer, secondarily, it is about seeing the prophetic revelations that will help guide the Church into her destiny. Third, we are a missionary outreach based ministry. We have an office in Nigeria, a base in Italy and work in several other countries. We support several ministries in many different countries, some of which rely on our support almost exclusively to keep going.  We offer books and CDs free of charge to anyone around the world that desires what we contain in our library. Our heart is for the Church to arise to meet its destiny. We want to encourage you to pray about becoming a partner in our call.  Our call is to liberate Nations and our heart is strongly bent toward the Church who is Christ’s bride. 

Please pray about joining us as a prayer partner and one who contributes financially to the work we are doing in the earth. Please remember that you can now make donations online through our website at  on our catalog – ministries page.

I hope you enjoy the articles in this issue and that they are good spiritual food for your precious soul.

In His Love,

Nita Johnson