We shared an article with you by our dear sister Katherine from Scotland, in which she writes about a powerful experience she had through which she was shown the self-righteousness of ministers first, then the Church. We are going to take the liberty to expand upon that sharing some things that the Lord has shown me regarding that same issue.

The Lord has dealt with me for many years concerning the self-righteousness of the Church. It is indeed a grievous thing to Him as we stunt our personal growth and inhibit our relationship with Him as a result. Further, it is a deadly symptom of the religious spirit.

Recently, I was ministering in the Rocky Mountains. As it happened, I found myself ministering to a group of people who had fallen in love with the Old Testament and were diligently studying it. Since I myself love the Old Testament I thought that was great. However, I found something else had begun to take place as well. They had unwittingly fallen into the trap of legalism. I knew that I needed to converse with the leaders about this and was in my room praying when suddenly I was lifted up in the spirit as John the revelator was 2000 years ago and found myself face to face with Moses of the Old Testament. He was standing with the two tablets of the Law behind him. Each tablet was greater in size than a man, so they extended from him to some degree. In the backdrop I could see something that looked like the temple. Perhaps even the temple that Solomon built. I don’t know. Seeing me, he lifted up his hands toward heaven, and in wrath cried out. “The Law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.” For those of you who know your Bible you will recognize that from the  Scripture and is found in John 1:17. I don’t know if he would have spoken anything more to me. The terror of the Lord gripped me so quickly that in fear I pulled out of the trance. (Acts 10:10) When I later tried to tell my friends the Danowits about what had happened I wept and trembled trying to get the message out. I remained under the fear of the Lord the rest of the day as many things began to unfold which ultimately broke the yoke of legalism the group had fallen into. I will forever cherish the leadership, as they were patient and deeply concerned in restoring the right foundation to their Bible studies.

Legalism is simply another form of self-righteousness. And, I would dare say that every Christian including the great apostle Paul falls into this trap at some point in their Christian walk. The sin begins when we are made aware of it and don’t repent. Yeshua (Jesus) showed me what the garment of self-righteousness looks like. It is a dull murky gray, transparent garment that is full of holes that are caused from the worms of self-righteousness that are slowly ingesting it. Further, it is a garment of shame for it exposes our nudity. I wept and wept when I saw it. But, in His great mercy, Yeshua also showed me the garment of true righteousness that comes only from God. As Katherine already explained, it is breathtakingly beautiful.

Self-righteousness can be recognized in many different ways. When we hear sermons and attribute what we hear to everyone else and forget that we too are sinners. When we shun brothers or sisters in the Lord because we think they are not as spiritual as we are, or are below our notice or income bracket, we are serving self-righteousness. If we are strangers to a regular and systematic life of repentance before God for our own sins, trespasses and offenses before Him, I can promise you, we have more self-righteousness than we would ever want to see.

If we have a difficult time with correction, we are in need of God’s grace to free us of this deadly enemy. It may show its face in many different ways that we don’t have space to mention. The important thing is that a person, who is blinded by this deadly sin, has little understanding of the grace that comes by Yeshua. Further, they have little patience or mercy for others who are trapped by one sin or another. To know Yeshua in a personal way is to despise ones own righteousness, and to love and cherish His grace, and to cling to His righteousness.

As we begin to repent of our self-righteousness and seek the Lord that He might impart His own righteousness, it can thrust us into some pretty painful self-revelations. However, the fruit of the journey if not abandon is rich and wonderful. It is a road that is well worth the time and pain it may take to travel.

Ministers who propagate a Gospel of grace without responsibility, and rewards without cost are in danger in the days ahead. These people need lots of prayer lest Yeshua send judgment upon their ministries.

On the other hand, ministers that spend a great deal of time in the Lord’s presence will always teach the Church to count the cost of discipleship, and by the grace of Yahveh embrace it. Conversely, those individuals who are hearing the voice of the spirit today are not seeking the dainty morsels of yesteryear. They want to hear the truth about God and about themselves.

The reason the Lord gave this profound experience to Katherine is because He is getting ready to deal very strongly in the area of our self-righteousness and He wants us to be ready. Moreover, He wants His ministers to be ready that they not end up a casualty. Seek the Lord’s face my dear brothers and sisters. In your seeking invite Him to do a deep work in your heart, as He promises us that if we will judge ourselves, He will not have to judge us. Henceforth, we might be found approved in the day of His visitation. .  




I recently wrote in a previous newsletter that I had a vision of Africa, in which I saw hundreds albeit thousands of Africans laying dead on the ground as though killed in war. I felt a great burden to pray and was immediately thrust into travail.

I have by now received a memo about this matter by a man by the name of Avi Lipkin. (Incidentally, he is a Jew who is not yet born again, we might pray for him.). He is traveling around the country speaking in Churches and anywhere quite frankly that he can, alerting the Christian that among other things, those who are spearheading the One World Government are planning a systematic genocide of the Africans in Sudan. The goal is to purge 8 to 10 million Africans from the land. According to Avi, they have already killed 2 million through chemical warfare. The purpose for this activity is that these Africans are sitting on the worlds richest oil supply. Those who are responsible for this genocide apparently feel they want this oil reserve, and think the end justifies the means. The only way we can stop this atrocity is to pray for God’s intervention. So, we are putting out a call to intercessors all over the world to unite with us and pray for revival for the African people and intervention against these evil plans.

The Lord has spoken to me for years about a great revival spreading across Africa. They are even now seeing pockets of revival fire spreading. Things such as villages of people who have accepted the Lord yet being without food, will sit around the table get out the Bible and pray over it as though they were going to eat literal food, but instead read the Word. When they are finished they rise up from their meal on the Word as full and satisfied as though they had dine on temporal food. They may live as many as 20 days on the Lord’s food never touching temporal food, yet never lack or go hungry. Translation experiences are already becoming common place. Many other such miracles will be recorded to occur before it is finished.


South East Asia

South East Asia including India, East Pakistan, Burma, Thailand, S. E. China, S.E.. Camdodia, N.E. Borneo, Malayia, Sumatra, and Singapore, is going to experience cataclysmic earthquakes, both economically and in natural disasters. I see a dramatic overturning of what freedom there is by tyrannical forces, and/or war. I also see floods do to hurricanes and interior flooding do to sudden torrential rains, and famine in many critical areas of food production. I also see many new believers springing up throughout this region. Even as I write this I can hear a beautiful song of the spirit spreading throughout the area. God will be a refuge for His people. They will spread the Gospel with a new boldness even through much persecution. God in His great love and mercy will be sending many angelic visitations to members of the body of Christ during the difficult times. I see people being translated from place to place to spread the Gospel through great opposition. And finally, I see men of nobility, of the category of the mighty men of valor coming out of this area.



  I see an unprecedented activity of volcanic action in this country. I also see floods of a peculiar nature. These floods will occur in the least likely places, and will be flash floods causing much damage and loss of life. Further I see high winds coming suddenly, swiftly, and again, to the loss of lives and causing much damage, and earthquakes.

However on a brighter note, although there is currently a general prevailing hardness to the Gospel, I see a softening and opening of hearts to the good news coming very soon. I might in fact add that I see not only the fire of judgment coming, but also the fire of revival sweeping across the country. It will be particularly strong in the east. There is already beginning, but will escalate considerably a wave of the fire of holiness. It will be a profound move that will touch the greater Christian community. In fact God has some very powerful intercessors in this country and He will be producing many mighty men of valor through this wave of intervention in Switzerland.





Since we have an article in this addition by a prophet from Scotland, I thought it would be a good time to share some prophetic future regarding Scotland.

There has been much bloodshed in Scotland. Many Christians have poured out their blood in martyrdom, but not without a cause. They have paved the way for the great move of God, which will bring in the greatest harvest of souls ever to sweep across the nation.

I see governmental changes that may be surprising to some. God is going to deal in a strong way with the indifference of the Church, with natural calamities and money market failure. Further, He is going to send fire into the hearts of His people during which there will be translation experiences, great miracles and soldiers of the cross upon which will rest great authority. Even so, persecution is coming once again to the elect.