The Lord Jesus has revealed, very powerfully, to quite a number of His servants in various parts of the earth the truth that we are standing at the portal ~ the ending of one age and the beginning of another. I am only one of these many prophetic voices. In my case, the Lord Jesus brought me into His presence, and I beheld Him seated on His glorious throne. Standing before Him ~ facing Him, were many thousands of joyful, glorious, redeemed worshippers. From this seemingly heavenly room or auditorium, all of us could "see" or know what was occurring directly below us in the air or surrounding the earth. Most of what we beheld on the earth was horrifyingly chaotic. But, we also knew the full sequence of events, that combination of God’s glorious works, which had overwhelmed the enemy’s desperate onslaughts, and that which had led up to that very moment preceding the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to rule the earth. The date on which the Lord Jesus appeared to me was November 24th, 1969, and it was almost midnight. I was 18 years old. During the next summer (1970) I spent 2 1/2 months in Israel, and the Lord frequently visited me with dreams, visions, opening the Scriptures and almost daily for 10 weeks was speaking to me profound revelations concerning the chosenness of the nation of Israel, and the specific role of that special nation in God’s plan for bringing salvation to the world.

All this was amazing to me, because He showed me in spiritual vision so many things which had happened in history, particularly Jewish history, from Old Testament times to the present; and of the vast majority of these things, I previously was entirely ignorant. In fact, history had been my worst subject. The foundation for what God taught me and what I saw revealed in visions became established at a time (age 18 & 19) when I saw the Lord Jesus and subsequently studied in Israel. During my ten-week stay I read more than one third of the entire Bible. God’s visitation was steady and intense. For the next twelve months, I was overwhelmed with the things I had seen in the Spirit and in prophecy, and of course, I was pretty shaken up. Not feeling confident about speaking of these things, I safely and wisely held them in my heart. One particular thing I saw in some detail the night I saw the Lord was the manner in which the various Soviet Republics became independent nations, which did occur all together over twenty years after I saw the Lord Jesus. Strangely, it was this part of the vision which I was most reluctant to tell, not only because we all know it would have sounded unbelievable, but mainly because I couldn’t understand it myself! I had seen it in a vision, but I still couldn’t comprehend how such a thing was possible!

For nearly twenty-nine years I kept most of the details locked up in my heart. In September of 1998, God strongly challenged me to speak of the vision to apostolic leadership. To my amazement, it was entirely embraced by these leaders and by pastors, and evangelists with whom I was ministering in England. Most of what occurred at that time concerned Israel, Great Britain, and one particular former Soviet Republic to which our ministry teams soon went.  And then, in mid-November, 2000, I was given an urgently strong prophetic word by a powerful apostolic leader from Britain (who himself has carried the gospel to India, Russia [as far east as eastern Siberia], Nepal, Croatia, South America, Ukraine, parts of Africa, and numerous other nations of the world, resulting in multitudes of people coming to salvation in Jesus Christ. This most recent admonition was a command to write down what the Lord has revealed to me, and an affirmation that He will put it into the hands of His people in churches. I promised to obey Him.

I asked the Lord to please show me which particular aspect He desires me to write about, as I had no idea where to begin. He clearly spoke to me to begin with this teaching concerning the end of the age of the Gentiles. This subject in itself is the broadest overview! It is not a small subject. While much of it is gloriously powerful, some issues contained therein are terribly sobering, even horrifying. Please be assured that without the prophetic urging from the Lord Himself, I would almost certainly not be writing about these maters at this time. But, I am now convinced that it IS the right time.

 This Is The End Of The Age Of The Gentiles

When our Sovereign God in His unsearchable wisdom chose to bring the Gospel to all nations, to allow the Temple (which was called by His name) to be destroyed, and to cut off some of the Jewish branches (grafting in new believers who were being saved from among the nations), it was a time of unimaginable turmoil, change, violence, and bloodshed. The abolition of the Levitical sacrifices for sin, the destruction of the Temple, the scattering of the Jewish people to every nation under heaven (which resulted in a terrible physical and spiritual desolation of the land of Israel), and the inclusion of multitudes of uncircumcised people among the people of God, all of these things were simply unthinkable. Most of these developments were completely unimaginable, even though the prophets of old had made specific references to each of these drastic things, which would occur. Yet even the disciples themselves, whom Jesus had personally trained and had warned of these coming events, found it very difficult to accept and to keep up with the intense period of transition in which they lived. We face much the same situation now in our day. The way the Church has always assumed things to be is suddenly going to change, as both the Old and New Testament prophets assured us would happen.

The age of the Gentiles has an end, and we have now reached a time wherein it must honestly be said that it is finished, first for the western world, and very soon for the regions of the world which are just now experiencing a major last-minute harvest, areas such as the Orient and the 10/40 window. The 11th hour harvest in the still-unreached nations will be one of the most vast and earth-shaking things that have ever happened. It will be a great harvest! But, it will not take long to finalize. While we measure such a span by the phrase "a very few short years", they are in fact so few that they could conceivably be referred to in "months" rather than in the usual "years".

When God broke off some of the Jewish branches, which had always been so dear to His heart, and adopted many children who were previously strangers, there were three main visible signs of the enormous spiritual changes which were going on worldwide. These three signs, which introduced what has been called "the Church age", are being exactly duplicated or repeated as the signs that indicate the end of the period of the Gentile age. As it is the "Jew first and then the Greek" (that is to say, the Gentiles in general), so Israel had two thousand years to shine to the nations and then judgment fell, and now the Church has had two thousand years to fulfill its call, and judgment is here.

The three signs which began the Church age and which will now end it are these: First, a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Lord’s House (this first happened on the day of Pentecost); Second, a brief but intense period of world evangelism (this occurred in 30 to 70 A.D.); and last, unparalleled violence, bloodshed, and slaughter of God’s people, even at the same moment that the message of salvation was going forth to bring in the harvest (this was of course the war culminating in the destruction of the Temple 70 A.D.) Notice that the known world was evangelized in forty short years, and that this enormous evangelistic thrust immediately preceded a frightful judgment which began at the House of God.

We have all heard that now the time has come in which judgment must begin at the House of God. We have heard it so often that we almost think we can quote it. We imagine that it means that God is about to clean up His Church, starting with the preachers and elders. But, when Peter wrote these words, he was in essence saying: "Look! We have now come to the time when God is going to send the judgment and the promised destruction to the Temple, as our Lord Jesus solemnly warned us! And if it begins here with us, where will the Gentiles end up. If God’s people experience such fierce things, what shall happen to the unbelievers, the sinners, and the ungodly?" He penned these words immediately before the destruction of the Temple and the desolation of Jerusalem. And what he wrote then is right now taking on new significance for us, upon whom the ends of this age have come.

There are two opposite demands which God has made, and they are now about to come into a most drastic collision. These two issues concern His feelings towards the nations, and they must both be satisfied. First is His overwhelmingly gracious heartbeat towards all peoples of the earth: He loves all; He desires all to be saved; He is intensely hot about getting the entire world reached with the Gospel of the Kingdom; and He fervently labors to take out of the Gentiles a people for His Name. The final judgment of the world has been delayed for thousands of years because His desire to save every possible life takes precedence over His desire to repay evil deeds with vengeance, and also because it would not have been possible for Him to ruin the harvest fields by flooding them with judgment and still somehow to be able to guarantee the integrity of the full harvest. So, judgment just has to wait. The second factor, in opposition to the first is the demand for Him to judge the earth which is soaked with the blood of His people, Jewish and Christian, whose blood has been shed with mocking haughtiness and impunity for thousands of years. The Word of God is replete with accounts of the coming day of judgment when God’s wrath will be poured out on the Gentile world. Moses sang about it in Deuteronomy, and the saints in the book of Revelation are still singing about it in heaven. Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel, Zechariah, Malachi, Matthew, Luke, Jude. I and II Peter and many other books in the Bible speak of the final time of judgment of the Gentiles.

Now notice carefully that Jesus addressed this very principle (of the conflict between God’s obligation to judge and His desire to safeguard the whole harvest) in the parable of the wheat and the tares. Remember that it was His fieldworkers (pastors, teachers, evangelists. Etc.) who heavily urged Him to rip out the tares and destroy them right away. "Not so," he informed them. He revealed to them that there was no possible way to rip away the tares without losing some of the wheat, and He was not and is not willing to lose even a single one. He said that the separation would occur at the time of the end. In which all the wheat would be gathered into His granary, and the tares would be burned up in the fires of judgment. This speaks of something more than the fires of hell, which is amply covered in Jesus’ teachings elsewhere. It speaks of a fiery judgment which will occur on earth.

For the remainder of this message, I shall move through several building blocks of truth which will prepare us for the final conclusions. Let us begin with the following issue: Why is God growing so impatient with the nations that the harvest must be speeded up? The answer may shock you, but I saw it expressed visibly by the expression on the face of the Lord Jesus Christ! I saw a look of terrible hurt and utter grief, total disgust and a stern, burning anger with the Gentile nations because of the Holocaust. His lips were not speaking, but He was thinking so loud that it was FRIGHTENING to behold. He was essentially communicating to me the following thoughts and impressions:  

            How can the nations behave so disgustingly! If they are going
            to behave like Devils, savagely butchering my brethren
            whose blessings have been long delayed for the sake of
            these Gentiles, I will HASTEN the end of the period of grace
            upon the Gentiles, and turn now to Israel with comfort and favor.

I also saw a frightening, horrified look in His eyes, which, in a slow
deliberate, steady, angered look of resolve, portrayed the following

            They will pay for this. They’ll pay a price so heavy that they are
            incapable of bearing it. They will see a side of Me they never
            knew existed. They will be shocked to see the One they
            imagined to be a distant, historical figure from the ancient
            past emerge to violently shake and crush the offending peoples.

Now you can believe me, or you might not believe me. Neither the belief of the Lord’s people nor their disbelief will move me on this matter, because I saw our Lord, and these words were easily discernable by the look on His face and by the thoughts that He shared. (I can also say that if you had seen such intensity on His face, you would have trembled like me, and after trembling, you most likely would not have any energy left to argue about it.)

But wait! The strange thing is that He showed what had been in His mind and upon His face as the Holocaust was occurring and at its end. These events transpired several years before my birth which was April of 1951. So the Lord Jesus allowed me to see (even in the smallest measure) what he felt in 1945-1948 as the entire world stood guilty before Jesus the Messiah, having annihilated ~ or neglected while others murdered His own family. And even then, in the late 1940’s He had an intense yearning for His Jewish brethren, and He wanted at that time to rain destructive and fierce punishments on those nations, and simultaneously take the people of Israel to His bosom, and comfort them, and dry every tear, but He couldn’t do all that throughout the entire world as it existed during the time of 1945 and shortly beyond.  Do you know why? It was because the harvest was not anywhere near completion! Hundreds of millions of souls were not yet reached. Nations were not yet reached. The Church by and large had been neglectful of its duties to get the Gospel to every person on earth. And I actually saw the resolution on the face of the Lord Jesus, which was sufficient to portray these thoughts.

             "All right" It will have to wait a short period for the ingathering
              of Gentiles. But, I will make it wind up very shortly. This evil
             deed of theirs is going to shorten their time of hope."

And saints, consider that the Holocaust is actually the most recent and largest of a tragic succession of obscene, satanic, abominable murder sprees of the past 2000 years, the majority of which have occurred in those very nations which claimed to honor the Savior of Israel, Jesus the Messiah. He will NOT be implicated in their wickedness, which is actually an expression of their hatred against Him. So, I will sum up this part in a single sentence: God is hastening the end because of His anger and grief over the centuries-long and increasingly murderous and insane raging behavior of Gentiles against the Jewish people, who are His own nation.

Now the hardest thing of all to ponder, as we consider all things mentioned in the Word of God concerning these matters is this: What does the Scripture mean when it says that some of the native branches (some of the people of Israel) were broken off, and some other branches, wild by nature (some of the Gentiles) were grafted in? This subject is so agonizing to write about that I have actually put off for a while my duty to inscribe it for the benefit of God’s people. But, I know that the following things have to be stated, whether or not I can bear to say them (and they must be written whether or not others can bear to read them.)

The branches who were cut off were the lives of the one and a half million Jews who perished in the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., and the several million Jews throughout the Roman world who were murdered within a century of that horrific desolation. The event in the year 70 is known as the siege of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple.

Now it is very important that God’s people should understand the following things. Jesus is Luke 21 (and elsewhere) spoke very specifically about the siege of Jerusalem, its fall, and its desolation. He sums up that the time period surrounding the destruction of the Temple with these words: "These are the days of vengeance, that everything that is written shall be fulfilled".

So, the agonizing sufferings of the slaughtered inhabitants of Jerusalem (of which Jesus prophesied, and which are amply recorded by eyewitnesses and historians) were not going to be averted —- because the Son of God Himself declared those days of vengeance. The details of the fall of Jerusalem are excruciating. It is almost unbearable to read about it or think about it. At one point, hundreds of dead bodies lay strewn about in the Temple courts, unburied, rotting, and untended. This had been the Holy Temple, the holiest place on earth, and the site chosen by the Lord Himself, and called by His own name! (And may I say that this was not only the fulfillment of Old Testament prophesies concerning the time of God’s departure from the Temple, but is also a horrifying picture of judgment coming on Christendom at the end of the Age.)

But, the two details from the destruction of Jerusalem which we must face ~ and I shall mercifully limit it to these two things ~ are the ripping open of living Jews for gold coins, and the crucifixion of hundreds of small children. It is recorded that desperate Jews swallowed gold coins, hoping to escape over the walls of Jerusalem at night, avoid capture by the Roman soldiers, retrieve the coins through elimination later, and be able to begin a new life elsewhere. The Roman soldiers heard rumor that there was gold inside these escaping persons, and so they cut their stomachs and bowels open while they were still alive in order to pocket whatever coins they found! Josephus, an eyewitness, declares that in one night, two thousand people trying to flee the city were thus dissected! And, God held His peace, because these were the days of vengeance, and the promised great salvation, of which He had spoken, was now going to come to the Gentiles.

The Romans captured and crucified and average of 500 persons a day, and displayed their bodies on crosses which faced the walls of Jerusalem. This was done so that the inhabitants could see the horrible spectacle and might thus be encouraged to surrender to the Romans. However, these mass crucifixions only incited more hatred against the Romans, and aroused a greater desire to never surrender. So, seeing that this wasn’t working, the Romans began the practice of crucifying young children in hopes that this heartbreaking and revolting sight would get the people to surrender.

Saints of God, I will tell you by the word of the Lord that these hundreds of tender, young Jewish children who were crucified outside Jerusalem were among the "branches" who were cut off so that you might be grafted in! Jesus spoke about the young children in Jerusalem who would die in the siege, being slaughtered. When He spoke about it, He wept. These little children died calling upon God ~ who would not and did not intervene to save them! They were descendents, all of them, form God-fearing Jews who had come back from Babylon under Zerubbabel along with Mary’s and Joseph’s ancestors and descendents of what Acts 2 calls "devout Jews" from surrounding nations who came up to Jerusalem for the holy feast days. God who is love, and who had promised Abraham that He would be the God of His children forever, restrained Himself and didn’t act as He normally would have at the cries of dying Jewish children ~ children who were in fact the young branches who were being cut off, branches who would never grow to adulthood, never live life as God desired them to live it, branches which would never produce fruit or offspring of their own, branches who were completely cut off to make way for the Gentile believers. How God restrained Himself we cannot expect to know, but we do know that Jesus said that He and the Father are one. And we note that Jesus Himself had a very difficult time bearing the knowledge that this horror was to befall Jerusalem’s children, for we read that when the Son of God looked out over Jerusalem, and saw in the Spirit what was about to occur, He wept inconsolably. He experienced a grievous anguish of mind and soul.

When Jerusalem was being destroyed, God bottled up the stifled cries of these dying children, and preserved their cries, to be heard at a future time. That is to say, God did not wholeheartedly listen to them with the intent to avenge and judge the Romans at that time, for if He had done so, the branches would not have been cut off at all. His pity is simply too consuming. But, He deferred in the timing of being moved to fury over such abominations.


It’s so that you could be saved! It’s so that you and the entire Gentile believer who have been brought into the body of Christ for the past two thousand years could be grafted in. Jesus consistently taught that the first would be the last and the last would be the first. Many privileges first given to Israel would now be given to the redeemed among the Gentiles, who were last to come to know the God of Israel. So God looked away from the scenes of the slaughter and screams of agony from a few million first-century Jewish people, concentrated on the praises of hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of redeemed saints from among the nations ~ people who were formerly Gentiles, lost and without God in this world, but now would be washed in the precious blood of the Lamb, the Son of God who is the Savior first of Israel and also of all those Gentiles who put their trust in Him, as Isaiah prophesied.  Israel was suffering because those were the days of vengeance, but Gentiles from all around the world were being given their first-ever opportunity to become part of God’s family.

What the Lord showed me is the holocaust so ignited His fury, even to the point of igniting the WRATH of the Lamb, that God has speeded up the world harvest and the grafting in again of the native Jewish branches. As He beheld the butchery, Satanism, occultism, murder, cruelty, and hellish barbarity of the Nazis and the Europeans in general, as well as the collusion and/or indifference of the rest of the world, He in distress and grief said in His heart which I might try to capture in these brief words:

"It was for these wicked, ungrateful Gentile peoples that I allowed such sufferings to come on my own people Israel? Well then, their time is now up! I will NEVER fail to judge the world for this, and I will never treat it as small or overlook it, because it so violates My heart and My very nature."         

(I am so sorry, saints of God; I cannot possibly put into human words what I saw in Jesus’ heart and face. I saw horror, disgust, resolution, and regret as well as pity and yearning to regather, redeem, restore, and reinstate the nation of Israel. But, the words which I have written are so woefully inadequate to express what I saw revealed in His face. I am nearly ashamed to write words that are so scanty a description of how He feels. I don’t think that I have captured even 15% of what He was saying, thinking and conveying to me. I am sorry. Forgive me for not being capable of doing any better than this.)

A large part of the reason our Lord Jesus is returning with fire in His eyes is because of this ungrateful, dastardly, traitorous, murderous, haughty, and proud way the nations have treated the people of Israel, who are a people that were blinded for our sakes. There are lots of other reasons as well, reasons which do not directly concern Israel. One of these involves God’s growing impatience and displeasure with those nations who have "had" the Gospel for hundreds of years, and who still do not love God, obey the Gospel, or produce fruit. The Scriptures show that this anger in God is the cause of His sending the nations that strong delusion so overwhelming that "they might be damned." Another verse says that it would be better for them if they had never known the way of truth that to have it and turn away from it. We’ve always applied that verse to individuals only. But, I am telling you plainly that it pertains to nations as well. There are national destinies. And, there are according to the Word of God, nations that are going to be utterly destroyed, exterminated, overthrown, wiped out, and literally annihilated, all because of their rage against Jehovah. The Bible doesn’t just state this truth once, twice or three times. It is clearly said repeatedly in the Word. While this was never God’s desire or intention from the beginning, it will happen simply because they will bring such a thorough curse upon their own heads.

And so to conclude this teaching, we shall state again that the biblical pattern is this: First judgment in the house of God, then the overthrow of the ungodly (the destruction of nations). Also, the Bible speaks of "nations of them that are saved," which shows that many, and perhaps hopefully most Gentile nations will be left with some survivors, even after coming judgments. Note this however: There is a big difference between the judgment which befell Jerusalem in 70 AD and the coming judgment which will answer the Holocaust, (and all other crimes of bloodshed in human history). God’s Word abundantly promises the survival of the Jewish people, the future glory of Israel, and God’s favor upon them and presence with them forever. The perpetrators of the many slaughters inflicted upon God’s people through the centuries are promised NO SUCH THING! There are specific words in the Bible directed at Edom, Amelek, Rome, Babylon, and others which declare that they will be burned up or destroyed, leaving them neither root (ancestors) nor Branch (descendants). And, isn’t it interesting that God promised that the natural branches of Israel would one day be rightfully grafted back in to their own tree, but that those nations whom God shall burn up will not even be left with any branches at all! Or, in other words, when these branches are broken off, they- unlike Israel- will never, ever, EVER be given life again. When Jesus comes back to rule the world, there will neither be Babylon or Babylonianism (including sorcery of any kind), Rome or Romanism, pagans nor paganism, nor any proud exaltations by any Gentile people against Israel or Israel’s God. Nor will any mountains of Edom (Mecca, Medina, and the corners of Esau’s territory) survive the prophesied visit of the "Star of Jacob," the Lord Jesus Himself.

I have delivered my soul of this burning weight, a most serious and heavy concern, which I first saw in the face of Jesus Christ. I have desired to express that the Age of the Gentiles does not end all in five seconds everywhere on earth, but it exactly parallels the curtain of darkness that naturally falls across the globe every day at nightfall in the western world, and with the final hour of daylight, the Orient and other unreached regions will be harvested. We must work while it is still daylight, as Jesus admonished.

The end of the Age of the Gentiles is here, and we have been living in a transition period without fully comprehending how much our day is a fulfillment of the Savior’s words. Actually, we have moved most of the way through the transition period without fully realizing it. We are just now seeing the 11th hour workers come in and labor in the harvest fields. This means that we have less than one hour of daylight remaining in which we must complete the harvest. We will move through the remainder of it with jolting evidences (plural) that the old age has ended, and we most certainly cannot go back.

Finally, my beloved and precious fellow-believers, those saints who are worshippers of our glorious and soon-coming Master, Savior, and Lord Jesus our much anticipated Heavenly Bridegroom please be aware that I have written this in such fear of God as to make me tremble. I know that these things are very true. But, that doesn’t make it easy to state them. Nevertheless, be assured that I have done the very best I know how to do. May God richly bless you, and give to you further insights into these matters. Sincerely your brother,

David Michael

David Michael Ministries

PO Box 1544

Hemet CA