Dear Reader,

I chose to leave this in letterform to let you see and understand how  the Lord sometimes works. Neville and I are just dear friends communicating an important experience. Through the talk of friends, Messiah chose to reveal the next step in His plans for mankind, giving us part one and part two, each one, in our own prophetic experiences. He took Neville to heaven to reveal the plan and took me to heaven to unleash it. It sort of reminds me of the Scripture that instructs us, that one will sow and the other reap the increase, but God gets all the glory!

Now the provision, glory and light that is needed to bring Israel into the full revelation of Messiah has been released upon the earth. But, like a seed put into the soil waiting to be germinated and birthed into full ripeness, producing first the blade then the ear, then the full corn, (Mark 4:28) we will see the same thing occur with the release of the storehouse. The Lord will give special attention to prepare the soil and germinate the seed. Then we will see the blade, the ear, then the full corn spring forth in a major revival among the Jewish people world wide, but first in Israel.

This whole process will not take long however, so pray for Israel and watch the fruit come forth in a short while.
Shalom, and Blessings,

Nita (LaFond) Johnson

Email From Neville Johnson,


Perth, Australia


Nita Johnson


Hi Nita,


Thank-you for your last email you sent. I have been away and out of reach for a while. When I got back, I had over 100 emails to answer.


It was good to hear from you. God is certainly doing some interesting things. I had an interesting experience in November of this year, on the 23rd    Australian time.


I was in prayer and found myself being escorted into heaven traveling over some beautiful country. I thought: this must be Paradise.  Then I saw in the distance a

very large building with a great light emanating from it. Finally we reached the building and I was escorted into it. It was so bright inside, I could only see about 6 yards in front of me. I asked the Lord where we were. He replied: We are in the building that houses the provision, light, and glory of God for a specific time period on earth.


I asked: What time period? I heard back, from the reformation to 2010.


Much of the building had been emptied out, but the end of the building still housed a very large portion still to be dispensed into earth. There were very large and strong doors at the end of the building shutting up this provision. They had not yet been opened. Then I heard: It is time for Is. 22:22 to be released into the earth so these doors can be opened.


As a side note, I feel we need to use our authority to open doors for God’s purposes and plans on earth.

It is interesting that 2010 is seven years from now. Do you have any thoughts on this?


Bless you heaps!



Email from

Nita Johnson


Neville Johnson


Hi Neville,


I don’t know where to begin on this. So, I will begin at the beginning. Neville, I am in Israel and because of your last email, I have been doing a great deal of praying for answers. Yesterday, the Lord came to me with a King’s Staff in hand and told me we (Him and I) would be releasing something wonderful into the earth. So, I spent 9 1/2 hours in prayer waiting for Him to return so we could release this thing He was talking about, not knowing what it would be. Finally, between 1:30 AM and 2:00 Israeli time, He returned. He came having the same staff in His hand. Stretching it forth, I thought He was going to hand it to me but instead He began to whirl it around like a baton. When it stopped it was a huge key! It was in the shape of an old fashion key such as we once had in the States. And, it was about half the size of the original staff.  I knew it was the key of David.


I took the key in both hands, as it was quite heavy. He then immediately took me to that building I think you saw. He said: It is time to release the pent up treasure. With the key I unlocked the door. The door was huge like one you would find on a barn or huge storage building. I would say it was the size of an average wall in an average house. As the door opened the word Light appeared in cursive written on the opposite door.  The letters were so large they spanned the entire width of the door. Also the word was written in fiery light. (That is, light clothed in fire.) In fact the fire was still burning around the edges of the lettering as though it had just been seared into the door with this fire.


Neville, the room was filled with this same fiery light, and was blinding to the eyes. The minute the door was entirely open horses began to run out of it. Each one had a precious cargo. One after another ran out as though they had been loosed from a stall from which they had been too long pent up. Neville, so many horses ran out I thought: They are going out into the whole world. The minute I thought that, the numbers "1948" appeared written in the air. Then I knew, these were all going out to the Jewish people first in Israel, then to their sons and daughters scattered abroad. The Lord looked at me smiled the biggest smile, like a Father well pleased with the early morning mission. Then I was back in my room. I was so tired after over ten hours of prayer, but so filled with supernatural joy I could hardly get to sleep. I thought my chest was going to explode with heaven’s joy.


This light and the precious treasures of the Kingdom have now been released to the Jewish people, and will soon be seen in the natural. Thus your question: Do I think this remaining treasure is for the Jewish people; has been answered. Yes! It is for my people, Neville. The Son of David opened the door with the Key of David!


If you had not seen the first part I don’t know that I would have ever prayed the way I did. I just wanted to be able to answer your question, but I didn’t know the answer, thus I prayed and prayed. Now we both know the answer! Yes, yes, yes! I cannot wait to see the fruit of what Messiah is doing among my people. I somehow do not think it was a mistake that I was in Israel when I received your wonderful email.



Shalom and Blessings,