The Revolution Begins

A Word Regarding the Crown

Ricci Johnson-Wilson



The past two-and-a-half years have been some of the most difficult the world has seen in decades. As intercessors, we press into God to keep nations stable during times of great shaking. Very few can carry the call of an intercessor for an extended season, but you, you have been faithful, and for that, we are deeply grateful. God is strengthening and preparing the intercessors for the days ahead!

I’ve had several questions about the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the installation of her son, the following is what the Lord revealed to me.

The Lord said that “2023 would be the year of Revolution.” This word was not just for America, this was a word for the nations of the earth. The key areas the Lord addressed with me were Government, Church, and Finance.

The Queen’s seventy-year reign was completed with grace. Seventy is symbolic in and of itself, referring to completion of an era. During her lengthy reign, I believe she sought to carry the weight of her position as Queen with dignity. Billy Graham said the Queen understood that she was anointed to carry that crown and as such, she felt a responsibility to God to represent Him to her people. This is rare.

With the Crown now passing to King Charles III, however, the monarchy will not only take on a new face, but it will certainly take on a very progressive and globalist agenda that will seek influence those in their charge in greater measure than ever before. King Charles III will be driven to pursue the path of the globalists.

This is going to take concentrated intercession on behalf of the intercessors to divert the Commonwealth States from this path.

That said, the Revolution began in the United Kingdom last week with the installation of a new Prime Minister followed only two days later by the death of the Queen and installation of King Charles III.

As I prayed over the transition of power from the Queen to the King, I pulled up a map of the member states of the Commonwealth and saw a mighty earthquake occur throughout, effectively dividing the 56 Commonwealth States into smaller, independent Nations. In the coming months, we will likely see a shift many of those realms under the Commonwealth with some even pulling away from and seeking greater independence in the days ahead.

Friends, this encompasses 25-30% of the world’s population, it is clear, this will have a vast impact on humanity so it’s very important that we keep this situation covered. Let us pray for those who are ready, to rise up in independence as sovereign nations, rather than crumbling under the pressures to conform to the globalists. This will help to slow the agenda of the elite. 

We know that the process of revolution is difficult, but when prayed through and done in accordance with the will of God, it produces something beautiful in the earth. When the Israelites left Egypt and arrived at the Red Sea, God brought down their enemies under the weight of the sea. When they arrived at Mt. Sinai, their new form of government was established, and it was one that would enable them to be free from captivity and usher them into a true worship of their Creator.

America was born out of Reformation that birthed the Revolution. When the Reformation began under Martin Luther, it was a catalyst that set-in motion the birth of America. The Revolution solidified and established us as one nation, under God. A nation based on moral principles and Godly foundations that we are fighting to restore today—and it will be restored!

The Commonwealth States that embrace this opportunity, may just find themselves in the midst of a beautiful opportunity wherein, God delivers them from a bondage they didn’t even realize they were in. Revolution is difficult, but it’s a beautiful thing when done under the provocation of our Lord.

Pray for our brothers and sisters overseas and around the world, Revolution is difficult, but the outcome is powerful, it births nations and sets the captives free!

Blessings & love,

Ricci Johnson-Wilson