The Outpouring…

Ricci Johnson-Wilson


Over the course of the last several years this has been the Word of the Lord for the Nation

2018 The Year of Refining, bringing forth a new breed of Believers

2019 The year of Redefining the Church. The end of 2019 marked the release of Covid and the closing of Churches around the nation

2020 The year of Shaking. This year shook us to our core at every level. Spiritually, politically, financially, relationally… the Lord said that only thing that would remain would be that which was unshakable.

2021 The year of Revelation. The Lord added “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” This year revealed the depth of corruption in the heart of man, the nation, human trafficking, abortion, tyrannical leadership, the truth of our Constitution and the need to fight for those freedoms prescribed by our founding fathers, and yes, the passionate plea of the Ecclesia to the Father on behalf of the nations of the earth.  

2022 is the Year of Catalyst. This year will thrust evil out into the open where it can be dealt with. It will also thrust us forward in God in unprecedented ways.

For now, I want to go back to November of 2020 and address THE issue on the heart of God, that in His mercy, He brought before the Supreme Court December 2, 2021. 12.1.21 and was voted on 12.3.21 The timing of our God is impeccable. It seems a reversal is on the horizon…

December 5, the Lord awoke me much earlier than usual, He said the Judgment of Jehu…it’s here. He said we must continue to pray regarding Roe v Wade… pray for the Justices, pray for their families, pray for the nation to be prepared for the outcome. He then reminded me of the Word He gave me November 2020: the last four years 2016-2020 marked the mantle of Cyrus upon our Nation, returning the nation back to God, the next four will be marked with the Judgment of Jehu.  

2 Kings 9:5-12

The works and wonders of Jehu as Captain and King were such as his name and deeds are found inscribed on Assyrian inscriptions – the cylinders detailing their history.

Jehu was a warrior – a captain in the Israelite army the Bible says- who became the 11th King of Israel. He was anointed under the directive of Elisha-one of the last directives before Elisha passed.

What was Jehu’s commission?

To destroy the house of Ahab (as prophesied by Elijah in 1 Kings 21:21-24)  and this included his works.

5And when he came, behold, the captains of the host [were] sitting; and he said, I have an errand to thee, O captain. And Jehu said, Unto which of all us? And he said, To thee, O captain. 6And he arose, and went into the house; and he poured the oil on his head, and said unto him, Thus saith the LORD God of Israel,


Chapter 10, the acts of Jehu in accordance with the Word of the Lord:

  • Jehu took out both the kings of Judah and Israel because at this point, the marriages that took place under Ahab (his daughter married the king of Judah) meant that the King of Judah as well as the king of Israel were of the lineage of Ahab.
  • With the death of her son (Jehoram) Jezebel prepares for her own death. (2 Kings 9:30-33) The eunuchs threw her off the roof.
  • Chapter 10 leads us to the death of Ahab’s 70 sons in Samaria, all of the family royale, followed by the 42 princes of Judah that were also related to him.
  • Chapter 10:18-28 Jehu arranged an assembly for all the nation’s Baal worshippers, trapped them in and had them slain. The idols were smashed and burned, the house of baal was left a dunghill

Baal worship involved human sacrifice. There are at least 20 sub-names given by various nations, many of which were confronted by the prophets.

Moses confronted it with the Israelites when they came out of Egypt in Exodus 14 at the shoreline of the Red Sea, the followers of Baal-Peor were all wiped out

Jehu confronted it under the direction and guidance of the Lord, even quoting Elijah and Elisha’s servant, and with the authority of God wiped it out from the nation

Abortion is human sacrifice at the most innocent level.

When the Judgment of Jehu is released, it’s released to destroy the idolatrous pagan rituals that causes the blood of the innocent to cry out to the LORD God for Justice.

President Trump was appointed by God to turn this nation back to God, end bloodletting that occurs through abortion and human trafficking. And be a key to overturning Roe v Wade.

God started this battle, and He will finish it! We must continue to pray for the Justices – I believe we will see Roe v Wade overturned and when we do, the 2022 Catalyst will launch us forward in God like never before.


I was in prayer, seeking the Lord, aching for the intimacy that He’s promised to those who seek His face. My cry was not only for myself, but for the intercessors who seek Him day and night that He would save our nation.

I had two visions:

#1 I saw the earth and the heavenly realm. Between these realms was a barrier. I could see the saints standing on the earth, praying.

The prayers of the saints were two-fold in their intent as well as their results:

One was to weep over the sins of the land. (The blood that’s been shed on this soil through abortion and human trafficking cries out to God for justice.) As they repented before Him, the blood that appeared as fire on the soil, was diminished, cooled, and eventually appeased. I knew the heart of the Father had been appeased by their repentance.

Second, was to cry out, making an appeal to Heaven, that our Father would visit us and pour out His glory on the land. As they cried out, I could see that they were carving away at something with whittling tools. A closer look revealed a callous that had grown thick between the two realms. The cry rose and fell in a beautiful harmonious flow, it was a true appeal in unity, for God to visit His people.

The callous had become paper thin…and the Father began to rise from His Throne…

#2 the second vision

The Lord took me up to the heavenlies, I saw the above vision from Heaven’s perspective. I stood before Him as a child, small, awaiting the Father. He was on a great Throne.  I looked and saw the barrier or callous between Heaven and earth transition from very thick to very thin…The Father stood up, stirred by the cry of His people, and He leaned over and poured Himself out, like Holy Spirt on Pentecost, and the Third Great Awakening was upon us. He rolled out across the nations. This was a move of God beyond any of us can imagine and it rose and fell across the surface of His people with such a beautiful harmonious flow…I am at a loss for words. The outpouring was so great, it was indescribable.

May the Lord bless you as you seek Him.


Ricci Johnson-Wilson