I was once told that a volcano will erupt when the great fire of revival is released upon America. In this same respect, an eruption of a volcano will accompany the release of this awesome stone. I sensed that it would occur in Alaska.

Pastor Steve, the pastor with whom I had prayer that day looked into the possibility of an active volcano in Alaska for at the time he knew of none. He discovered that there are over 100 active volcanoes at this very moment.

The Bride

In several other articles I have written for newsletters, put on the internet and in books, I have discussed the awesome bride of Messiah about to come forth upon the earth. Therefore I won”t go into a lot of detail about this in this article. I will however mention what I saw and expound on it a little.

Again this same mountain appeared before me. Suddenly out of the middle of the mountain from the right of me came the divine Groom. To the left came a most glorious bride. I have often seen her exactly as she appeared on this day. She was finally ready for union. Without spot or wrinkle, she was awesomely beautiful to behold. The groom was in full attire and ready for the union also. Handsome, strong and noble as he gazed upon His bride; He was full of joy.

They came together front and center of the mountain. I saw Him take her in His arms and she kissed Him. The Scripture that came to me immediately was: Kiss the Son [pay homage to him in purity] lest He be angry, for soon His wrath shall be kindled. It is in that same psalm; Psalm 2 that we find the promise given to the Son by the Father ~ Ask of me, and I will give you the nations as Your inheritance, and the uttermost part of the earth as your possession. This of course has already been given to Him. However just as Abraham gained the possession of his inheritance through his predecessors, I believe Messiah will gain the possession of His inheritance through His Bride, or this Judah company that will come forth in the last days.

His Bride is the only one who will Kiss Him with the kiss of that high union. Only she will experience the great depths of the knowledge of the Son of God and His kingdom. This kiss speaks of total and absolute submission to her King and her divine Husband. None will own her but Him, none will guide and protect her but Him, for she will love not her life unto death. For this reason she will be given the Kingdoms of the world as her dowry for Him, whom she loves as none other.

The Eagle in the Sky

Next I saw a great Eagle in the sky. It was wearing a crown with twelve peaks and upon each peak was one of the twelve stones of the twelve tribes of Israel. He was soaring, circling round about something on the ground. High above the pines He soared over a little clearing. Suddenly, I heard a voice call something out from heaven to which the eagle immediately responded. He looked upward and at once, flew straight up and into the sun. The Scripture the Holy Spirit quickened to me was:

Deuteronomy 32:8-13

When the Most High gave to the nations their inheritance,
when He separated the children of men, He set the bounds of the
peoples according to the number of the Israelites.
For the Lord”s portion is His people; Jacob (Israel) is the
lot of His inheritance. He found him in a desert land, in the
howling void of wilderness; He kept circling around him,
He scanned him [penetratingly] He kept Him as the pupil of
His eye.  As an eagle that stirs up her nest, that flutters
over her young, He spread abroad His wings and He took them,
He bore them on His pinions. So the Lord alone led him; there was
no foreign god with him. He made  Israel ride on the high places
of the earth, and he ate the increase of the field; and He made
him to suck honey out of the rock and oil out of the flinty rock.

This is actually an end-time prophecy, which is soon to come to pass. Messiah was the great eagle. He was crowned King of His people Israel. He was found circling around them, scanning them ~ gazing upon them penetratingly with His eye. In a moment, the call came from heaven to which He responded and up to His throne he went carrying upon His pinions, the twelve tribes of Israel.

Today, man fights over land, not because there is an inadequate supply, but because Israel is the hated son. But, soon the Kingdom of Yahveh will come to His people Israel through Messiah, and they shall roam the high places of the earth in their Divine King. Oh holy bliss, when the Father”s prodigal at last returns. He will be given the power and authority of the Kingdom to rule and reign as a King. The Father”s heart will at last be satisfied with His family, made up of Jew and Gentile by His side.

The glory of the Father will be poured out upon the earth in an unprecedented way celebrating the return of His long lost son. Kingdoms will be toppled and the King shall be glorified in an unprecedented way. Incidentally, it will be through the revelation of their long awaited Messiah that Israel will evangelize the Arab nations. And at last Ishmael will experience the fulfillment of the Father”s promise made to Abraham. Together as one man they will take the glory of the Kingdom to the world.

Eagle Clothed in Gold

The next vision was a virtual cinema dynamic. Once again I saw the Alaskan snowcapped mountain. Suddenly a mighty volcano erupted. The side of the mountain became transparent so I could see the lava bubbling up to the surface. Out of the top of the mountain instead of lava, came bursting forth the most incredible stream of light I have ever seen. It flowed out over Alaska and then out upon the whole world. With this stream light came the sardius. I saw it burst out of the mountain, but I never saw it land. Then came the most awesome eagle I have ever seen. This eagle was huge and clothed with a luminous, golden, living essence. The eagle seemed to gain its very life force from this living, golden clothing that surrounded it about 5 to 6 inches thick. The face of the eagle was fierce as though it were out to destroy an enemy that it had waited a long time to tackle. I have never seen such resolve and determination, nothing was going to interfere with its mission. Its eyes were filled with unsurpassed wisdom again that it seemed to gain from this living essence. Such strength, power, and authority as I could hardly believe though I was seeing it with my own eyes. I was literally awestruck, and dumbfounded with the vision of this eagle bursting forth from the top of this mountain, light streaming out of its tail. After a few moments, its face began to change back and forth from an eagle”s face to a lion”s face, then back to an eagle”s face.

When I was finally able to gather myself, I asked the Father what or who did the eagle represent. He told me: "Moses and Elijah. Moses is seen in the lion, Elijah in the eagle. These are the great End-time apostles and prophets. They have been hidden and are being prepared for the Apostolic Age I have opened upon the earth. I am about to bring them forth."

The release of these apostles and prophets opened such a river of light upon the earth that it was incredible. The world will not know nor understand what has happened when this light explodes upon them. I just sat there unable to even talk for quite a while after this vision was given.

The Washington DC

Gathering of Eagles  

The Gathering of the Eagles in Washington DC was pelted with warfare from our supreme enemy. But as it always is, when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Not going away but going in high gear. That is what happened. The warfare over the nations is not a warfare for the weak nor for the children of the Kingdom, it is for His Eagles. Thankfully that was what Messiah sent us! Admittedly, some who attended both Gatherings told me they went away from this Gathering feeling more enlarged by our Heavenly Father, then in Jacksonville.

Those who attended were fewer in number than in Jacksonville but, just as powerful: so, we suffered no loss. The worship was awesome, headed by our dear Canadian Brother and my spiritual son, Reg Smith.  Messiah appeared to me many times and released many revelations to help us on our way, and to share with you in the Shofar.

Did Yeshua accomplish what he set out to do? Yes. What He did, was not touched by human hands. He did it all by Himself. I will explain later.

What is the Gathering  

of the Eagles?  

I would like to share one more thing before I leave here, as I believe it will help.  We are calling the Eagles, that is the five-fold ministry and the intercessors together to intercede for our nation. This intercession is accomplished in the same way that Yeshua (Jesus) accomplished it when he walked the earth. It is done through worship, prayer and through prophetic acts: sometimes the latter being more powerful than the former. Although there was some sharing of the Word in this last Gathering there is not a great deal of that normally as that isn”t the purpose for which we have come to together. Usually the Word is simply our guidepost to insure we are hearing from the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit).

The Father is birthing things in the Church and in the Nation by our obedience. When it is all said and done, the world may forget that there ever was a Gathering of Eagles. But, it will reap the benefits of our obedience. That is the key Word, dear Family of God, obedience! Every victory we are gaining is occurring through obedience at the given moment over the present issue. So, when you think about us, think "An army winning through obedience to the General." We are Eagles learning to fly in the Spirit. We make mistakes but the One Who has called us knows we are human so He helps us and gives us the victory the minute He gets us back on track, which thankfully never takes long.

In the next letter perhaps I can ask Pastor Ted Corley to write a succinct article for us to share with you highlighting what occurred in Jacksonville after we left. Also, maybe by then his wife will have some things she is working on solidified, so she can briefly share as well. It will give you a good idea as to how Messiah is working through these Gatherings.

One thing I do not want to do is to in any way lift up the leaders of these meetings. If we make that costly mistake, the glory that belongs only to our Messiah will be polluted, then the mission will become polluted and eventually we will lose the anointing.  That downhill spiral would be heartbreaking to the Father and to me. So, in his sharing, it will be to the glory of the Father, not man.

Our mission with the Gatherings simply put is, we are called to prepare America for revival! Who is invited to join with this ministry team of five-fold ministry leaders and intercessors? Any Christian who has a heart to see America become a resting place for the glory of Messiah. All we ask is that you are able to take instruction and have a heart for America and unity of the body of Messiah.

On to the Revelation

All the visions I will share came as open visions. It was like seeing them in 3D. The key to all these insights is to see them in respect to America, or to Israel as the Gatherings are about America, Israel and the Church.

The Scripture upon which Messiah based this Gathering of the Eagles is found in Isaiah 9:6. And the government shall be upon His shoulder. Messiah told me prior to this Gathering that he was going to begin a reformation in the government during the meeting. How that would come to be, I had no idea. But, I knew He would do what He said and we would in time see the outcome of it.


I saw the Star of David. It was in the form of a stained glass window. So, each of the points of the star and the middle were divided by melted lead. It was in gray.

(Because I am of Jewish descent, Messiah frequently speaks to me through Jewish symbolism even when He isn”t talking to me about Israel.)

Suddenly as I was looking at this star, one of the windows opened like a shutter exposing to my view New York before the World Trade Center fell. The shutter then closed. A few moments later it opened again: this time exposing New York after the fall of the World Trade Center.  The shutter then once again closed. Moments later, like a shutter on a camera, the center window opened. This time I saw a huge sky rise in a northern American city, which I felt to be Chicago. The shutter then once again closed. Several minutes later, I saw the same vision a second time.

I will tell you what I feel it means. Test this with your own spirit and pray as you feel led to pray. I feel that the Father is warning me. The building, I believe is a financial institution just as the Trade Towers were. That is the first reason for showing me the Towers. Secondly, I sense that what happened to the Towers is on the drawing board for this second institution as well. I also believe prayer can prevent it. Where is the building and in what city?  I believe the city is Chicago. The building, I feel is the Sears Building, perhaps the second tallest building in that city. I am now hopeful that intercession has brought intervention and their plot spoiled.  

I just received an email stating that suspected terrorists were found with film-footage of the Sears building. This film was confiscated. My prayer has been and will continue to be that the Lord will miraculously protect the building but most importantly the people who work in it from harm, or destruction.

However, please continue to pray with me. We can simply pray that the Father would have that building shut down so no one would be in it, or that discovery of their plans would force the terrorist to simply differ the hit that is planned.

****One thing of which we can be sure, is the present threat of biological warfare. So, we must keep praying that the purpose for which this is being allowed will quickly be fulfilled. Our nation will return to righteousness and support of Israel and the Church will bow its knee in earnest supplication for purity to the Father.

Call To Righteousness:

Statue of Liberty

I was again in worship when I saw the Statue of Liberty before me. It was about as tall as the Church building we were in, as it stretched from the floor to the ceiling. Suddenly like a camera zooming in, the vision telescoped into the face of the statue. It was the face of Yeshua (Jesus). Immediately, the Scripture came to my mind. Galatians 5:1

Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.

I don”t believe I mentioned that at the time, but I am sharing it with you now. We as a Church must pray that our nation will turn from the yoke of sin and run to the yoke of righteousness. For, His yoke is easy and His burden is light. He will be our liberty that no man can assail for He will then be our protection.

Our liberty as a nation does not rest in our creeds or our flag, but in our God! So, let us pray that we as a nation will return to the liberty found only in Messiah!

The Flag & Messiah

First, I saw the United States Flag waving in the wind. In the vision it was huge, probably as large as the largest flag flying in our land. After a few minutes the vision disappeared. Then I saw Messiah hanging on the cross. Again, the vision was life size, and appeared exactly where the flag was at first: which was on the platform of the church.  After a few moments, He too disappeared.

Then the flag reappeared blowing in the wind.  In a moment, Yeshua again appeared hanging upon the cross. Then I saw Messiah on His cross begin to move closer to the blowing flag until it was right in front of the flag. Then Messiah on the cross became superimposed upon the blowing flag.

The two-fold message is clear. When our crucified Messiah, who was raised from the dead by the Spirit of holiness is the banner of our flag, we will have peace and respect among the nations.

Remember the Scripture:

God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world. Galatians 6:14

                                     The Liberty Bell
The next thing I saw was the Liberty Bell. Again, it was huge. I noticed however, that there was no crack in it.

All three messages are the same: all three symbols are symbols of our National liberty. The Father is saying Messiah is our liberty. When His righteousness is ruling our hearts and the heart of America, true liberty will be ours.

That is what He is after my Dear Family, not lip service from the politicians, nor the man on the street, but truth in righteousness. Then our liberty will have no crack in it for the enemy to consume.

                                            Abraham Lincoln
I looked and saw the life size statue of Abraham Lincoln sitting upon his chair as in the Lincoln Memorial, descend into the room and rest upon the platform. As I watched for a few moments, a light began to shine on the words on the bottom of the statue illuminating the message below the man. It was the Gettysburg address. I wasn”t able to read much of it before the vision came to an end. So, I pulled out my book Prepare for the Winds of Change and read it from there.

I will not quote the address, but pull out two important statements he made in giving it. First, the blood of the martyrs who have died to give this land liberty hallows the ground. The martyrs include, first Messiah, then everyone who has died for Yeshua or for the freedom of this nation at home or abroad. They hallow the land upon which we stand. The Father told us in Jacksonville that He would send revival as we obey Him, to honor the blood of the American Martyrs.

Secondly, we are engaged in a great battle for liberty!  So hold on, press in and let Yeshua give us victory.

We must persevere in this battle for America. One leader said let us beware of the spirit of patriotism. We are not attempting to promote that kind of thing. We must love America for it is a gift and our heritage from the Lord. Deuteronomy 32:8 It will be our heritage even in the Kingdom of God when it comes to earth. Our Nation is in the trouble it is in because the Church doesn”t love it enough. If we did we would pray until we broke through into God”s loving heart for America and we would all become spiritual watchman on the walls, guarding and protecting the gift we have been given. So, I will trumpet the words "Love America!" as long as the Lord consumes me with them. Today they are like a consuming fire in my soul that cannot stay bottled up. The life of America depends on the Church hearing and receiving them in passion ~ the passion of travail until true freedom rings from our citadels.  

Comfort for those who Mourn!

When I say comfort for those who mourn, I am speaking of those who mourn in intercession for righteousness and a righteous government to be restored to America. Those who seek the Father”s face for America”s greatest needs to be met through Himself. Those who relentlessly pray for the glory of the Father to return to the United States through revival. These are the mourners the Lord is seeking to comfort. We all want righteousness, but most do not want it enough to sacrificially intercede for it. But, for those who do not care how great the burden nor how demanding the task, and pray because the Father desires it, there is comfort.

Our Keynote Scripture for the DC Gathering was: And the government shall be upon His shoulder. Is 9:6

I feel that is why the Father spoke to me through governmental symbols as He did.  He was encouraging us to transfer our faith into believing for the government to be placed upon His own shoulders.