Psalms 101

I will sing of mercy and loving-kindness and justice; to you
O Lord will I sing. I will behave myself wisely and give heed
to the blameless way- O when will You come to me? I will walk
within my house with integrity and with a blameless heart.
I will set no base or wicked thing before my eyes. I hate the work
of  them who turn who turn aside [from the right path]; it
shall not grasp hold of me. A perverse heart shall depart from
me; I will know no evil person or thing. Whoso privily slanders
his  neighbor, him will I cut off [from me]; He who has a haughty
look and an arrogant heart I cannot tolerate. My eyes shall [look]
with favor upon the faithful of the land, that they may dwell with
me; he who walks blamelessly,  he shall minister to me. He who
works deceit shall notdwell in my house; he who tells lies shall
not continuein my presence. Morning after morning I will root up
all the wicked in the land, that I may eliminate all the evil doers
from the city of the Lord.

It is with a great deal of sorrow that I write this article. Like all of you my heart is deeply burdened for and in a state of grieving for those who are suffering as a result of the horrendous tragedy that has just occurred in our nation. With many tears I have interceded for the victims, their families and friends, our president, and our nation, as well as the nations of the world. I have also prayed for the perpetrators. Prior to the recent attack I was locked away in solitude and prayer for our country. I am at this very moment returning to the place of solitude to seek our Father’s face on behalf of America and her deep sorrow as we seek to recover from the unbearable loss. I don’t know of a time in recent history when prayer has been more needed, do you?

I prayed diligently that the Father above would give me understanding of this unthinkable disaster. I believe that He has responded to my prayers with insight and purpose, with words that will bring comfort and courage as we begin to recover from this calamity.

Angel of Revelation

"The Pentagon"

I sat on the end of my bed alone in my hotel room watching the unthinkable. Moments before, a half a dozen phone calls and about that many messengers knocked at my hotel door to tell me to turn the news on to watch the tragedy at the World Trade Center. When the momentary stream came to an end and I was once again alone, I turned on the news, sat down and watched on in horror. The Trade Center looked like a flaming inferno. Suddenly, one building, then another seemed to explode and like a smoky, murky, overly done fireworks display, fell, streaming to the ground. I was silent with disbelief.

The scene changed. I saw men rushing around, men shouting, and before me was the burning wound of the Pentagon. I continued to sit through a replay of three jets slamming themselves into the three American Icons and I was overwhelmed. "What happened?" I thought. I tried to put the pieces together as I listened to the anchorman. How could such a thing happen in America? Were any lives lost?  It was as though the anchorman could read my thoughts. For as soon as I asked the question, he seemed to answer it. It was a well planned terrorist attack. The potential deaths were staggering.  I forced myself to come out of the sort of shock I was in as I realized that probably most of the people who were going to attend the prophetic conference I was about to speak in would have seen the same thing I was now watching. They too would be traumatized, and I would have to help them through it. Much later as I caught a few more minutes of news I saw the Pentagon a little more clearly. Once the smoke began to clear away, I could tell that the wound in the building looked triangular. Then it hit like I had been socked in my chest: this is what I saw in the vision in 1990. My mind was racing: "My dear Lord, what now?"

It was in 1990 that the Angel of the Lord came to me during a time of prayer with a friend.  The purpose for which he was sent was to reveal to me future events, which would unfold both here in America and in Europe. Incidentally, most of the prophetic revelations he shared have by now come to pass with only a few remaining. The last thing he revealed to me by way of a vision was the calamity that just struck the Pentagon. I saw a huge metallic object fall out of the sky crashing right into the Pentagon. The hole it made in the structure was triangular. It looked just like someone had cut out a piece of pie. I saw smoke and darkness all around and heard men and women screaming and cursing God. I shook and wept with silent tears at the site of what I saw and heard.   I knew it was God’s judgment upon America, and I was gripped with the fear of the Lord. The Angel immediately left following this last revelation, so I was given no opportunity to ask any questions as I had been previously about other revelations given.

Pulling myself back together in my room, I remembered, the Lord never delights in the suffering of man. He bears the pain of every human being. No one ever endures, not even His chastisements or severe judgments alone, for He carries their pain and sorrow, Himself suffering by their side. The Bible says that God does not delight in the death of the wicked. Our Father does not delight in the death of even one of the victims of this devastation, saint or sinner. Everyone who was injured, and every surviving family member who is now grief stricken over their loss is being carried by the Father’s love. Each one who perished was given ample opportunity to make a decision regarding their destiny. For those who rejected Him He let them go as great sorrow filled His heart over their future. Those who received Him were carried home by the angels of His love. Every moment He was carefully and intimately involved reaching out in the greatest compassion even through judgment. The more I thought on these things, the more I was comforted but still my heart was in agony. "I need definitive answers for your Church, Father," I said, as I humbly bowed my head.

The World Trade Towers

On Sept 9th, two nights before the devastation of The World Trade Center I was now watching, I was awakened by the sound of hundreds of thousands of babies crying in a desperate cry as though crying for help and comfort. With a start, I suddenly opened my eyes and sat up in bed. I opened my eyes to a vision of the crying babies I was still hearing. My heart was filled with fear and anguish, and I began to cry out to Messiah. "What is this you are showing me?" I cried. "Messiah, forgive the perpetrators. Forgive, and comfort those babies."  But I knew it was their blood I was hearing as it was crying from the ground. I also knew these babies had all been aborted. Therefore many times I cried out for forgiveness and mercy. I was wrapped in the fear of the Lord, as I lay awake most of the rest of the night praying. I did not understand why He was showing me such a sight.  

Now hear on September 11th, I sit watching two of the three towers of the World Trade Center being hit by jets. Ultimately all three towers collapse killing many thousands of Americans. Still I didn’t link the previous prophetic experience of hearing the babies’ blood crying from the ground with the devastating tragedy I saw unfolding before my eyes.

Cries and screams of terror, anguish and sorrow filled the air as the buildings suddenly came falling down like sprays of an atom bomb. America was shocked and stung to the heart and so was I. Terrorism infiltrated our nation, and we had no control over the toll it would take. America felt helpless as the drama relentlessly played itself out to its conclusion. First one, then a second, a third and even a fourth building fell and so did our hearts. We watched on in helpless awe. As thousands of Americans fell to their deaths in the rubble of the collapsing buildings, our hearts broke and crumbled with them. Stunned and shocked not knowing what to do, I prayed and headed down for the conference that Keith Davis, Neville Johnson from Australia, Brad McClenden and I were conducting in Vancouver, Canada. As I entered the auditorium, I saw that our precious Canadian friends were already weeping and praying for our nation. We shared a moment about the situation and continued the prayer meeting. It was comforting to hear Canada enter into our pain and weep with and for us. I could here the Father’s own heart in their tears.

But why? Why did the Father allow this? Even as I prayed I could feel the anguish of His Spirit. I heard The Father’s cry echo down from heaven, "A great wound entered the heart of America today, and sorrow fills My heart." And so it was, and I was feeling His own sorrow as well as mine. Still the questions lingered in my mind. Why? Was it a price we had to pay for helping Israel? Was it judgment because of the unrepentant heart of His beloved America? Was it simply carelessness on our part that enabled the terrorist to prevail with such seeming ease?  

The questions pelted my mind as the hours passed, and I knew I had to have answers for the Church. We had suffered the piercing sword, and we were languishing.

When I wasn’t in services and in meetings with ministers of Canada, I was in my room praying and seeking answers with many tears. The Lord faithfully spoke sharing His heart and His purposes.

What seemed like a month passed during our brief three and a half day conference.

It seemed that all that was going to occur in America was done. No more crashing planes or burning buildings: now all we had to do was find all who were still alive, deal with those who were not and somehow reach out to their hurting families.

His Plans And Purposes

So, is America under the Judgment of God? Some are saying, "No". Others say, "Yes", listing that reason and this. So who do we believe? Those who want truth will hear it regardless of the many voices that are speaking. They will immediately hear the truth and receive it, rejecting all other voices. It is for this reason that I am injecting the things that I have heard and seen into this bowl of many voices.

America was aided by The Blessed Father Himself to become a nation for the purpose of being a righteous father of the nations of the world. We have failed in that mission, in that we have as a union under divine power, authority and purpose perverted our call by oppressing helpless nations and manipulating governments for our own benefit and to their harm. Messiah let me experience His heart over this reality while I was in Malaysia. I felt His joy over granting us this position and His sorrow over our failure. I felt His great love for our country, and the magnitude of His love for the nations of the world that He had given to our care. I was so overwhelmed by it all that I wept right in the market place I was standing in at the time. We were put here to comfort the comfortless and to help the needy and the poor nations of the world. To our favor we have done a great deal of this, but not to all! We were endowed by His grace to lead righteously, to set a standard of righteousness in the earth, and to fight for righteousness on behalf of other nations. We have failed in many ways in this calling.

Secondly, we were birthed as a nation to fight for the innocent, the helpless and the homeless. Again, we have in many ways responded righteously to that plan. We open our door to refugees from around the world. No requirements of great wealth are put upon our immigrants. We bring them in under our wing because they desire to be here, or they have a need. We have fought many battles abroad for the needy and the oppressed. We lend, expecting little in return, at times even forgiving great debts, when necessary. We send ambassadors abroad to help in governmental needs and disputes when called on to do so. It has not been our way as it was in Rome of old to march out like Goliaths and conquer this nation and that. We have rather, upon invitation, sought to help nations retain their independence and freedom.

Our failure lies in areas of political maneuvering of nations when it was in our best interest. Our willingness to simply pull back our protection and let nations be overtaken by evil forces, when in political pros it fits us, is another example. The coming conflicts in Taiwan will show evidence of this failure unless prayer can prevent it. Another example of our failure is the international suffering of the Jewish people during World War II. Millions could have been delivered and saved if we would have significantly increased the number of Jewish refugees allowed to enter America, and entered the war earlier instead of waiting until the provocation sparked by the bombing of Pearl Harbor. We were established over 200 years ago to be a military power capable of challenging the likes of Hitler’s killing machine to save Jews and Gentiles alike from certain death. However, political policies blindsided mercy at great cost of human lives.

To our credit, once we entered the war effort we forged ahead at great cost to American lives. Our sacrifice won the war. It was only then that the full reality of the depths of the human tragedy was discovered, and the heart of America grew sick. Nevertheless, it was too late to save those who had already been taken by the merciless hand of Hitler. Our human failure saddened the heart of our Lord.  Our efforts and great sacrifices, once engaged, comforted Him for we counted our lives, not dear to ourselves, for the sake of another. Still the lives we could have saved, but didn’t, has stained America’s hands with innocent blood.

Another example is the abortion of untold hundreds of thousands of babies. We were positioned to lead in righteousness and to set a righteous standard in the earth. Yet, we have succumbed to convenience and pressures of unrighteous forces, now leading among the nations in the killing of the unborn. Who knows but the Father Himself, how many other nations might have changed policy if we would have stood for the righteous cause of the unborn.

As a father watches over his sons, we were established to watch over the nations of the world to nurture, guide and even discipline in righteousness when necessary. We have evoked the Father’s favor when we have done well and His displeasure when we have done wickedly. To whom much is given, much is required, my dear friends, whether it be an individual or a nation.

We were established as global head of nations to first of all be righteous, maintain righteousness, then to lead, nurture and propagate among the nations of the world, the righteousness of God! In our righteousness, we were called to stay humble, then to discipline the erring nations in humility. Our principle error has been our pride. The logical consequence of our pride has been a national turning away from the righteousness of our Divine Father.

Israel the Plum Line

Israel is still the plum line of the Lord among the nations of the world. (see my article, The Great Clarion Call for a thorough explanation.) If we support, fight for, and bless Israel, we will be blessed. Yet, it is this very issue that triggered the vengeance of the terrorists. We were struck from behind because of our support of the tiny nation of Israel. How can this be? If the Lord promises to bless those who bless Israel why were we open targets for Israel’s enemies?

It was Messiah’s purpose to give us a rod of authority by which we would and could among other things help Israel as The Father brought Israel to birth and began to establish this sibling nation in the earth once again. We were deemed to support the sibling efforts to grow and become an economic and technological entity in the earth that would in turn help other nations. In many ways we have fulfilled His purpose; in many ways we have failed.

We were to stand as an ensign against Israel’s enemies and to foster righteousness in the growth of this nation. However, our position of tolerance has allowed the deaths of untold thousands of innocent men, women and children, in terrorist attacks and bombings as well as outright war against Israel in times of national vulnerability. This has been a painful reality throughout this past century. Further, we have loaned large sums of money to Arabian nations who could have done without it, and refused loans to Israel who has greatly needed it.

However, to our credit, we have been a leading voice on behalf of Israel’s survival as a nation. Moreover, in recent years we have maintained armed forces in the Middle East to insure a relative protection of Israel, and we have stood for the nation’s rights in international conferences and with the UN, but not always! We were given power and wealth to first of all aid Israel in the nation’s struggle for growth, survival and eventual prosperity, secondly to help other such nations. It was not the Father’s will that we become Israel’s source, but rather to be a political, financial and military covering as the nation sought to enter into security once again in the Middle East.

The day we turn our back on this tiny nation, the Lord will lift His protection from us in a new way. Israel is the plum line of the Lord in the end-time. Before history writes its last statement in the journal of time that plum line will judge us as well. If we continue to fight for and stand beside Israel as a brother, the Lord will bless us in ever increasing ways. If we clean the slate of sin for which we bear much guilt before the Father in other areas, then we will be able to offer the help Israel needs without suffering such devastating backlashes for our merciful intervention. God’s Word is forever true!

Discipline of a Nation

The Bible says in Amos chapter 3:  

You only have I known (chosen, sympathized with, and loved)
of all the families of the earth; therefore I will visit upon
you all your wickedness and punish you for all your iniquities.
Do two walk together except they make an appointment and
have agreed? Will a lion roar in the forest when he has no
prey? Will a young lion cry out of his den if he has
taken nothing? Shall a trumpet be blown in the city and
the people not be alarmed and afraid? Shall a misfortune or
evil occur [as punishment] and the Lord has not caused it?  


They have corrupted themselves, their spot is not the spot of
His children: they are a perverse and crooked generation. Do you
Thus repay the Lord, you foolish and senseless people? I not He
Your Father who acquired you for His own, who made and established
you [ as a nation.] Of the Rock who bore you you were unmindful,
you forgot the God who travailed in your birth. For they are nation
void of counsel, and there is no understanding in them.

How could one have chased a thousand, and two put ten thousand to
flight, except their Rock had sold them, and the Lord had
delivered them up? If I wet my lighting sword and my hand lays
 hold on judgment, I will wreak vengeance on My and
recompense those who hate me.

Rejoice [with] His people, o you nations, for He avenges the blood
of His servants, and vengeance He inflicts on His foes
and clears guilt from the land of His people.

Deuteronomy chapter 32

Be warned, my dear friends, God will not be mocked for what we sow, that also shall we reap. In our prosperity we have lifted ourselves up in pride and rebellion, forgetting the Father who travailed us in birth. If it continues to worsen, we will reap destruction, just as the Bible promises. If we repent He will turn and wreak vengeance upon our enemies.

On September 13th I was given a vision. I saw The Leaning Tower of Pisa suddenly fall, crashing to the ground in millions of pieces. Then, up out of the ashes of this now destroyed monument, a tall, thick, cross: made out of the same rock of which the tower was originally constructed, shot up in its place. At this time I don’t know what is going to happen to that tower in Rome, but I did sense that The Father was saying, the monuments of man stealing the worship that belong only to Him must come down from our hearts. Our worship and dependence must be returned to the Holy One on High, and we humbly submit to the Rock that gave us birth. In His great love our Eternal Father does not delight in the death, even of the wicked.  For that reason He held things in check, not allowing the attack against the Nation’s national Icons ~ The World Trade Center and the Pentagon (the first icon to our international financial stability and strength, the second to our military strength and stability) to be made during the heightened business hours, thus minimizing the toll on human lives. Nevertheless, the Icons came to be statements of a national strength and stability to the international community, which we no longer held due to our departure from our dependence upon our Rock, the One who is the source of our true strength and stability. The Icons became the focus of the international community’s security rather than the One who is our true security. Consequently, with great agony the Father allowed the first Icon to be removed, the second to be severely damaged. If our country will return to its humble dependence upon our true and Eternal Father, the cross will become our strength and stability. The icons of man will thus be replaced with the cross of our Lord, and the nations of the world will grow in their respect for God and for America. It is not necessary to physically remove the Icons from the dirt, however, they must be removed from our heart, or as we have seen, He may remove them from the land.

Calamity cannot visit any nation unless the Father of all nations, as discipline, sends it. The Scripture said: two cannot chase or destroy ten thousand unless our Rock has given them the open door to do so. It is the discipline of the Lord upon a nation who has become a prodigal son. This discipline however, is not meant to be unto destruction, but our instruction. It would be our wisdom to receive it as such. In such discipline the Father suffers more than we all, for in His amazing love, He carries the pain and suffering of all whom He is disciplining. In this case, His discipline has further been an act of His divine mercy because He has saved us from worse suffering hidden and unbeknownst to us through this calamity.

Our military was seriously depleted, my dear friends, hence, our national security was also in serious breach. I discuss our nation’s vulnerability in two articles "The Lance of the Basilisk and The Lance of the Basilisk Part II". Earlier this year during a national Gathering we conducted for the purpose of weeping and repentance on behalf of America, the Lord spoke to me in a lengthy vision telling me that we didn’t know how close we had come to all out war upon American soil. He further told me that our tears from that Gathering comforted Him enough against our national sin that He would now be able to protect us from that imminent danger. The attack we suffered was minimal compared to what could have been had the Lord not intervened. Since this recent crisis, and just prior to writing this article, He again spoke similar words saying, "You don’t know what I just saved you from!" This hit me like a bolt of lightening. A further statement of His merciful intervention came when I saw extending from the ceiling of the damaged Pentagon, a wooden cross during a press release. In His intervention we are now fully warned of our enemies, thus our military and security will be strengthened and increased, as it needs to be.

The second reason for the discipline is our nation’s stand on abortion. As I mentioned earlier, on September 9th, I heard and saw the blood of hundreds of thousands of babies crying out to God in a vision. On the 13th of September the Lord told me this blood was crying out for His comfort in divine justice, and He answered the cry. We were being disciplined for our national sin of abortion. The discipline was strong because of the greatness of the light we have been given and the responsibility to that light. Incidentally, this crime warranted much greater discipline than He actually gave. Remember He is a God of infinite mercy, but He is also a God of righteous severity. Nevertheless, in His recent discipline, He acted in mercy, due to our stand on behalf of Israel. So, our righteousness in one area caused Him to have mercy upon us in another.

However, the righteousness of standing with Israel is not a substitute for our sin in another. If we are going to righteously fight for, or stand with Israel, we must cover our backside by repenting of our serious sin in other areas. Only by this means will we be in a position to help Israel. Remember Achan! (Joshua chapter 7) We cannot withdraw our help from Israel for in this assistance we are pleasing to the Father. Conversely, we must actually modify our position, and take a strong and stable position of support for this tiny nation. Israel is still the apple of God’s eye. Consequently, The Father above will bless those who bless Israel. Those who affront Israel unrighteously will at some point meet with The Father’s great displeasure and discipline. We must, therefore, take a solid stand with Israel if we are to prosper. This is not to negate our support of the Arabian Nations. Rather, we must oppose their unrighteous behavior  and act as a righteous mediator between the two.

Further, the Father spoke audibly telling me that He was shaking the government of America. About five minutes later He again spoke to me saying, "I am shaking the governments of the nations".  About five minutes after this word He spoke again as if I wasn’t getting the message, "I am shaking the nations of the world to show them that their trust cannot be in weak and shaking sand. They must return to Me, their true Rock. I will shake everything that can be shaken. That  which cannot be shaken will remain fixed in my Son". This occurred on September 12th.

Through our pain, our Father is dealing with all nations everywhere. Secular anchormen confirmed the previous word the Lord spoke to me. The report said, "When the nations saw how easily America could be penetrated they feared. The nations of the world have been shaken by this". The same thing the Lord Himself spoke to me was now being spoken by the secular world. Those who walk in godly fear know and understand and will bow low before Him knowing that it was in His great mercy that He spared us even greater sorrow than what we now know. We will worship Him for His great love and mercy for our erring nation. When we do so, other nations will follow.

The Father’s word to me given in a powerful vision earlier this year and published shortly thereafter was, "I want tears of repentance and intercession to fill the land, or I will destroy it". If we claim that God is the Father of America then we must accept His right to discipline our prolonged unrighteous behavior. Hence, we must submit to His chastisements and repent of our evil ways. Further, if we say that He has the right to discipline Israel as He does, then we must admit His same rights regarding America. If in His great love, He does not have this right then we must demand that He apologize for any discipline He has lovingly assigned to Israel, and subsequently to America. The Lord is speaking: He is giving us a wake-up call. Will we wisely hear and heed?

He later told me in a trance (Acts 10:10) in March 2001 that if I did not obey and take the Gatherings across the nation calling America to repentance and intercession, the blood of America would be upon me before the judgment seat of Messiah. (Ezekiel 3:18) This He did because of the magnitude of His love and care for America and the American people. For that reason and more we are conducting these meetings across our nation. We are not yet prepared for revival, nor are we completely safe as is evidenced by this recent attack. There must be national repentance and intercession until all the open doors of vulnerability are closed to our enemy. Therefore, the Gatherings will continue for the purpose of bringing forth tears of repentance and intercession for America.

Hope in the Storm

We are however, under a new measure of protection while the Father waits to see what we will do.

In the early years of this nation’s history, our founding fathers spent a great deal of time making decisions about the structural appearance of our nation’s Capitol. Once they finally decided on the main building, they then took a few more years and many architectural renderings to decide whether or not it would have a dome and if so,  what kind of dome it would have. Eventually they decided that the building would have a dome and later, that the dome would look as it does today. The statement this dome was to make to the world was of America’s perpetual strength and stability.

On September 12th, I was given a vision of the Capitol building. In the vision I saw the dome of the national Capitol broken off its foundation and lying on its side. I saw scaffolding all around the foundation as though a team of workers were ready to repair it and put it back in place. Then, I suddenly saw a hand sweep down from heaven, pick up the dome and put it back on its foundation. I then knew that Our Lord was getting ready to position our government head in Washington to be put back on its rightful foundation of righteousness, securing us once again in divine strength and stability. I was comforted.

I believe the scaffolding represented the Church positioning itself to enter into repentance and intercession for America. As we do this, the Lord will restore us to a right and strong foundation. As we do this it will pave the way for the Lord to bring our government into right standing.

I believe it was a vision telling me that He is in the process of positioning the government for reformation and the Church for revival, setting all things right.

The attack against the Pentagon was allowed to deal with our pride of national security without the Lord who alone makes us secure. The attack on the Trade Center was allowed in order to deal with us in the area of our monuments to man’s genius and ingenuity: thus, restoring us to the foundation of our national dependence upon Him. Further, to discipline us over our national stand on abortion and bring us to repentance of shedding innocent blood in the name of greed, thus cleansing the land of the stain of innocent blood.

Again, the discipline was minimized because of our righteous stand with and on behalf of Israel, and because of the prayers of many Christians in this nation including those who joined us in the May, Gathering of the Eagles.

On September 13th I was given another vision. I first saw our Capitol. Then I saw "Psalms 101" float gently by the Capitol. I looked it up and found it to read as it reads does here.

Psalms 101  
I will sing of mercy and loving-kindness and justice; to you
O Lord will I sing. I will behave myself wisely and give heed
to the blameless way~ O when will You come to me? I will walk
within my house with integrity and with a blameless heart.
I will set no base or wicked thing before my eyes. I hate the work
of them who turn who turn aside [from the right path]; it
shall not grasp hold of me. A perverse heart shall depart from
me; I will know no evil person or thing. Whoso privily slanders
his  neighbor, him will I cut off [from me]; He who has a haughty
look and an arrogant heart I cannot tolerate. My eyes shall [look]
with favor upon the faithful of the land, that they may dwell with
me; he who walks blamelessly,  he shall minister to me. He who
works deceit shall notdwell in my house; he who tells lies shall
not continue in my presence. Morning after morning I will root up
all the wicked in the land, that I may eliminate all the evil doers
from the city of the Lord.

It tells us that we will as a nation sing of the mercy and judgment of the Lord. As a result of His just dealings with our nation, we will now act wisely and begin to perfect our way. He will remove the wicked, but His favor will be upon the righteous. The privilege of His renewed favor will then be respected by our nation, hence, our song! Where, in His discipline, today we weep ~ tomorrow in His favor we will sing. When He visits us, we will walk in the house of our national birth in integrity, bringing Him honor and pleasure.

Further, Messiah told me that He would move on us to rebuild and increase our military, hence, our national security will again be stabilized. Through what has happened the people will release the President to take this action. This, plus the favor of the Lord, will put our nation in a place of renewed respect and protection among the nations.

My dear friends, we must as a nation repent of our unrighteousness. We are guilty of many sins, which would in a minute justify the Lord’s action if He should decide to destroy our nation. It is evident that He is getting impatient with our indifference to His holy demand for righteousness. Hence, He is requiring that all men everywhere repent and turn to the Lord. Nevertheless, in His great love, He longs to have mercy upon us. If we will simply comfort His Holiness through repentance of those sins with which He deals with us, our loving Father will grant us revival and push back His judgments. To those who have an ear to hear ~ hear and respond, that America can once again bring Him pleasure instead of shame.

Come, and be with us in Washington DC, October 1-3, 2001 for three days of worship, intercession and repentance as leaders and intercessors from across the nation join together on behalf of America and comfort the Lord’s heart. Let our prayer be, "Lord you have wounded us. Only You, gracious Father, can heal us. Come and heal our Land."

When we have done all that is necessary, He will come and restore our nation and grant us His glory.

You can find the information about the Gathering of the Eagles on our website.  Until then let us mourn in prayer with those who mourn. Further, if you would like to send a gift to help the families of the martyrs of the terrorist attacks, we will set up a special fund for that purpose. Send your donations to our ministry and put on the memo portion of your check, American Martyrs.

Peace to you from our Lord and Messiah,

Nita (LaFond) Johnson